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    October 2018
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Another Highway 130 Wreck

I haven’t posted many pictures of Highway 130 wrecks lately for my own personal reasons.

My wife’s cousin just posted this picture on Facebook not too long ago.  It’s at the Highway 130 intersection near Pahoa High and Intermediate School is.

Officer James Waiamau investigates an accident on Highway 130.

Nasty Wreck in Front of Malama Market in Pahoa

Well its been a while since I’ve posted pictures of wrecks along Highway 130.  It’s definitely not because they aren’t happening… I just haven’t felt the need to document all of them and I don’t want the police to have any reason to give me grief just for taking pictures on the side of the road.

Today I drove past another nasty wreck in front of Malama Market.  A little while later, someone posted the following picture on facebook stating “Drive Safely”!

Wreck occurred about 2:00 today in front of Malama Market in Pahoa. Photo by Shyanna Robinson

Another Highway 130 Wreck

I thought I might have jinxed myself by posting a whole page devoted to Highway 130 wrecks as it’s been a while since I came across one but today I ran across another one!

This was a two car accident that happened at the intersection of Highway 130 and Old Pahoa Road in front of Pahoa High School.

It happened around 10:45 this morning and there was no rain and visibility seemed to be pretty good.

It’s only a matter of time before someone sues the State of Hawaii for this Highway because I believe the State knows that the intersections are designed incorrectly and they aren’t doing anything soon to re-mediate the problem.