Parker School Announces Fine Arts Award Winners

On May 11, students in grades 6–12 were honored for their dedication and excellence in the school’s fine arts program for the 2016-2017 school year.

Senior Jame Lozano received the night’s top honor, earning The Senior Rising Star Award. Awards were given for outstanding achievement in this year’s two Dramatiques productions, as well as visual arts and performing arts classes, students honored include:

Dramatiques Award Winners:

  • Dorothy in Wonderland (Fall Play)
  • Outstanding Actor in Principal Role: Spencer Corabi as Mad Hatter
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor (high school): Grace Bollinger as White Rabbit
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor (middle school): Portia Bonnici as Humpty Dumpty
  • Outstanding Ensemble Actor (high school): Ally Thomas
  • Outstanding Ensemble Actor (middle school): Julia Padron
  • Outstanding Production Supervisor: Kyra Matsuda, Costumes
  • Outstanding Technician (high school): Malaya Hill, Asst. Stage Manager and Summer Strom, Make-Up Crew
  • Outstanding Technician (middle school): Hana-Lei Ji, Sound Board Operator
  • MVP High School: Coco Romano-Giordano
  • MVP Middle School: Eleanor Carey
  • Director’s Award: Eric Fetsch
  • Heart of the Show Award: Tierney Wold

Mary Poppins (Spring Musical)

  • Outstanding Actor in Principal Role: Simon Dunlap as Bert
  • Outstanding Actress in a Principal Role: Kenzie Nelson as Mary Poppins
  • Outstanding Featured Actor (high school): Eve Anderson as Mrs. Correy
  • Outstanding Featured Actor (middle school): Portia Bonnici as Neleus
  • Outstanding Ensemble Actor (high school): Tierney Wold
  • Outstanding Ensemble Actor (middle school): Mallory West
  • Outstanding Choreographer: Ivy Kruger
  • Outstanding Production Supervisor: Kyra Matsuda
  • Outstanding Backstage Technician: Severin Wold
  • MVP Middle School: Noe Sulla
  • MVP High School: Coco Romano-Giordano
  • Director’s Award: Ethan Tawater
  • Heart of the Show Award: Bradley Smith

Visual Art Award Winners for Upper School:

  • The Annie Leibowitz Award for Best in Portrait Photography: Kawena Ching
  • Diego Rivera Award for Painting: Coco Romano Giordano
  • David Hockney Award for Best in Drawing: Erica Yost
  • The Ansel Adams Award for Best in Landscape Photography: Riley Herendeen
  • Francis Bacon Existentialism Art Award: Jenna Harris
  • Salvador Dali Surrealism Award: Micah Yamanaka
  • Judy Chicago Award for the Best Use of Art for Social or Political Change: Kenzie Nelson
  • Magdalena Abakanowics Award for Best Installation Work: Sophia Kaufmann
  • Creative Visionary Award for Macro Photography: Caylyn Makoff
  • Maria Montoya Martinez Award for Best Ceramic Vessel: Bradley Bollinger
  • Kandinsky Award for Best in Imaginative Work: Kawe Lincoln
  • Henry Moore Best in Abstract Art: Conner Kimbell
  • Michaleangelo Award for Best in Figurative Sculpture: Kawe Lincoln
  • Vincent Van Gogh Award for Best Use of Color to Express Emotions: Alex Coley
  • Frida Kahlo Award for Best Use of “Self Story” in Art: Hali’a Buchal
  • Andy Warhol Graphic Design Award: Darien Jones
  • Aurora Robson Environmentalism Art Award: Jadyn Ashcraft
  • Leonora Carrington Award for Conceptual Art – Eric Fetsch
  • David Ogilvy Award for Best Advertising Campaign – Alana Halstead
  • Best Cinematography Award: Grace Bollinger and Gracelyn Jardine
  • Senior Rising Star Award: Jame Lozano

Visual Art Award Winners for Middle School:

  • Excellence in MS Pottery: Violet Freeney
  • Excellence in MS Sculpture: Maloa Thompson
  • Excellence in MS Drawing and Painting: Anuhea Elliot
  • Excellence in MS Photo/Mixed Media: Lucas Koranda
  • Raising Star Award: Kehea Gaglione, William Bowers and Everett Gordon

Performing Arts Award Winners:

  • Baritone Section Leader Tenor/Bass: Ethan Tawater
  • Alto Section Leader: Elonna Blunt
  • Soprano Section Leader: Emma Hardin
  • Most Improved: Mo’orea Suguitan
  • Most Vocally Flexible: Emma Hardin
  • Most Enthusiastic- Upper School: Severin Wold
  • Most Enthusiastic- Middle School: Zoey Quiocho

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