Hawaii Democratic Chair Apologizes for Actions of Hawaii Delegate During Roll Call

Yesterday at the Democratic National Convention being held in Philadelphia, as the roll call was being held to nominate the Democratic Presidential Candidate a Hawaii delegate embarrassed the state of Hawaii by flipping off the camera as Senator Brian Schatz was speaking live on camera.

Bird FlipHer name is Chelsea Lyons Kent and she even set up a gofund me page to collect funds from folks to send her to the convention where as of today, she has raised over $3500.00! https://www.gofundme.com/Chelsea4Bernie.

Aloha, my name is Chelsea Lyons Kent and I was elected as a National Delegate for Bernie Sanders at the Hawaii Democratic State Convention. 
The National Convention will be held in July in Philadelphia. I am asking for your help to cover travel costs (airfare, hotel, transportation, etc.).

The Chair of the Hawaii Democratic party sent out this email apologizing on behalf of her actions:

Earlier this evening, the delegates of our state came together to report Hawai’i’s vote in a roll call at the Democratic National Convention. It was a great moment which reflected the hard work that all delegates have put into the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Unfortunately, during the vote one of our delegates was seen making a gesture that was inappropriate and not in keeping with the conduct becoming a national delegate or member of the Democratic Party.

After consulting with the party leadership that was gathered on the convention floor, I made the decision to revoke this member’s floor pass for the evening and provide her an opportunity to apologize for her actions in exchange for being allowed to attend the rest of convention. She was unwilling to do so. Therefore, her floor credentials have been revoked for the duration of convention and she will no longer be a part of our delegation.

Delegates of both campaigns have expressed their shock and disappointment at the incident and have asked me to stress that this in no way reflects the sentiments of the rest of our delegation, regardless of their candidate affiliation. This incident notwithstanding, we have had an excellent convention thus far.

Moving forward, I will continue to express my desire for our Democratic ohana to work together and treat each other with respect and Aloha.

Tim Vandeveer
Chair, Democratic Party of Hawai’i

Hawaii Governor Attending Democratic National Convention

Gov. David Ige and First Lady Dawn Amano-Ige are scheduled to  participate in the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania next week.

Rep. Joy SanBuenventura posted this photo on Facebook with the following comment, "The DNC opening reception far from protests. before tomorrow's opening gavel...so far everybody is happy but well see what happens tomorrow. #DNC2016 #HIDEMS #joy4puna"

Rep. Joy SanBuenventura posted this photo on Facebook with the following comment, “The DNC opening reception far from protests. before tomorrow’s opening gavel…so far everybody is happy but well see what happens tomorrow. #DNC2016 #HIDEMS #joy4puna”

As governor, Ige is a superdelegate with Hawai‘i’s Democratic Party. Elected delegates and superdelegates from Hawai‘i and across the country will be attending the Democratic National Convention starting Monday, July 25 through July 28.

Gov. Ige is receiving regular updates on Tropical Storm Darby and has the flexibility to return to Hawai‘i if necessary.

He is currently scheduled to return to Hawai‘i on July 29.

No state funds are being used for this trip.

Lt. Gov. Shan Tsutsui serves as acting governor while Gov. Ige is out of state.

Hawaii Senate Looking to Override Governor’s Veto, May Amend Bill

Hawaii Senators are looking at overriding a bill that Governor Ige had previously vetoed.

Today, Hawaii State Senator Donovan Dela Cruz sent a letter to Attorney General Douglas Chin requesting an opinion as to whether at this point in time during special session the Senate may override the governors veto as you indicated we may amend a bill

Chin RequestFrom what it appears to me there appears to be a small war going on between the Governor, Hawaii Government Employees Association (HGEA) and the Legislature.

A list of the bills vetoed and the governors rationale can be found here:  http://damontucker.com/2016/07/13/hawaii-governors-veto-list-and-rationale-summary/

I’m not sure what bill in particular the Senate is looking at overriding so this should be interesting to see what the Attorney Generals opinion is in the next 24 hours per rule 86 of the Senate Rules: Questions to State Officers.

