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Four Two-Hundred Pound Robots to Land on the Big Island in Three Months

This is kind of similar to the EVOLTA robot that recently completed the IRONMAN triathlon on the Big Island only a bit different.

A Wave Glider

A Wave Glider

Four two-hundred pound solar robots, named “Wave Gliders” will embark on a mission across the Pacific Ocean in an attempt to gather and harvest scientific data.

They are expected to land on the Big Island in approximately 90 days.

…They will first take a 2,500-mile voyage to the Big Island of Hawaii, then two will split off and head to Australia — a 6,500-mile trip — while the other two make their way to Japan, a 7,000 to 8,000-mile crossing. If and when they reach Hawaii on the initial leg of their mission, they will set a new Guinness record for the longest voyage made by an autonomous ocean robot.

The robots should arrive in Hawaii in about 90 days, then it will take another 210 days for them to reach Japan and Australia. That should put them at their destinations around Sept. 6, 2012…

More here: Robots to cross the Pacific to gather scientific data

You can check out the robots in action here:


NOAA PMEL wave gliders are a simple and cost-effective platform for collecting ocean data that does not rely on expensive ships or buoys. See http://www.pmel.noaa.gov/edd/wave_gliders.html

Panasonic EVOLTA Triathlon… The Digest Part II

The last time I posted on the EVOLTA Robot that is attempting to complete the Ironman Triathlon on just three rechargeable Panasonic Batteries he was just finishing charging.

In today’s digest we find the EVOLTA Robot has progressed in the Ironman and at one point even had some cheerleaders from the Mauna Lani Bay Hotels and Bungalows come out to cheer him on.

Team Mauna Lani practicing their cheer in anticipation of the Evolta Robot passing the resort tonight.

Team Mauna Lani practicing their cheer in anticipation of the Evolta Robot passing the resort tonight.

Part 10 of the digest covers the hours between 4:00 ~ 12:00 on the 26th of October:


Part 11 of the digest covers the hours between 12:00 ~ 20:00 on the 26th of October:


Part 12 of the digest covers the hours between 20:00 of October 26th to 4:00 of October 27th:


Check for the latest information on the official site: http://panasonic.jp/charge/evolta/challenge/2011/index.html

EVOLTA World Challenge IV Begins Tomorrow – The Kona Ironman Triathlon


The EVOLTA Panasonic Robot is doing its World Challenge IV and that happens to be taking on the Kona Ironman Triathlon course tomorrow beginning at 12:00.


You can watch a livestream of parts of it here: EVOLTA World Challenge IV.

Evolta Livestream Schedule

Evolta Livestream Schedule

I’m also adding the twitter stream of the @Evolta_Robot to the top of my site to follow the progress there.

Bionic Robot “Evolta” From Japan to Compete in Kona Ironman

How cool is this!  The Japanese are building their own little “Bionic Man” and he’s going to take on the Kona Ironman!

The Japanese Evolta Robot

After scaling the cliff walls of the Grand Canyon and driving the Le Mans racetrack for 24 hours, a tiny Japanese robot is set for a new challenge — Hawaii’s grueling Ironman Triathlon course.

Fitted with three different bodies and three rechargeable batteries, the hand-sized “Evolta” from electronics firm Panasonic will swim, bicycle and run its way through one of the world’s toughest triathlon routes, the company said on Thursday…

More Here: Japan Robot to Attempt Hawaii Marathon

The Evolta runs Le Mans

The little Panasonic robot manages to make it more than 5 times around the famous Le Mans track in France on just 2 AA batteries in 24 hours for a new Guiness World record.