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Video – The 2012 New Year’s Eve B.A.S.E. Jump From the Top of the Sheraton Waikiki

Miles Daisher’s 3000th B.A.S.E. Jump From The Top Of Sheraton Waikiki.

Miles Daisher talks about his pending jump on New Years Eve 2012

Miles Daisher talks about his pending jump on New Years Eve 2012

New Year’s Eve · Jan 1, 2012


Facebook, Twitter, Newspapers, Blogs and the 2010 Census

I find myself a bit perplexed at times in where the direction of content and things will go at times on my blog.

Obviously newspapers are dying out real quick as my blog gets more page visits then the Hawaii Tribune Herald.

I’ve had my blog longer then I’ve been a member of facebook or twitter, and while they are great for meeting new folks and driving folks to your site… do you lose focus on what you really want to do with your own blog by getting wrapped up in so many other social media things.

I’ve never depended on anything but myself to promote my blog, however, there are many tools I could add to this site so folks could send it off to other social media sites.

Does it become a sell out when you start using tools to promote your site other then yourself?  I don’t think so.  I’ve just been behind the scene on things.

We have a lot to offer on the Big Island… for the next few months I will be the supervisor for the East Hawaii section of the Big Island for the 2010 census.

I’ll still be able to blog about everything I’m doing… I just need to keep confidential stuff confidential.

It will be interesting watching the local newspapers print stuff  that might not be true like they have in the past regarding the census.

I’ll cut back my blogging for the time being, and my training doesn’t begin on Oahu for another 8 days still yet.

Look forward to doing my best.

Update on the Hawaii Tribune Herald’s Disappearing Readers on Oahu

Yesterday, I posted about the numbers that Erika Engle posted in the Starbulletin reflecting the declining readership of Oahu readers of the Hawaii Tribune Herald.

I sent Ms. Engle the following tweet asking for a bit of clarification:

Is that graph that you had on your column today accurate for the Hawaii Tribune Herald? http://tinyurl.com/ng49u8

She Tweeted back:

The figures were from Scarborough. I typed ’em in as I saw ’em. Proofread ’em too, to make sure.

So I replied:

It seems off to me. Especially looking at West Hawaii Today stats.

And she explained:

I didn’t do the research, just transcribed the numbers.

So I pretty much think the data is flawed.

They (Scarborough Research) only interviewed 1634 Oahu Residents total and then projected the numbers. That’s not a whole lot of people.

…The study involved 1,634 respondents for the projected universe of 701,036 Oahu readers…

By the way… this is the same group that says 82% of Adults on Oahu read newspapers. ;) (Might I add, they also get paid by newspaper companies to do this research… Anyone ever received a $1.00 in the mail and asked to complete a survey? It could have been the Scarborough Research company)

…Honolulu ranks high among newspaper readership, according to a survey by Scarborough Research.

Honolulu’s Integrated Newspaper Audience is 82 percent, meaning 82 percent of adults read a printed newspaper, a newspaper’s Web site or both during the past week

Tribune Herald Stories Delayed Today and Just Copying Gannett Articles Now

I had to laugh when I went to the Tribune Herald Website to try and find the article that was in Today’s Paper about Yale giving $12 Million for use of the Keck Observatories.

I was going to say… It’s about time the Tribune Herald caught up with this story… since I first reported it on February 19th of last month.

But then I came across the following message… so I can’t even give them credit for catching up yet.

Due to system upgrades, March 15th’s Hawaii Tribune-Herald stories will be delayed until Monday, March 16th. Mahalo for your patience.

So if your really interested in last months news today… you can either go to the store and pick up a newspaper for $1.00… You can wait another day for it to come online at their site….

Or you can check my blog from about 20 some days ago:

Yale University to Invest $12 Million in Keck Observatories

It’s funny that they printed the article in this mornings paper as if it was yesterday’s news too!

The worst part about it… it’s hard to come down on the Tribune… cause they just simply reprinted the Honolulu Advertisers article on the subject.

How much more local can you get??? It’s fricking sitting on top of this island and the news about this is more then 3 weeks old already…


Don’t you just love our newspapers?