League of Women Voters of Hawaii Creates One-Stop-Site for 2016 Candidate Information

The League of Women Voters of Hawaii  announces the launch of a nonpartisan election resource about candidates, http://www.lwv-hawaii.com/candidates-2016.htm.  Candidate information is available for all counties in Hawaii.  Nearly three hundred candidates were contacted by the League.

primary candidates

This “one-stop shop” for candidate information provides simple tools to help Hawaii voters compare and contrast different candidates. Detailed candidate information, including candidates’ contact information and a statement from candidates about their background and qualifications, is available for offices at the county, state and national levels.

The LWV urges people to become familiar with the candidates and to vote in the primary Aug. 13. The League’s database will be updated to reflect winners of the primary election, so that information continues to be available for the general election on November 8, 2016.

For additional information about online voter registration, location of your polling place, and important voting procedures, the State Office of Elections provides an online guide to voting in Hawaii: http://elections.hawaii.gov/voters/voting-in-hawaii-guide/

The League of Women Voters of Hawaii is a non-partisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. For more information, visit http://www.lwv-hawaii.com

Commentary – Democratic Party Continues Support for Native Hawaiian Self-Governance

Democratic Party of Hawaii LogoAt 12:21 a.m. Sunday, July 10, 2016, Democrat Colleen Hanabusa, Hawai‘I Representative to the National Platform Committee, advised via email: “The Caucus’ proposed language, with the following amendment to your first sentence, ‘Democrats also support efforts for self-governance and self determination of Native Hawaiians.

Native Hawaiians are the indigenous, aboriginal people of Hawai‘i whose values and culture are the foundation of the Hawaiian Islands. We support proactive actions by the federal government to enhance Native Hawaiian culture, health, language, and education. We recognize and honor the contributions and sacrifices made in service to our country by Native Hawaiians,’ passed unanimously, just now.”

Quoting Leimomi Khan, Chair of the Hawaiian Affairs Caucus, “The adoption of our platform proposal by the National Democratic Party Platform Committee signifies the continuing support of the Democratic Party for Native Hawaiians since the formation of the Democratic Party of Hawaii on April 30, 1900 by supporters of Queen Lili’uokalani.”

We are proud of this accomplishment. Mahalo to Colleen Hanabusa for being our champion in advocating for passage by the Democratic Party Platform Committee, and the 182 members of the Platform Committee who voted unanimously in favor of it.

Next step: The Platform will be voted upon by all delegates at the Democratic Party Convention in Philadelphia, July 25-28, 2016.

Hawaiian Affairs Caucus Democratic Party of Hawaii

Hawaii Governor’s Veto List and Rationale Summary

Gov. David Ige announced the vetoes of seven bills that were on his Intent to Veto list submitted to the State Legislature on June 27.

Governor Ige Profile

The governor notified legislative leaders of the vetoes on Monday, July 11, a day before the July 12 deadline.

The following bills have been vetoed:

SB 2077 Relating to Separation Benefits: This bill would have offered benefits to Hawai‘i Health Systems Corporation (HHSC) employees who are facing the abolishment of their positions or workforce restructuring at Maui Region hospitals due to the transition from a state operation to a private operation.

RATIONALE:  There are three primary reasons for this veto.

  • The Employees Retirement System (ERS) believes this bill jeopardizes its tax-qualified status because it allows the affected employees to choose between a lump-sum cash payment that is taxable as wages, and a special employer subsidized early retirement benefit.

Under the IRS code, sections governing the state’s ERS plan, this is not permitted and therefore it threatens the plan’s tax-exempt status.

  • Affected employees were given a lump-sum cash payment upon separation from state service. However, the bill does not appropriate funds for this purpose. Nor does it provide authority to Hawai‘i Health Systems to make the payments.
  • Finally – the bill adds an additional unfunded liability of about $17.2 million to the ERS and $18.4 million to the Employer Union Benefits Trust fund (EUTF) to cover Maui employees separated from state service.

