Skydiver Seriously Injured on North Shore – Pacific Skydive Has Another Incident

This afternoon at Pacific Skydive on the North Shore of Oahu, a man was was seriously injured skydiving, when the steering line on his canopy broke and he was not able to land properly.

Guy Banal, President at Pacific Skydiving

Guy Banal (sunglasses), President at Pacific Skydiving looks on.

The Emergency Medical Team and the Hawaii Fire Department are on the scene now:

Paramedics on the scene

Paramedics on the scene

A skydiver at the scene stated, “…Broken steering line on landing. Check your gear, especially if it is older, for degradation.

Man Seriously Injured Skydiving at Pacific Skydiving

Pacific Skydiving had another skydiving incident today that sent a person to the hospital.



According to a skydiver on the scene it was “…totally preventable with proper instruction. This is why you should trust professionals, not a bunch of poser skydivers…The guy stalled his canopy from 100ft and held toggles buried pretty much until he hit. No PLF, no training, straight to the hospital.”

Didn't walk away!

Didn’t walk away!

Pacific Skydiving has had a few mishaps sending skydivers to the hospital over the years.

Skydiving incident as Pacific Skydive

Skydiving incident as Pacific Skydive

As of this write-up there has been no release on the condition of the skydiver.

Poll: BJ Penn vs. Frankie Edgar – Who Do You Think Will Win?

This coming Sunday at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, the UFC brings us the finale for season 19 of their TUF event. The card is headlined by the coaches clash between BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar, marking the third time the pair will meet in the octagon. The match sees Edgar a huge favorite at (-750) over Penn, who comes back at (+450).
Penn vs. Edgar
Who do you think will win?

Yes… That Was Me in Today’s Wreck at Malama Market Intersection

Today at about 10:30 my cousin and I were driving back home after dropping my wife’s car off at Kolohe Auto Repair when we got in an accident at the Malama Market intersection on Highway 130 here in Pahoa.

View from inside the car right after the wreck.

View from inside the car right after the wreck.  I tried to get out of the car but was too stunned to even move and my neck and back hurt so felt it was best to just stay put.

I was the passenger in a 2009 Scion that took the brunt of the impact.  Simply put… what happened shouldn’t have happened had the driver we hit was paying attention.

We were driving towards Kalapana on Highway 130 and the driver of a Jeep Wrangler was driving towards town direction.  He moved into the left turn lane at the Malama Market intersection and came to a stop.

As we were going at the speed limit recommended for the area of 45 MPH… right as we got to the intersection… the Jeep Wrangler decided that he was going to take a left turn in to the Malama Market area.

The driver of the car I was in… slammed on her brakes but it was too late and we slammed into the car.

I spent all day in the hospital getting everything from Cat Scans to X-Rays while the whole day my neck was in some sort of collar to keep me from moving it.

I’m now happy to report that I’m back home with the diagnosis of serious whiplash and I have a nice gash down the shin of my left leg.

Highway 130 and this Malama Market intersection have been one of the most dangerous ones in the State and today it proved itself to me personally.

The State KNOWS there is a problem with this intersection yet accidents continue to happen there almost daily.  People have lost limbs, lost cars, broken bones and still yet nothing has been done.

There is plans to install a round-a-bout at this intersection in the next few months… I’m not sure how that will work in the long run.
pahoa roundMore posts related to accidents on Highway 130 can be found here:  Highway 130

Big Island Police Investigating Accident that Caused Death of Oahu Man

Hawaiʻi Island police are investigating a public accident that caused the death of an Oahu man on Sunday (February 9).

At 11:28 a.m. Sunday, South Hilo patrol officers responded to a report that a man had fallen from a cliff in Pepeʻekeo.

The man was reportedly hiking to shore to dive with friends when he fell off the cliff and landed approximately 80 feet below. Fire Department rescue personnel extricated him from the bottom of Loa Road and took him to Hilo Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead at 12:45 p.m.

Keylan Sato Facebook Profile picture

Keylan Sato Facebook Profile picture

He has been identified as 24-year-old Keylan Sato of Honolulu.

An autopsy has been ordered to determine the exact cause of death.

