Hawaii County Civil Defense Message on King Tides

This is a Civil Defense message.  This is an Extreme High Tides Message for Thursday, June 22.

The National Weather Service reports unusually high tides, also known as “King Tides”, may cause dangerous flooding conditions along all shores of Hawaii Island from today through the weekend before gradually subsiding next week.

The water came over the parking lot at Coconut Island last King Tide.

Due to King Tides, be aware that coastal areas of beaches, low-lying roads, boat ramps, and harbors may be dangerously impacted during the afternoon and evening hours.

These tides may cause higher than usual beach run-up, flooding, and erosion.

Because of these dangerous conditions, the following precautions should be taken; ocean front residents, beach-goers, and boat owners are advised to be on the alert for high surf, strong current, and coastal flooding.

As a precaution, consider postponing ocean activities until these hazards are over.  As always, precautionary measures should be taken before the onset of night fall.

Special caution should be taken to the coastal areas in and around Kapoho during the high tide periods.

There are no closures of roads or beaches at this time. Please be aware however that closures may occur without notice.

Radio station will be updated and you will be informed of any conditions that may affect your safety.

Thank you and have have a safe day.

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