Hawaiian Idol VI: Preview of 2009 Qualifiers

If you haven’t noticed, the Hawaiian Idol VI competition is in full swing going on over at the Kona Bowl. I’ve put a tab up on the top of the page so that you can follow the competition as they get uploaded to youtube.

The 2009 Qualifiers were recently announced:


In order of appearance on above clip:
Kalona Klopfenstein, Jessica Lopez, Miguel Meza, Leilani Balanay, Jene Green, Shayna Baptiste, Kalani Pe’a, Koa Akau, Joyce Lapenia, Kimberly Hawks, Arnold Del Los Reyes, Nicole Loa, and Matthew Hanato.

For more info click here

When John F. Kennedy Was in Hawaii… Lost Footage

I just got alerted to this clip that was loaded up to youtube:


We have had this in our home movie collection for years According to an article I found, it was June 10, 1963. Kennedy was visiting. My mom, Yvonne Hammer Westbrook, got this shot of him. Rare shot of him standing. Also, note how close people got to him. We have treasure this for years, and though it’s a short clip, he is so handsome and loved by the people.
He is missed.

Hawaiian Idol VI: The Promo

I’m not sure why the PROMO was put up so late for the Hawaiian Idol contest I mentioned earlier.

Here is the promo for it and you can find more information by clicking here.


The Next American Idol

My 4 year old wanted to sing a song for everyone so here it is:


Ringside From a Ring Girl at UFC 94

Arianny Celeste was a ring girl at the recent UFC 94 fight in Las Vegas.

UFC "Ring Girl" Arianny Celeste on the left

UFC "Ring Girl" Arianny Celeste on the left

This is her footage right before the BJ Penn vs. George St. Pierre fight.  It gives you probably one of the best seats in the house (just wish she would have shot the whole fight):


“The Ledge” Pt. 3: Relating to Taro Security and GMO

My father-in-law is one of the people spearheading this Taro Bill.  I’m not going to get into the debate here about GMO, but I just thought I’d pass along the information about the bill.

“Uncle (dad) shares a little about his life and connection with Kalo.
This video was made to encourage input from the public on House Bill 1663
prohibiting genetically modified taro.”


Genetically Modified Taro; Prohibition
Prohibits the development, testing, propagation, release, importation, planting, or growing of genetically modified taro in the State of Hawaii.

The Reason Why BJ Penn Lost… The Video Explanation

You ever been kissed by someone you really never wanted to be kissed by… EVER????

BJ is really superstitious about people even touching his body… yet this HOOCHIE MAMMA laid a kiss on him right as he was walking into the ring last night!


Of course I’m kidding about that being the reason why he lost… but still!

The Murder of Puna Resident Gary Poretsky (The Admission)… The Video

I previously blogged about the murder of Gary Poretsky here, here, here, here, here and here.


Gary Bruce Poretsky, a 46-year-old resident of Hawaii was shot to death in the Northern Thailand city of Chiang Mai in the early morning of March 22, 2008 by Australian man William Thomas Douglas.

Douglas turned himself in to police several hours later. In this video shot on March 23 Douglas clearly says he shot Mr Poretsky because he didn’t like him. At his trial in October, 2008 he claimed he couldn’t remember shooting Mr Poretsky.

Douglas was sentenced to four years prison for the murder of Mr Poretsky with the sentence being cut in half to two years because of his guilty plea. This is field edited news footage.

More information is available here:

The Helicopter that Brought News of Statehood to Hawaii… The Video

*Statehood Day bump*

Just saw this cool clip on youtube:

I was just a little girl of 4 years when my mother took this movie of a helicopter landing in Honolulu with news of statehood for Hawaii. In 2009, it will be the 50th anniversary of statehood. My dad, a sailor with the US Navy was stationed in Hawaii for several years, both before and after statehood. Warning- little haole girls cannot hula.”


John Cruz Singing in Washington DC During the Obama Inauguration… Video

What a beautiful rendition!


New NASA Moon Rover Revealed – The Video

I was fortunate enough to be on Mauna Kea when they had the “Media Day” and got to see the SCARAB rover in action.