This undermines the state’s moratorium on enhanced benefits and puts the state’s long-term financial plan in jeopardy because the state’s long-term financial position is judged by bond rating agencies based upon the state’s outstanding unfunded liabilities.

Adding to the unfunded liabilities raises concerns for these agencies, about the state’s commitment to financial sustainability.

“This transition to a new system of care has never been done before. It is complex, and there are multiple stakeholders and issues at play. I have exercised my Constitutional duty to veto the bill and submit a remedy so the transition can move forward. My proposed cure remedies legal, technical and fiscal issues while respecting public employees and the collective bargaining process as the employees separate from state service. It is a path forward,” said Gov. Ige.

Proposed Amended Bill:

Governor David Ige submitted a proposed amended bill to the legislature that balances the needs of the various stakeholders and constituents on Maui. The proposal addresses the three primary concerns and are summarized as follows:

  • The state of Hawai‘i and the Hawai‘i Health Systems Corporation as the employer – will negotiate with the exclusive representatives — for separation benefits for affected employees who separate from state service.
  • Affected employees would be authorized to purchase retirement credits for the amount of time they would have received if they had remained in state service up to June 30, 2017.
  • An appropriation of $25 million in general funds for allocation by the Director of Finance to HHSC – for the payment of the separation benefits and related fringe costs.

HB 1850 Relating to Taxation: This bill would have allowed transient accommodations brokers to register as tax collection agents with the state.

RATIONALE: Looking at this bill from the single lens of taxes owed to the state, this measure did provide a mechanism to achieve that goal.

However– the use of an intermediary system — such as “tax accommodations brokers” as tax collection agents also provided a shield for owners who do NOT currently comply with county laws.

This could have also encouraged owner-occupants to choose “transient accommodation renters” at a time when affordable rental housing in our state is severely stressed and homelessness remains a critical concern statewide.

HB 1739 Relating to Employment: Would have prohibited employers from accessing or obtaining employees’ social media accounts and passwords by coercion or other means.

RATIONALE:  It remains unclear the extent to which this is occurring in workplaces at a level that requires state intervention at this time.

While the intent of this bill is commendable, it contains no provisions for enforcement or due process. The measure states that “an employer found in violation…  shall be subject to a fine of not less than $25 and not more than $100, to be collected by the director of the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations.”

However, DLIR does not currently have the staff, resources or expertise to administer the measure, which would include taking complaints, determining violations, education of rights, determination and collection of fines and administrative review.

HB 1747 Relating to Motor Vehicles: Would have authorized police officers to request towing of motor vehicles if a driver is arrested for driving under the influence.

RATIONALE:  This measure would have authorized police to tow vehicles only for the offense of driving under the influence. This severely limits this bill, particularly for repeat offenders. The original intent of this bill was to allow police to tow for VARIOUS traffic offenses, including driving without a license, habitually driving under the influence and operating a vehicle while a license has been revoked.

This bill would have also undermined a law that permits towing of a vehicle when an operator has been driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, without a valid driver’s license or with fraudulent license plates or registration emblems.

HB 2016 Relating to Public Employees: This measure would have required the Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) to transfer contributions by retirees and beneficiaries to the Hawai‘i Employer Union Benefits Trust Fund (EUTF) for health insurance payments.

After January 1, 2017, the EUTF would have been required to authorize automatic electronic payments to EUTF in lieu of withholdings.

RATIONALE: This bill would have required “information system” modifications. The process development procedures will take longer to implement than the January 1, 2017 deadline will allow. Also – the ERS Board of Directors expressed concerns about the lack of authorization to expend funds from the ERS Trust Fund, to make the necessary modifications that would have been required to implement this bill.

HB 2277 Relating to the King Kamehameha Celebration Commission: This measure aimed to clarify the membership and mission of the King Kamehameha Celebration Commission.