They should get a new slogan… Yesterdays Last Months News When We Find Out About it From Someone Else

The Next 10 Major Newspapers That Will Either Fold or Go Digital

I think everyone here in Hawaii is shocked at how quickly the Starb -Bulletin is sinking.

Here is a list provided by TIME magazine that they think will be the next 10 papers to fold or go digital.

1. The Philadelphia Daily News. The smaller of the two papers owned by The Philadelphia Newspapers LLC, which recently filed for bankruptcy. The parent company says it will make money this year, but with newspaper advertising still falling sharply, the city cannot support two papers and the Daily News has a daily circulation of only about 100,000. The tabloid has a small staff, most of whom could probably stay on at Philly.com, the web operation for both of the city dailies.

2. The Minneapolis Star Tribune has filed for Chapter 11. The paper may not make money this year even without the costs of debt coverage. The company said it made $26 million last year, about half of what it made in 2007. The odds are that the Star Tribune will lose money this year if its ad revenue drops another 20%. There is no point for creditors to keep the paper open if it cannot generate cash. It could become an all-digital property, but supporting a daily circulation of over 300,000 is too much of a burden. It could survive if its rival the St. Paul Pioneer Press folds. A grim race.

3. The Miami Herald, which has a daily circulation of about 220,000. It is owned by McClatchy, a publicly traded company which could be the next chain to go into Chapter 11. The Herald has been on the market since December, and but no serious bidders have emerged. Newspaper advertising has been especially hard hit in Florida because of the tremendous loss in real estate advertising. The online version of the paper is already well-read in the Miami area and Latin America and the Caribbean. The Herald has strong competition north of it in Fort Lauderdale. There is a very small chance it could merge with the Sun-Sentinel, but it is more likely that the Herald will go online-only with two editions, one for English-speaking readers and one for Spanish.

4. The Detroit News is one of two daily papers in the big American city badly hit by the economic downturn. It is unlikely that it can merge with the larger Detroit Free Press which is owned by Gannett. It is hard to see what would be in it for Gannett. With the fortunes of Detroit getting worse each day, cutting back the number of days that the paper is delivered will not save enough money to keep the paper open.

5. The Boston Globe is, based on several accounts, losing $1 million a week. One investment bank recently said that the paper is only worth $20 million. The paper is the flagship of what the Globe’s parent, The New York Times, calls the New England Media Group. NYT has substantial financial problems of its own. Last year, ad revenue for the New England properties was down 18%. That is likely to continue or get worse this year. Supporting larger losses at the Globe will become nearly impossible. Boston.com, the online site that includes the digital aspects of the Globe, will probably be all that will be left of the operation.

6. The San Francisco Chronicle. Parent company Hearst has already set a deadline for shutting the paper if it cannot make tremendous cost cuts. The Chronicle lost as much as $70 million last year. Even if the company could lower its costs, the northern California economy is in bad shape. The online version of the paper could be the only version by the middle of the 2009.

7. The Chicago Sun Times is the smaller of two newspapers in the city. Its parent company, Sun-Times Media Group trades for $.03 a share. Davidson Kempner, a large shareholder in the firm, has dumped the CEO and most of the board. The paper has no chance of competing with The Chicago Tribune.

8. NY Daily News is one of several large papers fighting for circulation and advertising in the New York City area. Unlike The New York Times, New York Post, Newsday, and Newark Star Ledger, the Daily News is not owned by a larger organization. Real estate billionaire Mort Zuckerman owns the paper. Based on figures from other big dailies it could easily lose $60 million or $70 million and has no chance of recovering from that level

9. The Fort Worth Star Telegram is another one of the big dailies that competes with a larger paper in a neighboring market – Dallas. The parent of The Dallas Morning News, Belo, is arguably a stronger company that the Star Telegram’s parent, McClatchy. The Morning News has a circulation of about 350,000 and the Star Telegram has just over 200,000. The Star Telegram will have to shut down or become an edition of its rival. Putting them together would save tens of millions of dollars a year.