23-Year-Old Man Dies After Trying to Climb Down Cliff on the Big Island

A 23-year-old man fell 80 feet to his death in Pepeekeo today while trying to climb down a cliff to reach a beach.  Here is the Hawaii Fire Department release on the incident:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

39-Year-Old Dies in Construction Site Accident

On Wednesday (February 5) at about 1:11 p.m., Kona patrol officers responded to a reported construction site accident with injuries in Hōlualoa.

Donny Loando

Donny Loando

It was determined that 38-year-old Donny Loando of Hōlualoa had been operating a single drum roller while constructing a private driveway when the vehicle rolled backwards down a steep slope and crashed into a carport at a neighboring residence.

Loando was thrown from the roller and sustained injuries. He was transported to Kona Community Hospital in critical condition. He was pronounced dead at 4:15 p.m.

No one in the residence was injured.

The Area II Traffic Enforcement Unit has initiated a coroner’s inquest investigation and ordered an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death.

Police ask that anyone with additional information on this incident call Officer Christopher Kapua-Allison at 326-4646 extension 229

Medical Examiner Defers Cause of Death Following Autopsy of Man that Died After Being Arrested

An autopsy was conducted Wednesday (February 5) on the body of 39-year-old Randall Hatori of Kailua-Kona, who died Tuesday in the course of an arrest.

Randall Hatori

Randall Hatori

The medical examiner deferred the cause of death pending toxicology and histology results.

At 12:30 a.m. Tuesday (February 4), a Kona Patrol officer made a traffic stop at a gas station in a shopping center on Palani Road. The driver, 38-year-old Ernest Ricky Alvarez of Kailua-Kona, was arrested on a $10,000 bench warrant for contempt of court.

Hatori, who was a passenger and was wanted for assault and violating temporary restraining orders, fled on foot.

The officer pursued Hatori on foot and a struggle ensued while trying to apprehend him. Initially unable to restrain Hatori, the officer deployed his conducted electric weapon (commonly known as a “Taser”) in an attempt to subdue him. Hatori continued to actively resist arrest and the struggle continued. Other officers responded to the scene and assisted in restraining Hatori. After Hatori was placed in handcuffs, he became unresponsive.

Fire Department EMTs on scene attempted resuscitation and then transported him to Kona Community Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 1:53 a.m.

Detectives recovered 7.3 grams of methamphetamine at the scene of the struggle.

The Police Department’s Area II Criminal Investigations Section is continuing to investigate this incident as a coroner’s inquest and an assault on a police officer.

In addition, the Office of Professional Standards is conducting an administrative investigation, as is standard practice in any police involved death.

Alvarez remains at the Kona police cellblock while police investigate possible drug charges.

UH Football Player in Fight Surrounded – Another UH Football Player Ends Up With Concussion

According to the crime beat of the University of Hawaii Manoa School paper Ka Leo a member of the University of Hawaii Football team was in a fight and got surrounded by 20 males.  Another football player attempted to help out when he fell and hit his head suffering a concussion.

UH HelmetHere is the report from the student paper :

Staff reported the incident at 12:01 a.m. According to a witness two men —  one who was a UH Mānoa football player — were fighting and were surrounded by a group of 20 males. According the Campus Security report, a fellow football player ran towards the fight, tripped, hit his head on the ground and suffered a concussion. This case has been referred to Student Housing Services

And in other bizarre UH Manoa news:

Harassment at Moore Hall

At 3:59 p.m. a member of staff received a disturbing, sexual message from an anonymous caller. According the the victim the suspect said, “I want to (expletive) your tight (expletive).”

Harassment at Hale Aloha Mokihana

A student reported that he was harassed between 2:30 and 3:30 p.m. The suspect allegedly tried provoke the victim in regards to a legal case which both are involved in, a Campus Security report said.

Skydiving Incident in Hawaii Leaves Man Seriously Injured at Pacific Skydiving

A skydiving incident in Hawaii has left a skydiver seriously injured at Pacific Skydiving located at the Dillingham Airfield over on the North Shore of Oahu.

Ambulance arrives at Pacific Skydiving to take away the injured skydiver

Ambulance arrives at Pacific Skydiving to take away the injured skydiver

To make matters worst, their instructor toppled onto him according to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser:

A 34-year-old male skydiver suffered serious injury Friday afternoon after a hard landing at Dillingham Airfield.