RATIONALE: The specific number of commission members was deleted from the bill. This created a problem in determining quorum. This problem can be resolved by either restoring the maximum membership number or providing a specific number of members required for quorum.

SB 3102 Relating to the Department of Business Economic Development and Tourism: This measure would have required state agencies to implement inter-agency agreements without entering into a memorandum of agreement or memorandum of understanding.

The measure also aimed to diversify the economy by establishing the High-Growth Grant Program, and appropriate $1 million to the HGGP special fund to provide business grants.

RATIONALE: The concern is that this bill did not provide a clear rationale for requiring the implementation of inter-agency agreements without MOAs or MOUs. Also – the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT) does not have the expertise and resources to develop inter-agency agreements for all programs statewide.

In addition – the purposes of the High-Growth Grant program were very broad. The program’s special fund would likely not have been self-sustaining without more clarity about the program’s purpose.

A complete list of vetoed and approved bills can be found here: http://governor.hawaii.gov/

Tacos, Chips, Salsa…. and Madie Greene for County Council District 4


Aloha to All!!! With the incoming Tropical Storm expected to arrive soon, Aunty Madie has decided to reschedule her Fundraiser until the following Saturday. Sal Luquin has already reserved the date for Madie, 6pm, Saturday, July 30th at the Akebono. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please be safe out there and be prepared.

Mahalo for your understanding…

Folks are invited to a tacos, chips and salsa fundraiser for County Council Candidate Madie Green on Saturday, July 23rd at the Akebono Theater in Pahoa.
Madie Green FundraiserA suggested donation of $15.00 will go to her campaign funds.

Good Government Groups Announce 2016 “Rusty Scalpel” Winner

scalpel award
The outcome of all 2016 legislative measures transmitted to the Governor will be known by July 12, which is the deadline for final approval or veto of the legislature’s bills from this year.  Unfortunately, the Governor has not announced his intent to veto HB1689, CD1 “Relating to Taxation,” which the League of Women Voters and Common Cause Hawaii have identified as their 2016 “Rusty Scalpel” winner.  The “Rusty Scalpel” award recognizes enactment of a bill whose subject has been substantially amended without opportunity for public input and legislative review as required by the Hawaii Constitution.

Towards the end of the 2016 legislative session, without meaningful opportunity for public or agency comment, a conference committee replaced the contents of HB 1689, SD 2 with a totally unrelated bill whose subject never had a public hearing in the Senate.  The original HB 1689 amended the existing ethanol facility income tax credit to include other renewable fuels.
All House and Senate committee hearings on HB 1689 concerned tax credits for production of renewable fuels.  But inexplicably, HB 1689, CD 1 did not in any way concern tax credits for production of renewable fuels.  Instead, to everyone’s surprise, HB 1689, CD 1 proposed a new tax credit for production of organic food. The Hawaii Constitution sets procedures for enactment of new laws.  The purpose of these procedures is to facilitate public participation and to discourage “fraud” and “logrolling”.  Article III, Section 14 provides “Each law shall embrace but one subject which shall be expressed in its title.”  In plain English, our Legislature is NOT supposed to pass a bill which addresses 2 or more unrelated subjects. Article III, Section 15 provides that “No bill shall become law unless it shall pass three readings in each house on separate days.”  In plain English, our Legislature is NOT supposed to pass a bill whose subject has not had three separate readings in the State House and three separate readings in the State Senate.

Ann Shaver, League President, said “This makes a travesty of the democratic process.   Just because there are enough votes to pass a measure doesn’t make it Constitutional.  HB1689, CD1 was obviously unrelated to the bill’s original purpose.  The content of the CD1 stunned us; it was passed without a single public hearing.  There clearly was no justification.”

