Finally Getting a “Nerds Eye View” of Things… Via Hawaii National Volcanoes Park

So as most of my readers probably know… I love twitter and have met some pretty cool people because of twitter.

It's @Nerdseyeview without a Ukulele!

This past weekend, I had the chance to meet one of the coolest “Tweeters” and most importantly someone from my old neck of the woods the Pacific Northwest… Pam Mandel, otherwise known as the person behind “Nerd’s Eye View“.

@nerdseyeview talks with guide Warren Costa from Native Guide Hawaii

I was invited with a group of media folks to cruise Hawaii Volcanoes National park with them!

Our first stop was the Volcano Art Museum which I blogged about earlier, then we proceed to tour the Thurston Lava tube which i blogged about previously and then we went on to other parts of the park.

After we toured Thurston Lava Tube, Mr. Costa treated us to a great lunch overlooking one of the craters that consisted of locally grown products.

After lunch we cruised down the Chain of Crater Roads and then pulled off the road for a bit of off trail hiking which lead us to this lava field that was full of “Lava Trees”.

I’m pretty slammed with stuff so I’ll just post the pictures and say mahalo to Warren Costa of Native Guide Hawaii for taking us on this tour with some other folks from the mainland.

You can click on some of the pictures above for a larger picture

Just a Quick Post!

I just realized that if I don’t post something soon… it will break my record of not blogging everyday.

I spent the day with a bunch of media folks today exploring the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

I’ll just post this one picture tonight as I have a lot to catch up on and I just want to make sure that my blog has at least one post each day.

A "Nerds Eye View" of me at the rim of Halemaumau