Department of Emergency Services spokeswoman Shayne Enright said the injury was to his pelvic area and the instructor toppled onto him.

The accident occurred at 12:57 p.m. Friday…

In a video released yesterday, you can see that skydivers at Pacific Skydive have been known to push the limits when it comes to jumping:

Under CFR 14 Part 91.155 conducting VFR parachute operations thru overcast skies is illegal and dangerous. Feel free to contact me for more evidence regarding FAR violations from this company, I have hours worth of footage.

14 CFR Part 105 is based on the assumption that any individual who chooses to skydive has assessed the dangers involved and assumes personal responsibility for his or her safety. The regulations in Part 105 are intended to assure the safety of those not involved in the sport, including persons and property on the surface and other users of the airspace. The skydiving community is encouraged to adopt good operating practices and programs to avoid further regulation by the FAA.

University of Hawaii Athletic Director Ben Jay Injured in Scuffle at Stan Sheriff Center

The following recap of tonights event’s come from photographer Andrew Lee’s Facebook account (with permission) who was attending the game on his own time:


Following the Hawaii vs Western Virginia game there was an awards ceremony scheduled since it was the last game of a tournament. Before the ceremony could start there was a huge scuffle behind the WVU bench.

A number of officials and ushers went down to break up the scuffle. Among those attempting to break it up were Rich Sheriff and Ben Jay.

Rich was knocked down but was able to get up on his own with a few cuts. Ben however was unable to get up for a while.

The awards ceremony was immediately canceled and fans were cleared from the arena.

It's not everyday you see campus security, HPD and EMS blocking the Stan Sheriff Center exit area.  Photo Andrew Lee

It’s not everyday you see campus security, HPD and EMS blocking the Stan Sheriff Center exit area. Photo Andrew Lee

HPD as well as campus security were called to the arena along with EMT’s.

EMT’s arrived and began to treat Mr. Jay who appeared to have gotten hit from his back.  Ben was then taken from the court side area to the trainers room for treatment.

EMS Crew has arrived at the SSC. Photo Andrew Lee

EMS Crew has arrived at the SSC. Photo Andrew Lee

Also during the scuffle the wife of one of the WVU Coaches passed out during the scuffle but is now reported to be okay.

I will not be answering any questions about the incident and will not provide anymore updates unless they are 100% confirmed.

Thanks to everyone for their concern and when the time is right I’m sure Ben will have a statement.

Coast Guard Suspends Search for Missing Surfer Kirk Passmore

The Coast Guard suspended the search at sunset Friday for a missing surfer near Alligator Rock.

Kirk Passmore's Facebook Profile Picture

Kirk Passmore’s Facebook Profile Picture

“It is with heavy hearts that we now suspend our active search efforts,” said Capt. Shannon Gilreath, commanding officer for Coast Guard Sector Honolulu. “Our thoughts go out to the Passmore family and the tight-knit communities in both Hawaii and California where he was an important member.”

The Coast Guard, Honolulu Fire Department and Ocean Safety searched more than 2,330 square miles.

Coast Guard Cutter Galveston Island, a 45-foot Response Boat-Medium crew from Station Honolulu and an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter aircrew from Air Station Barbers Point searched the area.

Honolulu Fire Department, Ocean Safety and volunteers from the community also combed the area by land, air and sea.

For more information, contact the Coast Guard Sector Honolulu Public Affairs Officer at 808-842-2657.

Hawaii’s History of Destructive Earthquakes the Focus of Two Talks and The Great Hawaii ShakeOut Earthquake Drill

Hawaii’s long history of destructive earthquakes and actions that residents can take to reduce injury during the next one will be the topics of two presentations on Tuesday, October 1.  Both talks are open to the public.

USGS seismologists Wes Thelen (left) and Paul Okubo (right) working at the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

USGS seismologists Wes Thelen (left) and Paul Okubo (right) working at the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

Paul Okubo, a seismologist with the U.S. Geological Survey’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, will speak about “Damaging earthquakes in Hawaii and the Great Hawaii ShakeOut” in the University Classroom Building, Room 100, on the UH–Hilo main campus, 200 W. Kawili Street, in Hilo. A map of the campus is online.  This free presentation begins at 7:00 p.m.

