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Jury Pool… Not Again! Well I Guess I Could Use the Money this Time

So I got the letter as I’m sure many folks in the community got today… that the State is looking to pool a jury together for a trial.

jury duty

The last time I got one of these, I was living on Oahu about 4-5 years ago.

I didn’t think there would be a chance in hell that I would even be questioned because there was 150 called to be on a jury of 12… (update… just opened the envelope and it’s just a notification telling me I may be selected for a jury pool in the next year)

I kid you not… I was the 12th jury member selected.

The trial was a very interesting trial and dealed with a suicide that happened at a psych ward in a hospital on Oahu where the plaintiffs were trying to sue a doctor for malpractice for failing to stop a suicide in his care.

The case lasted about 9 days and we found the doctor innocent of all charges.

What really irked me… is that I didn’t even get Jury Duty pay… because I was a State/Government Employee… and while you get time off to do your  civic duty… you don’t get compensated.

Then when you get back to your work… you end up being flooded with work trying to catch up on things.

There are many ways to avoid jury duty… I could have been lame and unhonest… but heck… it was a good experience at the time.

Now I’m unemployed and I could use that $35.00 bucks a day and gas mileage or whatever it is they pay folks to sit on Jury now.

Can you believe that… $35.00 a day????

What’s worst… is you are pretty much stuck there in that jury chair until the judge dismisses you.

No wonder why so many folks look at ways to get out of jury duty.  I kind of look at it as my civic responsibility… However, I think the jury needs to be compensated a bit more for their time.