Ethics Violation Will Not Be Filed By Me Against Noelani Whittington of The Department of Public Works

My blog has never been a blog about trying to get people in trouble, or trying to get people pissed off at me.

My blog has always been my own casual observations on things and at times, I blog about things I see in the newspapers or local websites.

Why Noelani Whittington singled out my name, as well as Aaron and Daves name, in a directive aimed at Public Works Employees in an attempt to Blackball us was not only strange, but it was unethical.  Why my name was brought up still baffles me to this day.

As I posted yesterday, I think it may just have been a brain fart to include my blog in with things… But then again, who knows.

I am on the State Advisory Board for the Highway 130 Project and I do remember specifically blogging in August about an attempt by the State People to keep what was happening at our $56 Million dollar Highway project behind closed doors:

…Sticky point in the meeting came when it was mentioned that we were not to mention anything confidential to the media.

I had to put my foot down and say something to the effect of: “Hey… this is a public meeting….etc…. Yadda Yadda…. and I told them about this blog and How I would be writing on my personal Blog about this

I’ve only been back on this island now for less then a year and between the Post Office Incident and now this… I am beginning to wonder if I have a target unjustly on my back?

It has been brought to my attention that what Ms. Whittington did, may be a clear ethical violation and that I might want to pursue something if I chose to.

Noelani’s exclusion of members of the public is a clear violation of the Code of Ethics which states that all members of the public need to be treated in a fair and impartial manner.

Even though she withdrew her earlier directive to Public Works employees,…
…as a county employee she still violated the spirit and intent of the “fair and impartial” clause in the county’s articles…

I understand that I was probably unfairly targeted for some asinine reason… But I’m big enough to say … You know what Noelani… your an IDIOT to have brought me into this for some godforsaken reason.

I’m not going to file a complaint against you… Even though I have been encouraged by others to do so… It would be nice for SOME SORT OF AN APOLOGY BY NOW THOUGH?

However, just because I’m not going to file a complaint, doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t stand up for other bloggers who might in the future.


Damon Tucker