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    December 2018
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Getting Fingerprinted at the Hilo Police Station

I had to get fingerprinted for a job that I am trying to secure and the only place that I know of to get fingerprinted in East Hawaii was at the Hilo Police Department.

Well, there are other places to get fingerprinted… Workforce Development – however, you have to be referred by one of their clients to get them done there.

I had my two fingerprint cards with me and I knew already that I was going to have to get my fingerprints taken manually.

When I was talking to the lady about how I was in a rush to get these Federal Expressed off to the mainland and how I didn’t understand why the government doesn’t invest more in electronic fingerprints… she  pointed me to their electronic fingerprint machine in their office and said they did have one… BUT IT DOESN’T WORK.

So needless to say, I spent about a half an hour down there trying to make sure that I got a good set of manual prints taken.

Oh and by the way… they only take money orders or cashiers checks and it’s $15.00 per card.  When I asked if they would take a debit card or personal check, they said no.

So make sure before you even try and get your fingerprints taken there… that you have a cashiers check or money order in your hand… NO CASH!

Firearm Fingerprinting Fee to Drop Next Week

The fee for obtaining a fingerprint check in connection with a firearm permit will change next week.

Beginning March 2, the one-time fee for the fingerprint check will be reduced from $30.25 to $19.25. As before, payment must be made by money order or cashier’s check only, payable to Hawai’i Criminal Justice Data Center.

The fingerprint check is required the first time a person applies for a firearm permit.