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    October 2018
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Sen. Hirono Votes to Protect Dreamers

Sen. Mazie Hirono

Sen. Mazie K. Hirono released the following statement today, Feb. 15, 2018, after voting to protect Dreamers:

“I have consistently supported a clean DREAM Act, and voted in favor of the Coons-McCain amendment today that came very close to it. And while it earned the support of a bipartisan group of 52 senators, the vast majority of Republicans blocked this effort.

“Unfortunately, we were left with only one option to protect the 800,000 current DACA recipients and an additional one million Dreamers who the President has threatened with deportation. It’s for them that I voted for the Rounds-King amendment.

“The Rounds-King amendment included a number of provisions I strongly oppose, including $25 billion for Trump’s wall. The Republicans also sought to dismantle our legal, family-based immigration system. Democrats fought hard to limit the damage.

“President Trump created this crisis when he cancelled DACA and threw 800,000 young people under the bus. And with his recent veto threat, he has made it abundantly clear that protecting Dreamers is the farthest thing from his mind.

“With this threat, the President made it clear that he wanted all of us to stand with him against the Rounds-King amendment. That, I would not do.”

Senator Hirono Lashing Out at President Trump – Calls for His Resignation

Senator Mazie Hirono is going off on Twitter today and has called for the resignation of President Donald Trump:

5 hours ago

. is a misogynist, compulsive liar, and admitted sexual predator. Attacks on Kirsten are the latest example that no one is safe from this bully. He must resign.

Hawaii Senator Calls Trump: Racist, Bully, Bigot and Fraudster

U.S. Senator Brian Schatz today called out Republican Candidate Donald Trump in an interview that was posted in a Civil Beat article entitled, Schatz Enjoys A Comfortable Perch On Capitol Hill.

Senator Schatz in Pahoa after Tropical Storm Iselle.

Senator Schatz in Pahoa after Tropical Storm Iselle.

Schatz states the following about the Republican Candidate:

“This goes way beyond how you feel about any individual issue or whether you consider yourself conservative, moderate or liberal,” Schatz said. “This is about whether or not the United States is going to elect someone who is mentally unfit, who is a racist, a bully, a bigot and a fraudster to the highest office in the land.

More here: http://www.civilbeat.org/2016/07/schatz-enjoys-a-comfortable-perch-on-capitol-hill/

POLL – President Of The United States

no vote no grumble

Senator Schatz Replies to Donald Trump’s Proposal to Bar All Muslims From Entering the US

U.S. Senator Brian Schatz (D-Hawai‘i) released the following statement in response to Donald Trump’s proposal to bar all Muslims from entering the United States:

Senator Brian Schatz in Puna after Hurricane Iselle.

Senator Brian Schatz in Puna after Hurricane Iselle.

“When Donald Trump proposed to block all Muslims from entering the United States, he referred to Roosevelt’s classification of thousands of Japanese, Germans, and Italians during the war as “enemy aliens” as precedent.   This shameful page of our history led to the internment of thousands of Japanese American families.

“In 1988, President Reagan offered a formal apology for this disgrace.  We should remember this chapter in history in order to never repeat the same injustice.”