North Kona Water Restriction Update

The County of Hawai‘i Dept. of Water Supply has announced that as of mid-October, Honokōhau deep well has been repaired and is currently operational.

However, DWS officials say Hualālai and Keahuolū deep wells went offline the first and second weeks of October, respectively.

At this time, DWS says four of thirteen wells are out of service in the North Kona area leaving the DWS’s 25% Water Restriction in effect.

Kona water tank levels have been and continue to remain stable. The DWS is constantly monitoring the water system and making adjustments as necessary.

The DWS appreciates the community’s efforts to reduce their water usage. For more information visit, or call (808) 961-8060 during normal business hours or email [email protected]. For after hour emergencies, call (808) 961-8790.

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