10. The Cleveland Plain Dealer is in one of the economically weakest markets in the country. Its parent, Advance Publications, has already threatened to close its paper in Newark. Employees gave up enough in terms of concessions to keep the paper open. Advance, owned by the Newhouse family, is carrying the burden of its paper plus Conde Nast, its magazine group which is losing advertising revenue. The Plain Dealer will be shut or go digital by the end of next year.

West Hawaii Today Reports on Building “Cod”

I know I make typos and mistakes all the time.  I’ve never claimed to be a great speller and I certainly don’t have a copy editor.

I just love this headline in today’s online West Hawaii Today:

“Citizens push for greener building cod”

It will probably be fixed soon enough, but you can check it out here in the meantime.

Honolulu Star-Bulletin to Become “Tabloid”

Honolulu Star-Bulletin Converting From Newspaper to Tabloid

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin is converting from a broadsheet newspaper to a tabloid and taking steps to deal with the recession…

…The newspaper will lay off 17 newsroom employees and an undetermined number of employees elsewhere in the company, Oahu Publications Inc. There will also be a wage freeze.

In addition, the Star-Bulletin will close its neighbor island bureaus, on Maui, Kauai and the Big Island. Neighbor island news will continue to be covered, by reporters on Oahu and wire services…

More here

I’ve been saying for a long time that newspapers are a thing of the past.

People just don’t want to come to grips with it.

In 1998, I remember being told by a Professor that with the onslaught of Digital Media, things like newspapers will be a thing of the past.  This was more then 10 years ago now folks.

A few months ago I blogged about the HawaiiFreePress converting to an online format.  Yesterday, I blogged about the University of Hawaii’s Student Newspaper moving to youtube.  There are plenty of examples both nationally and locally.

I really feel sorry for those that are getting laid off now… or those that may get laid off in the near future.

Former Hawaii Tribune Herald reporter Dave Smith posted on Punaweb:

…Even more unfortunately, veteran journalist Rod Thompson, who has been manning the Big Isle bureau for many years, may be among the casualties. I hope not, as he has broad institutional perspective of the issues here, including those in Puna…”

Of course this is the same Mr. Smith that commented on my blog a while back: :roll:

Damon, are you trying to become the National Enquirer of the local blogosphere?


P.S. Damon Dollars are still available. :roll:


Ka Leo TV: UH Newspaper Goes to Youtube

I just noticed that the University of Hawaii Manoa’s student newspaper Ka Leo has joined the ranks of  “youtube” users.

Here is the papers first video:


Transexual Who Won the Right to Compete as Women in Hawaii Now Facing More Discrimination in Chicago

In 2001, Tammy Wronski won the right to compete as a woman in canoe paddling in Hawaii. Now back in her native Illinois, there’s controversy at her health club, X-Sport Fitness.

Tammy Wronski

Tammy Wronski

…A canoe racing group has reversed itself and no longer will demand that transsexuals who want to compete in paddling clubs submit to DNA tests to determine their sex.

The decision, recorded in the minutes of a May meeting of the Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association, comes after two transsexual women filed complaints with the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission over the racing association’s decision that they would have to submit to DNA testing before being allowed to compete on women’s paddling teams…

Here is the new case revolving around Mr./Mrs. Wronski:

A Chicago Ridge resident – born a man but now a woman – says she is still fighting discrimination, eight years after she won the right to compete as a female athlete.

You can’t put it any simpler than Tammy Wronski, 49, herself does.

“I do have a vagina downstairs,” she said.

In 2001, she won the right to compete as a woman in canoe paddling in Hawaii. Now back in her native Illinois, there’s controversy at her health club, X-Sport Fitness.

Another member, Janice Mazany, says she is traumatized every time she sees Wronski in the women’s locker room…

More Here

Hilo High Grad Lois-Ann Yamanaka Gets New York Times Exposure

Big Island girl Lois-Ann Yamanaka, who graduated from Hilo High School in 1979 has become quite an accomplished writer.  Yamanaka is the oldest of four daughters who grew up in Pahala on the Big Island.   Her mother was a school teacher and her father was a school administrator.

