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Honokaa Boy – The Film Trailer


The film is “loosely based” on the book by Leo Yoshida…
Here’s the story: In 1999 a young Yoshida visits Honokaa and falls in love with the town. He meets Dr. Kinney who owns the Honoka’a People’s Theater and asks if he could train to become the projectionist. The doctor welcomed the idea. While working at the theater, Leo befriends a seamstress named Beatrice Okamoto and the pair become very close. Almost nightly she cooks dinner for him and they would talk about Japan, Hawaii and life in general. This is a very special period in their lives.
Leo returns to Tokyo and writes a book called Honakaa Boy that becomes a hit because it’s a true story about a little town in Hawaii that talk about real people…
Producers are Gary Basson (L.A.) and Keishi Kuroki (Japan). Three well known Japanese actors are expected to play the lead roles. The real Leo Yoshida will have a cameo role…Local Hawaiian casting is by Laurie Foi on Oahu and Laura Bollinger of the Big Island. This is director Atsushi Sanada’s first feature film.
Honokaa Boy, which is scheduled for a spring release in Japan, will mostly be in the Japanese language. No international release is scheduled. The production company is Robot Communications (Japan) and Twin Planet Films (U.S.)

Hat tip to Tim Ryan

Early Hawaii Surf Flicks Being Posted

I just noticed that someone is releasing a lot of clips from early surf flicks from movies that I’ve never heard of:

Duke Kahanamoku’s World of Surfing:


Blue Surf-Ari:


The Living Curl:


Blue Hawaii Cartoon


More of these videos of his can be found here.

No Pain… No Gain! Effing Dentists!

“No Pain… No Gain!”

Why does that have to be so true with so many things in life? Especially when it comes to dental work?

I hate going to see dentists. I’m lucky enough that I’ve always had insurance for my teeth and my teeth have always been fairly decent besides a cavity here or there.

Recently, I was told I was going to have to have periodontal work and get the inside of my gums cleaned near the roots of my teeth.  The procedure has begun… Effing Dentist!  (I like the guy… honestly)

No pain… No Gain! Why is it that your mouth ends up staying “lockjaw” for 24 hours after a simple 45 minute routine?



Tempest Filming Caught on Tape and Paparazzi Gets in a Frenzy

Just noticed this youtube clip:


That clip isn’t much… however this clip here (Warning Language) shows some Paparazzi getting into it with each other.  (tips the BIW)

During filming in Waikoloa last week, a newbie paparazzi, who brags that he’s been on the Big Island “for one second” verbally threatens two apparent rivals with physical violence if they don’t leave the island right away and never return. The thuggish acting man not only threatens the other male photographer, but also his female companion near the beach fronting the Marriott Waikoloa where “The Tempest” actors were filming…

DVD Play Kiosks Coming to Hawaii Safeways

DVDPlay Inc., a DVD rental kiosk operator and entertainment technology company, announced their expansion today to Oahu, Hawaii and Maui, bringing their competitively priced new release DVDs to select Safeway stores across the islands.

More Here

“Into the Garden” The Trailer (Made in Hawaii)

Here is a fascinating trailer on upcoming documentary called “Into the Garden”.

It will be released in 2009.

…In 1999 they started documenting… a valley and it’s inhabitants… in 2003 the tapes were lost… in 2008 the tapes were returned… taste the fruit of knowledge… “Into the Garden”.


Bustin’ Down the Door

There is a new movie coming out, based on Hawaii surfing, called Bustin’ Down the Door that is coming out soon.

During the winter of 1975 in Hawaii, surfing was shaken to its core. A group of young surfers from Australia and South Africa sacrificed everything and put it all on the line to create a sport, a culture, and an industry that today is worth billions of dollars and has captured the imagination of the world. With a radical new approach and a brash colonial attitude, these surfers crashed headlong into a culture that was not ready for revolution.

Here is the trailer:


Pohoiki and MacKenzie Park to be Filming Sites for The TEMPEST?

Hat tip to Tim Ryan:

Pohoiki, otherwise known as Isaac Hale Park, along with MacKenzie State park are currently sites being looked at for the upcoming filming of The Tempest.

I mentioned that the Tempest would be filming on the Big Island here and here.

Tempest location manager Val Kim and state film commissioner Donne Dawson yesterday in Hilo and today in Kaulia-Kona met with Hawaii County and state officials from the Department of Land and Natural Resources, Department of Parks and Recreation and other agencies to get permit approvals for about a half-dozen Big Island locations that include at least two state and county parks including McKenzie State Park and Isaac Hale Beach Park

Tempest execs also to hope to film in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in a location just off Chain of Craters Road but Park officials have not yet rendered their decision. Another location being considered is a brief ocean scene on the west side where some sort of temporary tree is set just offshore where a character is chased, according to the scrip.  Cast and crew on the Big Island are expected to stay at the Big Island’s Marriott Waikoloa Resort & Spa. On Lanai, actors and crew will stay at the one of the Four Seasons hotels and rent private houses on the island…

More Here

Honokaa Boy Film Featured in Todays Tribune Herald

In August I mentioned that there would be a new film filming on the Big Island called Honokaa Boy.

On the front page of today’s Tribune… it talks about this upcoming film about two months after I did.

More On Tempest Filming on the Big Island

I mentioned that the Tempest would be filming on the Big Island about 2 weeks ago here.

The Starbulletin has more on it today.

“…On the Big Island, “she wants the lava and the very stark background,” said Brazier. “She’s blending it all in…”

More Here

Princess Kaiulani: The Trailer

Hat tip to the Hawaiiankingdom blog:


HIFF Award Winning Film to Premier at UH Hilo this Week

The Hawaii International Film Festival award winning film:

NOHO HEWA: The Wrongful Occupation of Hawaii

From the Advertiser:

“The Halekulani Golden Award for Documentary was presented to “Noho Hewa: The Wrongful Occupation of Hawai’i,” directed by Hawaiian filmmaker Anne Keala Kelly”

Will be premiering for FREE at UH HILO this week:

Monday, October 20 10:00 AM UH Hilo CC301 FREE

Monday, October 20 2:00 PM UH Hilo UCB127 FREE

Monday, October 20 7:00 PM UH Hilo UCB100 FREE

You can see the website for info on the film here.

For those uneducated about the issues “Noho Hewa” addresses, Hawaiian activists can appear to be unduly angry, their causes ridiculously unrealistic. But in taking a stand on the side of the Hawaiian cause, the film does an excellent job of providing context to their perspectives. And it even goes one step further: It conveys knowledge that resonates in the heart as well as the mind… Starbulletin

Here is the director Anne Keala Kelly talking about the film recently at the HIFF:


Big Island to be Part of Tempest Filming in November

The “brave new world” William Shakespeare imagined in his play “The Tempest” will look like Lanai and the Big Island in a major motion picture adaptation of the masterwork, set to begin filming in the islands in November…

…Three weeks of filming on Lanai are set for November, followed by two weeks on the Big Island, according to Brazier. She estimated that the project would bring more than $10 million into the state economy…

More Here