Fast Foods on the Hot Seat – HB 1526 Obesity; Menu Education and Labeling Act: Sounds Right… But WRONG

HB1526 HD1
Obesity; Menu Education and Labeling Act
Requires a franchise retail food establishment to include nutritional information about each standard menu item. (HB1526 HD1)

Hawaii and Maine are jumping on the menu-labeling bandwagon and considering measures to require restaurants to post total calorie content on all menus, according to Fast Casual.

Maine’s measure would require restaurants with 15 or more establishments to adhere to menu labeling; Hawaii’s would require restaurants with 10 or more establishments.

The only restaraunts that I can think of with 10 or more establishments are Fast Food Restaurants.

People don’t go to Fast Food restaurants because they want a nutritious healthy meal.  Most people go to them because the are lazy and don’t feel like cooking something or making some thing themselves.

McDonalds has their nutritional contents listed at most of their restaurants and I believe Burger King does also.

Requiring establishments to post these things to me sounds pretty ridiculous.  Who reads the ones that are already posted?

This is only going to jack up the prices on fast food in the long run.

If your child or yourself is obese… please don’t blame it on the Fast Food restaurants.  THEY DON’T FORCE you to eat there.

Take responsibility for your own actions and quit blaming restaurants for what people eat.

Now give me that damn Fried Quarter Pounder and French Fries soaked in grease made from meat byproducts!