FBI Blogs Gets a New Twitter Home… Simple Poll Question

For the last few months now, I have been tweeting out the FBI Blogs new posts via twitter using my own name @damontucker.

It’s not that hard to do as I simply had it automatically fed to my twitter site.

The problem with that, is that as I tweet that stream to the 3000 + folks following me on twitter, is that often time they mistake that headline for a thought or tweet of my own.

So I’ve set up a new Twitter account @FBIBlogs

Now the problem lies with I need to figure out an Avatar (picture) for the FBI Blogs Twitter profile so I thought I’d set up a poll?

Which Avatar do you like best:




[polldaddy poll=2504366]

eBay Founder Pierre Omidyar Starting Online Paper in Hawaii

Pierre Omidyar http://www.omidyar.com or http://ebay.com

Well the buzz has been out for a few days now that eBay founder Pierre Omidyar is going to be starting up an online newspaper geared towards the Hawaii audience.

Of course I applied for the position of “Editor” for this new online start up, however, I also encourage others to apply for the position that he initially tweeted about:

Very excited to finally be able to tell someone about our new local news venture. Help us build it! http://bit.ly/23O8p4

I was pretty stoked that he was quite receptive to my tweet telling him about the FBI Blogs that I started and currently administer.  I recently tweeted him the following:

Would be great to somehow tie in blogs to your new project. Let me know if http://fbiblogs.com is of interest.

And I was shocked and stoked that he actually responded with this:

@damontucker I agree. Lots of great bloggers here. Your site looks great. about 2 hours ago from Tweetie in reply to damontucker

What I think would be really cool, is if he decided to bring on neighbor island representatives and accepted bloggers as a form of media… and hey… we’d love to get a nickle now and then if things work out!

Any rate @Pierre I hope you do look at some of us neighbor island folks in this new venture that you are taking upon yourself.

Wish you the best of luck Pierre, even if I’m not one of the lucky ones chosen and I wish the best to those that are.  Hawaii has long lacked a great online paper and I can only do so much with the FBI Blogs!

Quick Question for the FBI Bloggers


Members of the FBI Blogs, can you please send me an email to damontucker @ yahoo.com in the next few days with the answer to the following:

What Hawaii County District do you live in?

I’m working with someone to upgrade the site and I want to try and see if we can get a blog writer from every district blogging… but I need to know what districts might be missing at this point.

I wonder if our local papers even have writers from EVERY District on this island at times.

So please send me an email when you get the chance.

Also, if there are any changes you would like to make in your “Profiles” now would be a good time to let me know about them.

More information will be sent after I have compiled some basic information.

The URL link will remain the same as I’m doing beta testing as the site is developed.

Also, if you know of any other Big Island blogs I should keep an eye on… let me know.


FBI BLOGGERS… Please Contact Me

I need to refresh my email list and update some things I’m doing with Facebook.

If you are reading this and you contribute to the FBI Blogs site… can you please email me.

I’m going to be cutting back the RSS feeds from 4 posts to only 3 posts on Blogs that are not as active.  There is no hard feelings in doing this, I just want the FBI Site to be a site that does not have the same headlines on it every time some people visit it.

Those that are posting more then three times per week will be left at 4 feeds.

Also, those that post pictures will remain at 4.

I believe the FBI Site should be something fresh and updated often.   If anyone would like to voice their concerns about their feed being cut back to only 3 feeds please let me know.

A site with “New” news is much more pleasurable to visit then seeing the same old headlines everyday.

Passing the FBI Background Check… How the “FBI Blogs” Came About

James Madison, chief author of the Bill of Rights

James Madison, chief author of the Bill of Rights

The other night at dinner with the So Much More Hawaii bloggers from the mainland they all talked about different things that were going on in their lives and what they had seen so far here in Hawaii.

They didn’t really talk much about their own blogs that much, as we all pretty much know what each other does.

Christine Lu, the coordinator of this trip asked me how I select blogs to be chosen for the FBI Blogs site and how it came about.

