Pahoa Residents Come Out in Force for Mayor Kenoi’s Community Meeting

Last night at the Pahoa Community Center, Mayor Kenoi and many County of Hawaii department heads attended a talk story meeting to an overflow crowd of about 150 people.

There was no space left in the room and residents literally listened from outside.

Mayor Kenoi himself was running a bit late so Parks and Recreation Director Bob Fitzgerald started the meeting out by welcoming the crowd and allowing the department heads a chance to introduce themselves.

Parks and Recreation Director Bob Fitzgerald addresses the crowd.

Mayor Kenoi arrived as a lady was just beginning to go off and Kenoi tried his best to calm the lady down before addressing the crowd.  Kenoi talked about the improvements that the Pahoa area has seen in the last few years such as the newly paved town road and the new police and fire stations before taking questions from the crowd.

Mayor Kenoi addresses the crowd

Puna resident Aurora Martinovitch had very strong emotions tied to Puna Geothermal Ventures as did many others and complained about the county not relocating her and a few others fast enough.

Aurora Martinovitch talks about her ongoing problem with Puna Geothermal Ventures

Mayor Kenoi took offense with some folks saying that he wasn’t supporting Puna and mentioned how he was from Puna and that even part of his middle name was “Puna”.

I filmed the first part of Mayor Kenoi’s talk story and as you can see from the video… emotions were quite high in the room.