The League of Women Voters of Hawaii is a non-partisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. For more information, visit http://www.lwv-hawaii.com

Common Cause Hawaii is a state chapter of the national Common Cause organization. Common Cause is a nonpartisan, grassroots organization dedicated to protecting and improving Hawaii’s political process and holding government accountable to the public interest. For more information, visit hi.commoncause.org

Prosecutor, State Senate Candidates to Square Off Saturday in Lower Puna

Candidates for County Prosecutor incumbent Mitch Roth and Deputy Attorney General Michael Kagami will lead off the Public Forums being sponsored by the Dist.4 members of the Hawaii County Democratic Party. The public is invited to these free events aimed at enlightening Puna’s voters on their candidates, the issues and their visions.

Dean Kelley will moderate the forums

Dean Kelley will moderate the forums

Pahoa businessman Dean Kelley will moderate the Saturday, July 9 forum set to begin at 2 PM at Hawaiian Shores Community Center, also known as The Stables, on the corner of Kahakai Blvd. and Punawai St., just opposite Keonepoko School.

The second hour will feature the two Democrats running for State Senate Dist. 2, incumbent Russell Ruderman and challenger Greggor Ilagan, currently Dist. 4 County Councilman.

Dist. 4 Democrats are invited to send questions they would like to have the candidates answer to their precinct presidents ASAP and not later than midnight July 6. The precinct presidents are Prec. 1 (HPP) Joy SanBuenaventura joy4puna@outlook.com; Prec.2 (WaaWaa-Hwn Beaches/Shores) Thom Gagne thomgagne@hotmail.com; Prec. 3 (Ainaloa/Orchidland to Kalapana/Seaview) Greg Ward seaviewgreg@att.net; and RoxAnne Lawson paanipuppets@hotmail.com.

The following Saturday, July 16 the Dist. 4 Democratic Public Forum will move to Pahoa Community Center and will feature the Dist. 4 and Dist. 5 County Council candidates and Democratic Party mayoral candidates Pete Hoffmann, Wendell Ka’ehu’ae’a, Harry Kim, Wally Lau, and Shannon McCandless.. That forum will take place from 1 to 6 PM at the community center on Kauhale Street in Pahoa.

Big Island Political Poll Results Week Ending 7/3/16

It’s been an interesting few days as I started up the Big Island political polls again.  This year I have made polls for all the races that Big Island residents can vote on in the upcoming elections.
Vote Vote
Here are some things I have found interesting about the polls:

  • The most popular poll as well as the closest race has been Hawaii Senate District 2 with 497 votes cast so far.
  • Three current council members are behind in their polls.
  • The U.S. Senate poll is interesting, however, I think it’s not reflective of what things will be down the line.
  • These polls are not scientific and some people are getting more worked up over them then they should.

Some folks have said that these polls are slanted, but I’m not sure how they are possibly slanted.  Yes, folks can vote multiple times if they access different IP Addresses/Cookies.

YES – VOTING IS ENABLED SO THAT FOLKS CAN VOTE ONCE PER WEEK from the same IP Address/Cookies (I’ve designed it this way as peoples opinions of candidates may change as it gets closer to the actual elections)

So without further a due… here are the first Poll Results for the week ending Sunday, July 3rd 2016:


Poll Report: Who would you vote for in Hawaii State Senate District 1?

Answer Text   Votes   %

(L) ARIANOFF, Kimberly    7          3.89

(D) KAHELE, Kaiali’i           117      65

(D) ONISHI, Dennis (Fresh) 37        20.56

(D) ROBINSON, Kaloa R.N             19        10.56

180 total votes

Poll Report: Who would you vote for in Hawaii State Senate District 2?

Answer Text   Votes   %

(L) FOGEL, Frederick F        4          0.8

(D) ILAGAN, Greggor          258      51.91

(D) RUDERMAN, Russell E.            235      47.28

497 total votes

Poll Report: Who would you vote for in Hawaii House Representative District 1?

Answer Text   Votes   %

  (D) KIMBALL, Heather L.    50        50    

(D) NAKASHIMA, Mark M.            44        44

(R) YOUNG, Byron   6          6

100 total votes

Poll Report: Who would you vote for in Hawaii House Representative District 2?