The Big Islands Best Blogs - New Button designed by Macario

The Big Islands Best Blogs - New Button designed by Macario

I told her that I started the site was a way to showcase other bloggers and I really didn’t think that the Big Island residents were getting news in a very timely or effective manner, basically blasting our local papers The Hawaii Tribune Herald and The West Hawaii Today.

On March 12th I sent out the following message to about 20 bloggers on this island:

Aloha Big Island Bloggers

Would anyone be interested in starting our own little “FBI” Blogger “Buttons for the Blogs” for blogs just from the Big Island.

For those of you not familiar with the Button term… what I mean is we could create or own little site that the button links all of the Big Island Bloggers to one another…. like a blogroll but it would only be a button that links many Big Island Bloggers?

And we mandate that ANY BLOGGER CAN JOIN…. JUST AS LONG AS THEY ARE FROM THE BIG ISLAND.  (as long as it’s not some hate blog… you know what I mean… but I think content should not be critiqued so much as WHERE we are from)

There would be no fees or anything like that… just more exposure for all of us on the Big Island.

Of course… you might be mandated to come and party once a year or something…. lol.

Let me know if you might be interested, and if there is interest in at least 5 of you folks… I’ll work with someone on setting this up.

I can only think of one good phrase that we would have to use… The FBI Bloggers (as long as we had the From Big Island on there)

Was also thinking of an outline of the island as the tag with the FBI in the middle or something…. Always open to ideas.

And if you know of other Big Island Bloggers that might be interested… please forward this to them. Mahalo Damon

I was stoked that so many of them were immediately interested in something like this and I got to thinking what I wanted the site to be like. I wasn’t sure what type of template I was going to use and I was having troubles figuring out how I could showcase these blogs to the world.

I quickly grabbed an outline of the Big Island and typed in “FBI Bloggers” and then filled in the rest with some filler to come up with this button:

First Draft still is seen on blogs around the Big Island today

First Draft still is seen on blogs around the Big Island today

Well slowly but surely things started coming together to the point where it is now. I know it has a lot to grow and I wish I could figure out how to do a few things on it in particular. I have a programmer working on a possible solution for it, but he’s on Oahu this week.

Christine also asked how do I choose what blogs to feature on the site.

I let her know that I was VERY lucky here on the Big Island because I think that almost ALL of the Blogs that we have here on this island are great. We have an interesting island and lots to blog about and all of us have different ways of seeing things.

I often get leads to blogs by bloggers on this site, readers of this site and by the bloggers themselves. I will typically look at their blog to see if they are a fairly active blogger and that they aren’t some person that is going to cloud the world with hate or other strange stuff.

I’ll follow their blogs for a while checking out different analytical programs and if I like them enough, I’ll shoot them an email asking if they’d like to join the site.

Now the question that was the stumper… How do I feature the blogs on the top of the FBI Site?

I try and feature as many blogs as I can as they are updated. The people that post pictures get priority.

All blogs are rotated at least once in a day if they have blogged on a day… but rarely more then twice in a day unless there is a big need for it.

How do you make money off this? (Not asked by any of the bloggers)

Huh? That’s pretty funny. I don’t know any bloggers personally that make as much as they put in.

I don’t make a penny off the FBI Site as I would feel that is unfair to the other bloggers as we all contribute to it. I just simply maintain the site when I have time.

I’m still making twists with the site and trying different things with it. I’d like to try and keep it as bare boned as possible. This past week I’ve been running the Twitter feeds from the So Much More Hawaii tour on the site.

A few days before March 16th I rolled out the first trial of the site and just played with it for a while.

Then on March 15th I posted the following introduction to the FBI Blogs:

Here you will find a compilation of some of the best blogs on the Big Island.

From Kona to Kohala, Waimea to Hamakua, and Hilo to Puna… You will also be able to link to Big Island Video News as well as see Big Island headline news fed to the site provided by Hawaii 24/7

Take off your shoes and stay for awhile. Thanks for stopping by and make sure you take home a plate with you.

Who needs the local papers anyways?

March 16th was the official date that I launched it and coincidentally,

March 16 is Freedom of Information Day, to celebrate the birthday of James Madison, chief author of the Bill of Rights.