Wes Thelen, the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory’s seismic network manager, will present “Large earthquakes in the Hawaiian Islands: What you need to know” in the Kīlauea Visitor Center auditorium on Crater Rim Drive, in Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park, at 7:00 p.m.  This “After Dark in the Park” presentation is free, but Park entrance fees apply.

Large earthquakes pose an ever-present danger to Hawaii.  Since 1868, more than 30 magnitude-6.0 or greater earthquakes have impacted residents throughout the State.  The probability that another destructive —magnitude 6.5 or higher— earthquake will strike the Hawaiian Islands in the next 10 years is 50 percent; in the next 20 years, the probability increases to 75 percent.

According to Okubo, while the Island of Hawai‘i experiences more seismicity than other Hawaiian islands, the exposure to earthquake risk spans the entire State of Hawaii.  As a recent example, he notes that the October 2006 magnitude-6.7 and 6.0 earthquakes, located in West Hawai‘i, caused $200 million in damages on the Islands of Hawai‘i and Maui, as well as an extended power outage on O‘ahu.

Thelen points out that it has been 40 years since a destructive earthquake occurred during business and school hours—the magnitude-6.2 Honomū, Hawai‘i earthquake on April 26, 1973.  Without that experience, conducting drills is even more important for all schools and businesses, as well as individuals and families, to practice “Drop! Cover! Hold on!”—actions that are proven to reduce injury in an earthquake—during the Great Hawaii ShakeOut earthquake drill on October 17.

Both Okubo and Thelen will present an overview of damaging earthquakes in Hawaii, including current theories on why they occur.  They will also talk about “The Great Hawaii ShakeOut” and what people can do to protect themselves during Hawaii’s next large earthquake.

For more information about these two presentations, visit the HVO website or call (808) 967-8844.

BJ Penn… Pro Bull Rider? BJ Penn vs. The Bull of Hilo

Is BJ Penn looking at a new career as a professional bull rider?

Can BJ Penn last 8 seconds on a bull??? See video below

Can BJ Penn last 8 seconds on a bull??? See video below

UFC Fighter BJ Penn uploaded the following video of him riding a bull today on the Big Island of Hawaii:

BJ Penn vs. The Bull of Hilo

Akido of Hilo Offering Women Free Classes During Domestic Violence Awareness Month

To honor National Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM), Aikido of Hilo will be offering women free Aikido classes for the month of October.

Akido Hilo DV

Observed each year in October, DVAM grew out of a single day, the “Day of Unity” in October 1981 organized by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence to connect groups that worked to end violence against women and children. The first observance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month took place in October 1987, and two years later in 1989, Congress passed a commemorative legislation designating October as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

“Aikido is the martial art of peace and reconciliation.  It teaches us that we should concentrate not on harming others, but on protecting them.  We learn that aggression breeds greater aggression and that kindness also will be returned by others.  Rather than harming another and causing resentment, we are taught to neutralize physical and mental aggression and avoid injury to the attacker and ourselves,” said Aikido of Hilo Chief Instructor Barbara Klein.

Klein and her husband, Dr. Robert Klein, both have 6th Degree Black Belts and have been training in Aikido for over 40 years.  They have been teaching the martial art in Hilo since 1980.

“We are honored to help spread awareness about ending violence against women and children.  We invite everyone to come and learn about bringing more peace and harmony into their lives and openly offer women the opportunity to take classes for free in October,” said Klein.

To find out more about Aikido of Hilo and the free October classes for women call Barbara Klein at 935-2454.

Freaky Friday – Gecko Eats Skink

I noticed the gecko stalking something but I couldn’t figure out what it was until he caught it.  Turns out it was a baby skink!

When lizards eat lizards

When lizards eat lizards

I always thought geckos ate bugs… not other lizards!



PETA Asks Fisherman Who’s Boat Got Flipped by Tuna to Give Up Fishing

As Koloa, Hawaii, angler Anthony Wichman recovers from nearly drowning after a 230-pound ahi tuna he had stabbed in the eye with a fishing gaff pulled him into the water, PETA is encouraging him to make Friday’s fishing expedition his last. As the group writes in a letter sent to him today, fish experience pain and fear just as all animals—including humans—do, and as PETA’s “Silent Scream” video illustrates, fish suffer immensely when they are impaled, yanked out of the water, stabbed, and suffocated.

