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More On the Hawaiian Airlines Flight That Scared the Crap Out of Me

Last week when I was arriving in Honolulu, I posted a blog talking about how the plane swooped down and then pulled up suddenly just as we were about to land.

Today’s Honolulu Advertiser posted the following article: FAA: Cessna Crossed “Hold Line” as Hawaiian Air Flight Tried to Land.

…The pilots of Hawaiian Airlines Flight 383 were half-a-mile from landing around 11:50 a.m. when they were instructed by an air traffic controller to fly down the runway, turn around and land safely after the Cessna 172 was out of the way, said FAA spokesman Mike Fergus.

“The violation was on the part of the 172 sticking its nose out on the runway,” Fergus said. The pilot of the Cessna crossed “the hold line on the taxi line. He got himself onto the runway partially while taxi-ing for departure. … There was no immediate danger of collison

FAA investigators will interview the Cessna pilot and review the pilot’s flying record before deciding any potential penalties, Fergus said, which could range from “just a good talking to, to revoking his license…

…Keoni Wagner, spokesman for Hawaiian Airlines, could not immediately find any report of the incident today.


Well Mr. Keoni Wagner… I’ll let you see my report again: Hawaiian Airlines Near Miss Today


  1. @hawaii2000 I dunno but pilots were doing paperwork when I passed cockpit12:05 PM Oct 29th from twidroid in reply to hawaii2000
  2. @dcb97 most of us were worried about landing gear at first.12:04 PM Oct 29th from twidroid in reply to dcb97

  3. @dcb97 I feel like it.. I have never been so scared in my life. It was relief when pilot said another plane on runway…12:03 PM Oct 29th from twidroid in reply to dcb97

  4. @lobrien no, just landed12:02 PM Oct 29th from twidroid in reply to lobrien

  5. I really want off this plane in a bad way.11:55 AM Oct 29th from twidroid

  6. My heart still pounding!!!! That was freaking insane and must have cost hawaiian a bunch of money in fuel alone11:54 AM Oct 29th from twidroid

  7. All passengers were very tripped out. Pulling into gate now Hawaiianair flt. #383 u just scared the crap out of me and others!11:51 AM Oct 29th from twidroid

  8. This will definitely be on the news tonight11:49 AM Oct 29th from twidroid

  9. Holy shit!!!! We were just about to land and we pulled up and had to circle around again. Another plane was on runway!!!!!11:49 AM Oct 29th from twidroid