FBI Blogs

The FBI Blogs site had a soft launch last week and I’ll be pushing it a bit more in the next week.

I have had my hands full the last few days trying out new things with the site.  It’s been an interesting few days working out kinks and tweaks with the site.

I wish I was more talented at things like this, and it’s a big learning process for me to get this thing started up.

I’ve decided to limit the amount of bloggers to 25 for now, which means I have room for about 3 more spots.

I’ve opened up the RSS feeds to 2 posts per blogger so that people won’t feel as though they might be missing something.

I’m still waiting for the PROFILE PICTURE OF MR. TIM SULLIVAN!… He might get stuck with some toes if he doesn’t send me his profile picture soon… (personal joke).

I’ll be adding a few new features to the site as the weeks progress and see what direction things go.  Once the site is up and running, it should be very little to no maintenance at all.  I wish I could figure out a script to move my widgets automatically.

Larry … you know how to do that by any chance?

I’d like to thank Macario for posting the first Header image for the site.  Still looking for other submissions, and I don’t see why the header can’t change every once in awhile.

I’m beta testing a chat feature where people could chat amongst other people on the site while they are visiting.  Currently looking at Gabbly, but I don’t like the ads that pop-up on it.  If anyone knows of a good “Free” chat client that allows people to chat over a site w/out all the ads… please let me know.

As soon as I get that site going… I can go back to blogging like a normal blogger… or do I mean abnormal?

I’m also looking at different ways to possibly feed the site directly so there isn’t that initial lag when accessing the site.

So come check out some of the best blogs on the Big Island:

FBI Big Island Blogs

Big Island’s BEST Bloggers Combine Talents to Create the FBI Blog Site

Twenty Big Island residents (so far) are taking part in a new Blog Site that combines the feeds from their latest posts all to one site for easy viewing of Big Island Blog sites.

The site is just in a beginning phase, however, I welcome everyone to check it out.

We are also seeking other Big Island Bloggers that would like to be part of this “Ring” of blogs. You don’t have to be “FROM” the Big Island… But you do have to reside here now to part of the FBI “Ring”.

It’s nice to have so many people willing to jump on this trial and hopefully it will become a source for many to get information that is not always available through mainstream media.

I put the a Button on my right hand column that links directly to the site.

Soon you should start seeing a familiar looking “Button” amongst those of us that are on that site to identify us as “The Best Big Island Bloggers”.

So check it out: FBI BLOGS

Which Button Looks Coolest?

A coalition of Big Island Bloggers are coming together to make a nice little site that will identify us as FBI Bloggers.

It will be available for the world to view after we are done making the adjusted tweaks.

I’d just like a general feel from a few people on which button you guys think would be coolest to have:

Button A:


Button B:


Button C:


[polldaddy poll=”1455872″]

FBI’s Finest: From the Big Island Bloggers

I’ve started a *Beta* site for Big Island Bloggers to make connections and just have a place to link to.

The blogs listed on this site are only for Big Island Bloggers to have their site listed.

FBI ONLY blog links will be posted there.

Not looking for commercial sites… ONLY BLOGS.

If you are interested in checking out the BETA site… shoot me an email at damontucker@yahoo.com

Once I get all the kinks worked out I’ll send out more information on how to obtain your official “FBI Button” for your own blog… and I will be adding a blog on my site announcing the new site along with a link to it as a button on one of my columns.

So even if your not linked on my blogroll… you are definately still welcome to post your link there.

The link will contain a link to your most recent posted blog and will be updated automatically through RSS feeds.

6 Big Island Bloggers signed on today.

There is no cost… you just might have to come party with us once a year… j/k.

I’m not worried so much about the content of your blog, as long as it derives from the Big Island.  (Please don’t use swear words in the title of the Blog as the title of the blog is fed automatically onto the site)

It’s still in a trial/beta phase, but all participating bloggers should have access there to also post notes of interest that they might not want to post on their own blog for one reason or another.

So send me an email if your interested… and of course at anytime if you wanted to… your blog could also be removed.