The fish that didn't get away!

The fish that didn’t get away!

“Mr. Wichman survived the terrifying ordeal of being caught on a line, pulled out of his natural environment, and deprived of oxygen—so we’re hoping he’ll now think of what all the fish, including his most recent victim, go through and not want to inflict that pain and fear on them,” says PETA President Ingrid Newkirk. “PETA hopes he will make the compassionate decision to go vegan, and we’re willing to help him.” PETA is sending him a vegan starter kit and recipes for faux-fish dishes.

For more information, please visit

Here is a copy of the letter:

July 23, 2013

Anthony Wichman
5496 Emi Rd.
Koloa, HI 96756

Dear Mr. Wichman:

I am writing on behalf of PETA and our more than 3 million members and supporters, including thousands across Hawaii. As a former fisher myself, I urge you to use your recent brush with death as an opportunity to put yourself in the place of the living being you were trying to kill and to consider the value of her life and others like her. As terrifying as it must have been for you to be nearly drowned by a 230-pound tuna, please consider how frightening and painful the experience must have been for the animal who was killed after a struggle that you initiated by punching a gaff through her back and then her eye while she began to suffocate after having been pulled out of the water. With all due respect, I ask you to do some soul-searching and abandon fishing for good.

As this tuna demonstrated, fish, like other animals, value their lives and don’t want to be killed. Studies show that fish have complex nervous systems and feel pain in much the same way as dogs and cats and we do.

Fishing causes immense physical and psychological suffering to fish, who have particularly sensitive mouths and lips that they use like we use our hands. Impaling a fish through the mouth and then dragging him or her out of the water is the equivalent of someone driving a hook through your hand and yanking your entire body weight into the water, where you wouldn’t be able to breathe. As PETA’s short video “Silent Scream” shows, even though fish cannot vocalize to express their pain and fear, there is no room for doubt that they suffer greatly when they are impaled, gaffed, gutted alive, or left to suffocate slowly.

Witnessing the struggle and suffocation of a bloody founder I yanked from the waters off Catalina during a teenage fishing trip made me recognize that fishing is, quite simply, a sadistic “pleasure” derived from another’s misery, and I hung up my rod for good. I sincerely hope that you will consider this point of view in the wake of your fight to the finish with the unfortunate tuna.

Kindest regards,

Dan Mathews
Senior Vice President

Huge Fish Capsizes Boat Off Kauai

A 54-year-old man was rescued from his capsized vessel approximately 10 miles southwest of Port Allen, Kauai, Friday.

A huge fish capsized this boat. Coast Guard rescuers were able to upright the boat.

A huge fish capsized this boat. Coast Guard rescuers were able to upright the boat.

Coast Guard Sector Honolulu received a distress call at 7:41 a.m., from Wichman’s spouse notifying watchstanders that her husband’s 14-foot Livingston boat was capsized south of Port Allen. Wichman was fishing in the area when he hooked a 230 lb. Ahi that subsequently capsized his boat. When his boat capsized, his leg was caught in the fishing line and he was dragged underwater. After freeing himself, he was able to get on top of the hull and call his wife for help. Sector Honolulu was able to establish communication with Wichman via cell phone and launched a 47-foot Motor Life Boat crew from Coast Guard Station Kauai and an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station Barbers Point to the scene.

The Dolphin crew arrived on scene and found Wichman sitting on the hull of his partially submerged vessel. A Coast Guard rescue swimmer was lowered to the water and hoisted Wichman into the helicopter. Sector Honolulu and Station Kauai coordinated with Lihue Airport and local emergency medical personnel to arrange for medical transport to Wilcox Memorial Hospital.

The MLB crew stayed on scene with the capsized vessel until Jordon Ornellas and Abraham Apilado, friends of Wichman arrived on scene with a vessel to help salvage his boat. While assessing the situation to determine if they could right the capsized vessel, Ornellas and Apilado realized that the Ahi was still hooked on the fishing line attached the vessel. They were able to reel in the Ahi, right the vessel and take it in tow back to Port Allen.

The fish that didn't get away!

The fish that didn’t get away!

