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Soccer Saturday With the Orange Mangoes

Hayden's getting much better with ball control.

So my son started up soccer again. I’m not able to coach this year, however, the coach and the players decided to call themselves the Orange Mangoes. You can see why!  He scored a goal in this first game of the season which I’m sure is gonna give him confidence for the rest of the season.

Stinging Bees Invade Shipman Park One Last Time

Media Release:

Today, the Puna Green Stinging Bees will be invading Shipman Park for the final time this season.

I’d like to say congrats to this fine group of Stinging Bees:

The Stinging Bees

So my son started soccer up again.

2008 Soccer Pose

2008 Soccer Pose

I look forward to this season and can tell my son has progressed a lot from last season.

The major difference this year… is he will be wearing glasses and can actually see the ball.

Anyone have any tricks to keeping sports goggles from getting fogged up?

sports glasses

His team name this year is the “Stinging Bees”.  We were gonna call them the “KILLER Bees” but we made a decision to lighten the “Sting” and just call them the “Stinging Bees”.

Of course I think this beats last years team name of the “Mighty Giraffes”

My son's team last year - "The Mighty Giraffes"

My son's team last year - "The Mighty Giraffes"

I won’t be actively coaching again this year because I will be doing the census work starting on the 21st, but until then… I’m helping out a new coach that has never coached before.