Lois-Ann Yamanaka, Hilo High Class of 1979

Lois-Ann Yamanaka, Hilo High Class of 1979

Yesterday, she was featured in the New York Times as an Op-Ed Contributor with her column “This Man is an Island,” where she writes about life on the Big Island when Obama was attending Punahou.  It’s an interesting piece and I had to laugh when she talks about the Big Island:

…In those days, I lived on the Big Island, where pop-culture-wise we were always five years behind Honolulu and 10 years behind the mainland. But we had words, our own words for everything, for what we wore, what stink foods we ate, our idiosyncrasies, what cars we drove, what parts of town we inhabited, what bad habits we had or what pagan rites we practiced. Words for the whole list of who we are, and they go on and on…

Well Mrs. Yamanaka… things haven’t changed much as were still 5 years behind Honolulu and 10 years behind the mainland.

Yamanaka was named one of the “25 Most Influential Asians in America” by A. Magazine, and was listed among “Those Who Shaped the Isles in this Century: 100 Who Made a Difference,” by the Honolulu Star Bulletin.

Lois-Ann Yamanaka & Melvin E. Spencer III

Lois-Ann Yamanaka and Melvin E. Spencer III

She currently helps run Na’au Private School on Oahu.

Tuck’s Smuck Award #2: Mark Samwick Essay House Promoter

This is my second installment of Tuck’s Smuck Awards:





Mark Samwick has been spamming sites trying to get his essay houses promoted across the United States for the last 12 years.


Recently the schemer has entered the Hawaii market and is offering a Hawaii House for one of his “Essay Contests”.  I’m not going to link the site any longer, but you can read some of my previous posts on this here, here, here and here.  Interesting comments have been made on most of those posts.


Samwick has been operating bogus sites for over a decade now.  I’m not even sure if Samwick is his true name.  Above is a collection of various ID’s sent to me of Samwick by an anonymous source.

KGMB even fell for this crap a few days ago: http://kgmb9.com/main/content/view/13118/108/ (video clip starts a bit late)


KGMB9 We have to do our own investigation before we take action.

KGMB9 I’ll send you something after we investigate a bit more. The morning executive producer just called me and is looking into it.

KGMB9 I have to pull th

When his essay houses don’t fall through, he has other schemes lined up to get home owners to fall for some BS.


“**Check out this scam where he uses the alias “Sam Wick” (for when the essay BS doesn’t work, he has the “foolproof” backup plan of nutty-religious-idol-worship-voodoo crap) : http://www.saintjosephsellshomes.com/

Samwick runs a bunch of bogus sites and it really pisses me off that people that I know and care about have fallen for his BS!






So if you come across some of these bogus sites in the near future… remember it’s a buyer beware market out there.

If you think something is too good to be true, well then….?

This Smuck is for you Mark Samwick!


Oh yeah… and remember you said it yourself:

“… Why do you think you are on my “ass”? You are merely an individual with a blog and an opinion in Hawaii, and you know what they say about opinions…”

Advertiser Cutting Saturday Editorials and Other Changes

Low readership strikes the Advertiser:

…Jeanne Mariani-Belding, editor of The Advertiser’s editorial and opinion section, said in an editorial Sunday that the Advertiser is cutting its editorial page on Saturdays because of low readership
…The paper also combined its business news section with the Hawaii section. The change was made to cut newsprint costs, Platte said…

Ian Lind also mentioned Andrew Coopers blog that I blogged about here. Lind also mentioned that in Chicago, a move to outsource copy editing and layout, possibly to India.

And people still won’t believe me that papers are a dying breed.

Newspapers… Just Papers With Old News Now?

A Darker View blogged about his disappointment recently picking up Tuesdays West Hawaii Tribune.

In it he states:

“…In the entire newspaper there were just four or five feature articles worth reading, and much of the local material had been previously well covered by online sources, including the local blogs…”

Most of my readers know that I’m not a big fan of newspapers.  Some may even mistake my disgust for newspapers for a dislike for the brilliant writers that work for them.

There is a big difference between the people who write for them, and the institutions that publish them.  I’m not going to lie and pretend that I know how the industry works, because I don’t.  But there are some blatantly obvious things about newspapers that I just don’t like.