Answer Text   Votes   %

(D) COWSER, Janis E.          3          2.83

(N) LARSON, Grace Dei       3          2.83

(D) TSUJI, Clifton K. (Clift) 52        49.06  

(D) WONG, Jonathan             48        45.28

106 total votes

Poll Report: Who would you vote for in Hawaii House Representative District 3?

Answer Text   Votes   %

(L) ARIANOFF, Gregory      5          2.86

(D) NANIOLE, Ainoa (Alexander)   52        29.71  

(D) ONISHI, Richard H.K.    45        25.71

(G) PISCIOTTA, Kealoha      73        41.71

175 total votes

Poll Report: Who would you vote for in Hawaii House Representative District 4?

Answer Text   Votes   %

(N) JONES, Luana     24        22.22

(D) SAN BUENAVENTURA, Joy A           79        73.15  

(C) STEPHENS, Moke           5          4.63

108 total votes

Poll Report: Who would you vote for in Hawaii House Representative District 5?

Answer Text   Votes   %

  (D) CREAGAN, Richard P.   53        79.1

(L) LAST, Michael L.             14        20.9

67 total votes

Poll Report: Who would you vote for in Hawaii House Representative District 6?

Answer Text   Votes   %

(D) KOSSOW, Bronsten (Kalei)        13        18.31

(D) LOWEN, Nicole E.          50        70.42

(D) MANN, Thomas F. (Tom)            3          4.23

(R) PRATT, Bruce C.             5          7.04

71 total votes

Poll Report: Who would you vote for in Hawaii House Representative District 7?

Answer Text   Votes   %

(R) COAKLEY, Jeffrey (Jeff)           5          5.62

(D) EVANS, Cindy    29        32.58

(D) TARNAS, David             55        61.8  

89 total votes

Poll Report: Who would you vote for Office of Hawaiian Affairs Trustee (Hawaii Island)?

Answer Text   Votes   %

KAHUI, Bo V. (Craig)           15        12.3

LINDSEY, Robert K. (Bob) 57        46.72  

TRASK, Mililani B.    50        40.98

122 total votes

Poll Report: Who would you vote for Hawaii Island Prosecuting Attorney?

Answer Text   Votes   %

KAGAMI, Michael S.            33        23.4

ROTH, Mitch 108      76.6  

141 total votes

Poll Report: Who would you vote for Hawaii County Council District 2?

Answer Text   Votes   %

CHUNG, Aaron S.Y 61        58.65

HALVERSEN, William J       6          5.77

HOPKINS, Margarita (Dayday)        37        35.58

104 total votes

Poll Report: Who would you vote for Hawaii County Council District 3?

Answer Text   Votes   %

CASTILLO, Grace     46        28.75

KELII, Moana M.H    23        14.38

LEE LOY, Susan (Sue)          91        56.88

160 total votes

Poll Report: Who would you vote for Hawaii County Council District 4?

Answer Text   Votes   %

BERNARD, Michael R.         9          5.11

GREENE, Madie        71        40.34

OHARA, Eileen         96        54.55

176 total votes

Poll Report: Who would you vote for Hawaii County Council District 5?

Answer Text   Votes   %

PALEKA, Danny       102      41.98

RUGGLES, Jen          141      58.02

243 total votes

Poll Report: Who would you vote for Hawaii County Council District 6?

Answer Text   Votes   %

DAVID, Maile (Medeiros)     78        45.35

WHITING, Raina       94        54.65

172 total votes

Poll Report: Who would you vote for Hawaii County Council District 7?

Answer Text   Votes   %

DOMINGO, Nestorio (Nestor)          25        24.75

KANUHA, Dru Mamo           76        75.25

101 total votes

Poll Report: Who would you vote for Hawaii County Council District 8?

Answer Text   Votes   %

CITRON, Jeffrey (Jeff)          16        15.38

EOFF, Karen S.          88        84.62

104 total votes

Poll Report: Who would you vote for Hawaii County Council District 9?