“This rescue is a perfect example of why mariners must be sure they have good safety equipment and reliable communications before heading out on the water,” said Lt. Jessica Mickelson, Sector Honolulu’s Public Affairs Officer.  “Thankfully Mr. Wichman was still able to use his cell phone after capsizing and entering the water. Sector Honolulu was able to work in conjunction with 911 dispatch to get a GPS position of the capsized vessel from Mr. Wichman’s cell phone enabling Coast Guard rescue crews to arrive on scene at the exact location of distress instead of having to conduct a search. At the end of the day, we couldn’t have asked for a better rescue. Mr. Wichman was delivered safely to shore with minimal injuries and he and his friends will have quite the indisputable fish tale to tell.”

The Coast Guard recommends all mariners ensure they are prepared before heading out on the water. This includes having appropriate safety and communications equipment, checking local weather conditions and ensuring the vessel is seaworthy. For more information on boating safety visit

For more information, contact the 14th Coast Guard District Public Affairs Office at (808) 535-3230.

Honey Badgers Ready to Compete in 3rd Battle of the Islands – Maui

The Paradise Roller Girls’ Honey Badgers are riled up and ready for some hard-hitting action in the upcoming 2013 Battle of the Islands in Maui, June 28-29. Honey Badger Talina DiMartino, aka “Sasha Buzzkill”, said the PRG all-star team is prepared to “out-block, out-score, and out-skate” their opponents. “We’re ready for anything, she said. “We’ve been doing extra endurance drills, scrimmaging, and having meetings about strategy.”

Paradise Roller Girl’s Honey Badgers at the 2012 Hilo Battle of the Islands. Photo credit: Mr. Forbidden

Paradise Roller Girl’s Honey Badgers at the 2012 Hilo Battle of the Islands. Photo credit: Mr. Forbidden

Teammate Hau’oli Sayles, aka “Stealth SoulJAH”, agrees with DiMartino about the team’s readiness, saying all the players are in top shape and eager to play. “We are working on specific strategies and skills that will be used to hopefully win this tournament,” Sayles said.

The Maui Owie Rollers and Waimea Wranglers will roll out to warm the fans up in the first matchup of the tournament, Friday, June 28 at 6:30 pm. Second up in the starting night’s double header will be the much anticipated bout between the Honey Badgers and the Maui Roller Girls, slated to begin at 8 pm.

Teams from Pacific Roller Derby (Oahu), Garden Isle Renegade Rollerz (Kauai), and Aloha City Rollers (Oahu) will play on the second day of the tournament, with the first bout starting at 10 am. Seven teams will vie for the championship slot in two separate brackets. The final bout for B bracket is scheduled for 5 pm on Saturday. The battle for the top spot in bracket A starts at 6:30 pm.

In addition to the extra endurance drills and team strategy meetings, Honey Badger players are taking time out to do some personal training too. Sayles said she is doing High Intensity Interval Training in order to “step up the jammer game, increase performance, and prevent injury.”

Kaya Lela, aka “Chola Roll-ya”, said she’s “eating a nutritious diet and practicing four times a week.” Lela started skating with PRG “from the get-go,” but said this will be her first time competing in the Battle of the Islands.

Paradise Roller Girl’s Honey Badgers SheBang SheBang #911, Reba Smack N’ Flyher #65, Tsunamea #25, and VonSchlappenbitsch #8 hold back the Maui Roller Girls jammer at the 2012 Hilo Battle of the Islands. Photo credit Mr. Forbidden

Paradise Roller Girl’s Honey Badgers SheBang SheBang #911, Reba Smack N’ Flyher #65, Tsunamea #25, and VonSchlappenbitsch #8 hold back the Maui Roller Girls jammer at the 2012 Hilo Battle of the Islands. Photo credit Mr. Forbidden

Battle of the Islands is a state-wide bi-annual flat-track roller derby tournament. The tournament rotates to different islands where it is hosted by the local roller derby league. Paradise Roller Girls hosted the first Battle of the Islands tournament last July in Hilo. A second Battle of the Islands took place in Oahu last September. The fourth Battle of the Islands will be in Kauai later this year. Money earned from the June 2 PRG Skate-a-Thon fundraiser is being used to pay for some of the Honey Badgers’ travel costs for this year’s trip to Maui.