For the most part, I feel that the writers are restricted from saying what they really want to say about on issues.  Many columnists have even been fired for doing so.

But the one thing that really bothers me most about newspapers… is the fact the paper copy is NOT NEWS!

If a paper knows about something and has the ability to publish it online as soon as they hear about something, then they should do that.  West Hawaii Today and Hawaii Tribune very rarely, if ever will have a breaking newstory on their website.

Yes, much of the Honolulu Advertisers “Breaking News” is AP content driven breaking news, but many times you do see “Breaking” local news being at least given to their customers in the online version of the paper.

If the locally run Stephens papers actually broke local news online when they found out about the news, they probably wouldn’t have a paper at all.

So if they are then waiting until they can print the news in the next day’s paper… is it really news?

What is news?  News to one person can be completely different to another person.  Some people could care less about the news and would just rather read other parts of the paper.  I guess that’s why the Sports sections, Features, and Classifieds are some of the first places I turn to on the occasion that I do pick up a paper.

We have some great journalists here on the island and it sucks that they have to make a living.   I bet sometimes they wish they could just release some of the information they have as soon as they get it… but are stifled by the fact that they have to wait for the print version to come out already.

Are newspapers just papers with old news now?  A quick look at today’s print copy, on the front page alone I see three things that I’ve already blogged about in one fashion or another.

Once again, not knocking any of the fine journalist we have on this island, state or nation… Just knocking the institutions that keep us, the general public, uninformed until they can make their nickle getting that print version out with their advertisements.

I’d also assume this is why they (Big Island papers) don’t publish their online versions until so late in the day… just another attempt to hold back news so that they can attempt to make people p/u a paper copy.

And don’t even get me started on this new Twitter revolution taking over the world!


Big Island WeAkly Reader Question… “Can Bloggers Be Sued”

Journalist or a Blogger?  There are big differences that I wish people would understand.

If someone is going to blog and have it  published in a paper as a “NEWS” item, then that person would be considered more of a journalist and the paper could be accountable for the content of what is written.

Big Island Weekly recently posted the following:

…The next question comes to us from a Big Island reader: “I’m confused. Are bloggers reporters too? Do they have a code of ethics or standards or club? Can you sue a blogger for writing something untrue?”

This is a question that has been asked by numerours bloggers and professional journalists alike. The answer is there really isn’t a code of ethics for bloggers. Most blogs are not created by paid professionals and therefore aren’t under the same scrutiny as mass-produced publications such as Big Island Weekly…”

If you anyone would think something is worth suing me for… I sure hope someone would speak up.  I find it funny that my blog is getting as much scrutiny as a major paper.  I’m just a little blogger that has blogged for just a little bit of time in space. It is funny watching people get so worked up over someones PERSONAL blog.

My blog is not the “Big Island Blog, The Puna Blog, The East Hawaii Blog, or the (name community blog),…  It’s the “Damon Tucker’s Weblog”.

Sorry if you people reading my “online journal” that I allow people to comment about get so worked up over things.  If you don’t like the taste of something… do you eat it any ways?

I’ve had some people say my blog is not credible because I won’t write shit about my family members???  Screw those people… Would anyone write shit about their own family members?

Remember folks… This is my blog.  If you want your own, I can help you set one up… you know where to send the “Damon Dollar” ;)

(By the way BIW… you spelled numerous wrong)

Is Big Island Weekly Also Switching to Online Format? Is it the Big Island “WEAKLY”?

I’m checking out the Big Island Weekly online edition and something jumps out at me:

The first two “News” items CAN’T  be found in full in the Print edition as they have online videos attached to them.

The Win Hawaii House article… I even warned Tiffany ahead of time that it’s under investigation!  YET, the BIW ran the article 3 weeks later as if it’s something real.

It’s bogus!

Even Tiffany herself on her blog on DECEMBER 10th wrote:

“I’m leaving it up for now and calling it a “Puna Feature.” I am trying to get a hold of Sherri Smith and John Williams to ask them their response to allegations that this is a possible scam. Once I receive their response, I will post it on my website and include it in another story I am working on for another publication. Thanks for the heads up, Damon.”

