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    October 2018
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Final Numbers Show Bernie Sanders Dominated Hawaii

33,716 ballots were cast today in Hawai‘i’s Presidential Preference Poll.

Hawaii Bernie

Unofficial Candidate totals are below:

Bernie Sanders            23,530 Ballots             70%

Hillary Clinton            10,125 Ballots             30%

Rocky De La Fuente          12 Ballots               0%

Martin O’Malley                  6 Ballots               0%

Uncommitted                     43 Ballots               0%

Based on those totals, 17 delegates were awarded to Sanders and 8 to Clinton.  Here are the totals by Congressional District and county.

Delegates (% of Vote)             Delegates (% of Vote)

Congressional District 1         3 Clinton (38%)          /           5 Sanders (62%)

Congressional District 2         2 Clinton (25%)          /           6 Sanders (75%)

At-Large Delegates                 2 Clinton                     /           4 Sanders

Pledge PLEO                         1 Clinton                     /           2 Sanders


“Today’s turnout is a real testament to the hard work and commitment of the Sanders and Clinton campaigns and the engagement of Hawai‘i Democrats in the presidential process,” said State Party Chair Stephanie Ohigashi.  “We saw turnout today reminiscent of 2008 when Hawai‘i Democrats broke all records in the contest between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton,” Ohigashi said.

“I would like to thank all of the volunteers who worked so hard to make to make today successful.  From Pahala to Kaumakani the Democratic Party volunteers and the Presidential campaign representatives demonstrated the very best of the Democratic Party of Hawai‘i.”

The official results will be certified by the Democratic Party of Hawai‘i State Central Committee within 20 days.


Hawaii Democratic Party Selects Bernie Sanders

The 2016 Hawaii Democratic Caucus results are in and Bernie Sanders has won the State of Hawaii.

Hawaii Bernie

Total ballots cast: 32,096.

Representing 88% of all precincts.

22,661 ballots were cast for Bernie Sanders, representing 71% of the partial results.

9,377 ballots were cast for Hillary Rodham Clinton, representing 29% of the partial results.

Rocky De La Fuente had 12 votes, Martin O’Malley had 6, and 40 were uncommitted. All counting for 0%.

The tabulating is continuing for the remaining 12%. These precincts are all on Oahu