Games will take place at Central Maui Boys and Girls Club Outdoor Basketball Court 100 Kanaloa Avenue Kahului, HI 96793. For tickets and a full schedule of the upcoming June 28-29 tournament visit Those attending the tournament are encouraged to bring a canned food or pantry item to help support the Maui Food Bank.

Paradise Roller Girls is a women’s flat-track roller derby league located on the Big Island of Hawaii. PRG’s mission is to promote a healthy, athletic lifestyle in their community through the alternative sport of roller derby.


Victim in Alleged “M” Nightclub Beating Speaks Up – Pictures of Incident

I’ve been in contact with Shane Busby for the last 9 months since he was allegedly busted up at the “M” nightclub in Honolulu by the part-owner Michael Miske, Jr.

During the recent Pro-Bowl that happened here in Honolulu, NFL Player Trent Williams was also allegedly assaulted by the same owner.

Shane Busby 1

Shane Busby 3

Tonight on Facebook Shane Busby released the following information to me and below it is the original e-mail he sent me over 9 months ago:

Full story goes like this, My girlfriend flies in that morning from Australia, and she wants to go out to M, as it is marketed as one of the ritzier clubs here in Honolulu so, because I usually take pictures, and do video at clubs, I ask my friend (promoter eightball) if he wants to go out that night, and if he can get us a hook up on bottle service at M the promoter that night, was/is Flash and he texts back, “If your group purchases a bottle at $300, I will comp an extra bottle”

The night goes well, and towards 2:30ish the bill is brought to our table and it has both bottles, I politely tell the waitress that I was told I would be comped a bottle, so she walks off to investigate.

Soon after Mike Miske and about 7 of his security show up, pull me out of the booth that I am sitting in, and repeatedly punch me in the sides..while taking me to the tables outside

Mike sits me down and the waitress (NAME DELETED  – DT) brings the bill back. Mike tells me “you will pay this bill or else”

I look at him (now with multiple bruised ribs) and tell him “you’ve already beat me up, or else what? Are you going to kill me?”

He just stares at me.

So, I sign “FUCK SECURITY” in big letters on the bill because if they’re going to throw me in a ditch at least there is a paper trail to where I was, and where my last conflict was…that is assuming they decide to keep the check

Mike looks at the bill, says “Fuck Security?!” out loud, and waves his henchmen over…and they start laying into me again

One of them gets within my circle, so from my military training, I grab him, hold him in between me and the other security guards, and walk back towards the main entrance When I get there I tell securitas to call the police, these people are trying to mug me


Shane Busby

Front security comes out and pretends that nothing is happening, and that they are concerned…while they do that, someone in an untucked black polo (same setup as security) comes out, shakes hands with the front security…then lays into me, knocking out my front teeth, hitting my g/f in the process etc.


Shane Busby

(Eightball, Cris Perez, and my g/f were kicked out from the table, when I was grabbed and were waiting out front when I got there)

Securitas got my information, before this guy tackled me, and then laid pinned him down while Cris takes me to his car and drives me to Tripler.

Apparently Securitas (officer’s name was joe) has no recollection of who this person was, never got his information

M was posting that the night of the incident they had video and I was being a drunken idiot, however when the detective came to investigate all video had been deleted


Shane Busby

I work at these places regularly, if Mike had come to my table, and said “Im sorry, Flash isn’t authorized to comp people bottles” I would have asked the other 4 people in my party for more cash (everyone pretty much ponied up $100 cash for the night, and I had no intention of using my card) we would have been on our way, and probably would have come back


Shane Busby


^^this is our waitress. She approached me a few weeks ago at another event and said if there was any way she could help out anonymously, she would

But apparently Mike is not against showing up at people’s doorstep and doing the same thing he did that night to me at M, so shes scared to death of him


^^She claims she was roofied by M security, and when her roomie tried to get her out, they beat him up


^^she is a Special Ed teacher at (SCHOOL NAME DETRACTED – DT) …her case is the one that is currently in the news.


^^He was the main one they attacked at M with Theresa. He had broken ribs, kidney damage, etc


Damon Tucker

Ok… so are you comfortable w/ me posting this all on my site?


Shane Busby

I’m fine with it


Shane Busby 2

This is the email he sent me long before NFL Player Trent Williams was also allegedly assaulted by the same person:

From: shane busby To: damon tucker Sent: Sunday, August 19, 2012 9:01 AM Subject: Beating at the M

Hey, sorry about last night. I was a little confused as to whether you wanted a copy of the official statement from the police report, or my story of what happened.

