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Bullying, Intimidation & Harassment Allegedly Being Waged Against Connections New Century Public Charter School

A campaign of bullying, intimidation and harassment is being waged against students, faculty, and staff of Connections New Century Public Charter School in Hilo, Hawaii. On October 18, 2012, people who oppose the School’s new campus plastered anti-school stickers near all the school entrances.

One of the Connections New Century Charter Schools campuses is located inside the Kress Building seen here.

Ted Hong, a Hilo attorney representing the school said students arriving for another day of school and their parents were shocked to see such an offensive act of hate and intimidation. The Hawaii County Police Department has been notified. Hong warned that the persons responsible will be held to account in criminal or civil court. Similar anti-school signs had been unlawfully posted along state and county roads that students take to and from school.

A press conference will be held on Monday, October 21, 2012 at 2:00 p.m., at Connections Charter School, 174 Kamehameha Ave., Hilo, Hawaii (808-961-3664) at which time the media will be briefed on the status of the new School campus, details and information will be distributed about the ongoing intimidation and concerns about a meeting with the Board of Land and Natural Resources on October 26, 2012. 9:00 a.m., in Honolulu concerning the revocation of the Connections lease for the new campus.

Connections started in 1998 with 165 students as a “school within a school” at Mountain View Elementary School. Currently, the school is separated in two campuses, with the lower and middle school at the downtown Hilo Kress Building site and the High School located across town at the Nani Mau Gardens. The school now serves 361 students from Ka’u to Laupahoehoe with a wait list for all grades. At Connections, students and parents benefit from a safe and creative learning environment.

Bill Drafted to Squash Free Speech… Please Don’t Pass Senate Bill 2104,

Well it appears that a few legislatures this year really don’t have a clue about what constitutional rights are all about.

First they write a bill trying to track internet usage for two years and now there is a bill that will squash free speech.

Unfortunately the report title is “Harassment; Electronic Communication,” but most people are trying to disguise this as some sort of “Cyber Bullying” bill.

I myself see the bill as it’s written as a big infringement on folks personal freedoms and especially the freedom to free speech!

The Description of SB 2104 reads as follows and it would be attached to current laws on the books regarding actual real harassment:

Provides that the making of an electronic communication, as defined in section 711-1111(2), Hawaii Revised Statutes, that is directed at a specific person and causes that person emotional distress and serves no legitimate purpose, together with the required specific intent, is harassment.

Well this means that I couldn’t specifically blog about folks such as President Obama, Governor Abercrombie, Mayor Kenoi, our County Council or any other SPECIFIC persons or people.

It’s a very slippery slope when the government tells people what they can and can not write and laws enacted like this are another bad example of legislation that wasn’t thought about before it went to the legislature.

I’m totally against cyber bullying and cyber harassment, however, as this bill is drafted… it infringes on our personal rights to free speech.

Now I will specifically state that Senators Green, Espero, Chun Oakland, and Ihara were the introducers of this bill.  Let’s hope this doesn’t cause them any personal emotional distress that I feel the way I do about this bill!