Interesting comments have been left below that article explaining how bogus it is and that BIW should be investigated for running something like that.

Then 2 of the next 3 articles that appeared previously on “The Big Island Chronicle”.

There are only 5 “News” items listed.  2 Videos and 2 blogs (one of which needs to be retracted next week due to mis-information)

I wonder how the BIW advertisers that pay good money to have their ads displayed in the paper feel about the paper running videos and incorrect articles?

This is nothing against the writers of the paper at all.  More against the whole thought process that goes on behind the BIW when they are publishing their paper.

My biggest worry… is that they are just stringing  along reporters by reprinting posts, and then when they find another writer… they just cut ties with that writer.  That does seem to be Stephens Media Method of Operation.

My guess is that the Big Island Weekly will be an Online format within the next 2 years.

Naeole vs. Edwards Hunt? Blogging or Losing Friends?

If you haven’t read the Big Island Chronicle today, you might find an interesting read.

I left a lengthy comment:


Just be glad you weren’t blogging during the election cycle!

For me its difficult because Naeole, Hanohano and Kenoi are related to me through my wife.

I wouldn’t even post Marzi’s Blog on my “Blogroll” in fear of family members thinking I supported him politically even though I just wanted to support his blog at the time. (I think Marz understood)

If I don’t catch a whack from one of them for writing about them… it’s my own wife that will whack me for even thinking of writing something about them.

I guess that’s why I pick and choose a bit more carefully about things that will directly effect friends and family.

I believe Friends and Family should come before your blog.

Everyone has something that could be written about them… it’s often said that it’s better not to say anything at all.

You will always have your blog… but it would suck to lose your friends or family over something you wrote about them.

Sucks for the re-traction… but must be done if the information was incorrect.

At least on your blog you can take back things like “The Officer said you were in her face”.


I’d hate to be in her shoes right now, as she does seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I hope she irons out her difficulties with Naeole’s staff.

There are plenty of things to write about here in Puna and while she states “…that I have no malice or ill-will toward Emily…” It sure hasn’t shown in the blogs that she has posted about her or her staff.

I know Tiff’s still finding her groove with her blog… and I know she is not a lady that is trying to intentionally piss people off.

If there is anyone out there to piss people off… leave that one to me.

Oh and Tiff… I wasn’t in the officers face no matter what you heard… at least you don’t have to re-write that somewhere. :mrgreen:

More on the Taiping

In October I blogged about a real JUNK that was about to make it’s way across the Pacific Ocean:

“When I started my blog, I was following the “Junk” craft made of plastic bottles. They successfully made the voyage.

A new “Junk” is about to make a voyage.  This time though, it’s a real one…”

The Starbulletin has more on this JUNK today that arrived last week.

A photo gallery can be found here.

Historic Kaiser Estate Put on Blocks for $80 Million

The Kaiser Estate, a 5.4 acre waterfront estate steeped in the history of Honolulu, has been put on the block for a whopping $80m (€57.6m), according to a report in the International Herald Tribune…

More Here

The Honolulu Advertiser ran an article on his Hawaii Kai home selling for $15.9 Million here in 2007.

"Exterior view of Hawai'i Kai house, built on the site of the guesthouse on the former 7-acre Kaiser estate." From the Honolulu Advertiser

"Exterior view of Hawai'i Kai house, built on the site of the guesthouse on the former 7-acre Kaiser estate." From the Honolulu Advertiser

Lance Armstrong on the Big Island Now… Say Twit

Tour De France Champion and cycling great Lance Armstrong is enjoying the Big Island now.

armstrongI’m  putting his twit feed on the bottom left of my blog  following the Advertiser  putting content directly from his twit as breaking news on their site.  :roll:

I’ll take his twit feed down as soon as he leaves the Big Island.  I might start doing this with other celebrities that visit the Big Island. :roll:

Funny how the newspapers are relying upon Twitter for “Breaking News”.

When Will They Listen? The End of Newspapers is Near

I’ve said this over and over and over… Newspapers are a dying breed.

I just noticed the headline over at 24/7:

Internet overtakes newspapers as news source