Here is the full and dirty:
Promoter flash (also used to be radio host on 93.9 the zone’s morning show before they had the format change) had promised my friend (promoter eightball) that if we dropped by M for his event, he would comp us a bottle, if we purchased one. So, we get our two bottles and go merrily on our way drinking them. About an hour before everything went down, I noticed my stomach was not taking kindly to a straight vodka shot, so I poured myself some straight cranberry juice drinks (from the mixers we had at the table) and once my stomach settled I ordered a beer. I continued to babysit my beer until the tab came. When it did, it had both bottles (at a price of $300 each) on the tab. My friend, Eightball saw this, and said he would find Flash and get everything settled. I gave the waitress all the cash I had been handed for the night, ($300, plus another $40) for the time being. Next thing I know, (apparently the owner) comes up to me in a white shirt surrounded by security telling me “not to talk to his waitress like that” I look at him and say, “like what? I never said anything.” Because of the corner location of the table, security grabs me by all sides, and has issues pulling me out, as they are pulling against each other. They then bring me into the circle and start punching my chest. They throw me onto the empty patio out back, and sit me down. I keep my hands above my head, and the owner keeps telling me I “roughed up one of his guys.” Im all of 5’8 150lbs. Roughing up in a circle of 5-7 security guards is not an idea I like. I am brought the bill by our waitress, told Im going to sign it “or else.” I look at the “owner” and say, “or what, you’re going to kill me?” He just looks sternly at me. So I sign the bill, and write “fuck security” on the tab, as Im being forced to sign it under duress, and well, at the time I couldnt think of anything else to write on the bill, to show what had happened, if I did wind up missing in the morning. The owner grabs the bill, and says “fuck security huh?” and then they continue to go at punching me in the back. I recall grabbing one person pushing them out of the way, and making a run for the side door. When I get there, my g/f and friend (eightball) are standing out front. Securitas is close by. I make sure to go to them, trying to get the cops called. While I am talking to them, some security from the club comes up to me and says “we want to help.” Im standing, telling the story, and some guy walks up, shakes hands with club security, then out of nowhere punches me, and gets my g/f on the follow through. This is where my teeth got messed up. Securitas puts this guy on the ground, and I get hauled off to the parking lot to get taken to tripler, as its obvious the safe place for me is not anywhere near that club. At Tripler I was treated for: Closed head injury, Physical Assault, Multiple Abrasions, Dental fracture, and a Single Contusion with soft tissue hematoma to the head. At approximately 8am I was seen by HPD to give a statement, and I was released from the Hospital about 10am. When we were talking to securitas outside the club, M security kept saying I hit one of their guys. I never raised my hand at any of their people. I only pushed one out of the way when I was getting the second beating. This guy shows up with a cute little band-aid above his eye saying I hit him. I keep posting pics of my knuckles because anyone that has hit someone in the face, or been hit in the face knows your knuckles will get just as messed up as their head.
A friend of mine received a text from out waitress asking what the hell happened. He showed me this in the parking lot as we left.
Upon posting these things, I got a message from a friend of our waitress, that said this:
ya she told me she didnt know what happened. something like flash told you guys it was buy one get one free. and then the owner told her no and insisted she charge you for both. and then she got it taken off by the manager and the owner i guess didn’t like that and went to handle things on his own. she didn’t know what was happening she just heard after the fact what happened. sorry idk what to say. the m owner is pretty sketchy and is known for this kind of shit
yea, If your friend would testify in court, I have a felony assault case in the works
  • shes scared of the owner and losing her job and what he could do to her and she really doesnt know. like she didnt know that he was talking to you until she had to go find u to give the bill
  • sorry
    sounds like she should quit anyway
    • ya ive been trying to tell her that but needs to make some decent money and she pays all her own business so its all she can do for now. m is super sketchy
    • but the owner is known for this kind of shit theres a lot of ppl hes beaten up but he usually threatens them so thats why nothings happened. probably said a lot more than i should. but hes pretty thuggish. and not really someone u wanna mess with. i wouldn’t take it unless u know hes gonna get locked up. ive heard some pretty scary stories from all sorts of ppl