Answer Text   Votes   %

RICHARDS, Herbert (Tim)   100      65.36

WILLE, Margaret       53        34.64

153 total votes

Poll Report: Who would you vote for the U.S. Senate Seat?

Answer Text   Votes   %

(C) ALLISON, Joy J.             2          0.89

(R) CARROLL, John             7          3.11

(D) CHRISTENSEN, Makani            112      49.78

(A) GIUFFRE, John M. (Raghu)       2          0.89

(R) GOTTSCHALK, Karla (Bart)      1          0.44

(D) HONEYCHURCH, Tutz             2          0.89

(L) KOKOSKI, Michael A     0          0

(R) PIRKOWSKI, Eddie       1          0.44

(D) REYES, Arturo    0          0

(R) ROCO, John P.     1          0.44

(D) SCHATZ, Brian   92        40.89

(D) SHIRATORI, Miles         5          2.22

225 total votes

Poll Report: Who would you vote for U.S. Representative – District 2

Answer Text   Votes   %

(D) CHAN HODGES, Shay 14        8.59

(D) GABBARD, Tulsi            89        54.6

(R) HAFNER, Eric     51        31.29

(R) KAAIHUE, Angela Aulani          7          4.29

(N) TURNER, Richard L.      2          1.23

163 total votes

Poll Report: Who would you vote for the Mayor of Hawaii County?

Answer Text   Votes   %

AKINA, Alvin A., Jr 0          0

BRYANT, Paul (Amaury)      1          0.35

CUNNINGHAM, Daniel H. 0          0

HAPAI, Marlene (Nachbar)   9          3.18

HOFFMANN, Peter S. (Pete)            29        10.25

KA’EHU’AE’A, Wendell      7          2.47

KIM, Harry     79        27.92

LAU, Wally    143      50.53

LUTA, Helen O. (Ole)            0          0

MCCANDLESS, Shannon K.K.        4          1.41

TAMASHIRO, Gene             0          0

WAUGH, Timothy R. (Timmy)         1          0.35

WEINERT, Eric, Jr. (Drake) 10        3.53

283 total votes

Commentary – Congressional Candidate on “Green Harvest”

As a Hawaiian nationalist candidate for U.S. Congress (HI-2, Neighbor Islands, Suburban Oahu) I find it to be highly disturbing that the will of the voters of Hawai’i County (Big Island) was illegally usurped by the Hawai’i Supreme Court, when they knocked down the lowest law enforcement priority ordinance passed by Hawai’i County voters, with the purpose of nearly eliminating personal pot busts by law enforcement on the island.

Policing in Hawai’i County (Big Island) is operating without the consent of the governed. The occupying force of the United States, with federally funded choppers spying over our private homes, continues to intrude upon our lives with “Operation Green Harvest”. They brainwash our school children through DARE to become spies on their own parent’s herbs.

I urge citizens to make YouTube videos of the choppers over their homes so the world can see what the military occupation of Hawaii by the United States and harassment of citizens by the imperialist U.S. police forces looks like.

Until the time that the criminal justice system of Hawai’i County is entirely devolved and controlled by the working-class people of the island, we are living under an illegitimate U.S. occupying police force that local citizens should not cooperate with.

If elected to Congress, one of my first tasks will be to defund Operation Green Harvest and to reallocate the funds to support Native Hawaiian cultural and education programs.

The US has no right to remain in Hawai’i, and never has had such a right. No more choppers!

Rev. Dr. Eric Hafner
Candidate for U.S. Congresss (HI-2)

POLL – President Of The United States

no vote no grumble

POLL – U.S. Representative (District 2)

no vote no grumble

POLL – U.S. Senate Race

no vote no grumble

POLL – Hawaii County Council District 9

no vote no grumble

POLL – Hawaii County Council District 8

no vote no grumble

POLL – Hawaii County Council District 7

no vote no grumble

POLL – Hawaii County Council District 6

no vote no grumble

POLL – Hawaii County Council District 5

no vote no grumble

POLL – Hawaii County Council District 4

no vote no grumble