Here is NASA’s Latest Mars Rover. It doesn’t have a name yet, however, NASA is offering kids a chance to name it: (DOUBLE CLICK TO GO TO VIDEO)


NASA unveiled its latest prototype lunar vehicle at the tail-end of Barack Obama’s inauguration parade in Washington DC.

The Lunar Electric Rover was tested in the Arizona desert last October and is run by a plug-in electric Lithium-ion battery.

NASA is sharing its technology with the US automobile industry.

The strange looking vehicle has plenty of time to wait till being used for its intended purpose, as astronauts are not due to go back to the moon until 2020.

Pahoa Inauguration Ball Videos

Here are the videos that I shot at the Inauguration Ball.  I only have a small little camera so the quality is not the greatest.  BIVN will be posting a video of the ball too, I believe, as I saw him there.


I’d also like to apologize to Simon Greywolf who did the sound for the musicians tonight.  My videos do not give justice to the great sound that the groups provided.

Simon Graywolf

Simon Graywolf


I really need to get a better camera!


Well the lighting wasn’t the greatest in there either.


All I can say … “Is only in Pahoa”

*Pictures can be found here

Hang Glider Dave Bigelow’s Record Setting Flight… RIP Braddah – MUST SEE VIDEO!

Big Island Video News covered the wreck of Dave Bigelow yesterday,  many others have followed suit.

I’ll post something a bit different.

This is Bigelow’s record setting flight that he did on April 4th of last year.

“A sailplane flight to 33,561 feet in mountain wave over Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii – the highest ever in Hawaii. Join me in the cockpit of a DG-400 sailplane and surf 6 mile high waves.” (Video of flight begins at :45)


This video is pretty incredible and from what I’m hearing, he was a great guy.

RIP Braddah Bigelow.  Heaven just got a bit better.

* Big Island Chronicle has also posted a different  video here.

Windsurfers vs. The Superferry… What Buffer Zone?

I could have sworn that the coast guard promised to prosecute anyone that got this close to the Superferry.

Good thing these windsurfers didn’t have terrorist thoughts. :roll:


Coming Soon: Seeds of Hope… The Future of Agriculture in Hawai’i

Here is a promo for the new movie “Seeds of Hope… The Future of Agricuture in Hawai’i“.  It was produced by the Hawaii Rural Development Council:


More information on the Hawaii Seed Organization here

(From the Archive) Keola Beamer on Sesame Street… Oscar the Grouch on Hot Lava

Someone is digging out some old Sesame Street Clips from the past.  I don’t know who it is, but they are a big fan of Sesame Street.

This clip has Keola Beamer playing the nose flute:


And this clip has Oscar the Grouch complaining as usual… this time about hot lava:


Removal of Popular Teacher Prompts Protest at Honoka’a School Complex

…The press release also claims that the “recent removal of a popular teacher was the last straw, bringing the parents to the streets to air their anger and frustration…

For video of protest and more info see BIVN.

And This Little Piggy Went Wee Wee Into the Bushes

Just got back from feeding the dogs up at the farm. I’m always seeing pigs up there.

If this pig wasn’t pregnant… I swear we would be eating it soon enough.

It’s such a friendly buggah too!


Camera… Check, Voice… Check, Genes… Missing

I adore my son so much.  I’m not much of a singer or musician so he must pull the gene on the wifes side.

Here we are… The Children of the World:


TONIGHT “Buckets & Tap Shoes” Coming to UHH… One Night Only

bucketsimgOn Wednesday January 21st at 7:30 pm for one show only, the percussionist will be performing at UH Hilo’s Performing Arts Center.

“This unique company of musicians, percussionists and rhythm tap dancers have astounded worldwide audiences creating music with 5-gallon paint buckets, metal cans and tap shoes, as well as traditional instruments: electric guitar, bass, and drums.”

More info here

From what it sounds like to me, it’s kind of like a mini version of the “STOMP” production that is pretty famous.

Tickets: $35 General, $30 Discount, $15 UH Students/Child

They have a myspace page which can be found here.

They are also performing in Kamuela on the 19th at the Kahilu theater at 7:00 pm and on the 20th at 10:30 am at the same place.

Here is a short youtube clip I found… very interesting buggahs: