Kozy’s Tiki Palace – Comedy Magic Club By Night and Tiki Art Gallery By Day

The Shops at Mauna Lani announces its newest addition, Kozy’s Tiki Palace, a comedy club venue and gallery. By day, discover colorful, hard-to-find Hawaiiana and decorative Tiki Art, while night brings Kozy’s mystifying mix of comedy and magic to life.

kozys-tiki-palaceProclaimed by comedian Dennis Miller as “the single greatest magician I have ever seen,” Kozak the Magician, better known as Kozy, has been amazing audiences for over 39 years, from his start on the streets of Pittsburgh, to Las Vegas and beyond, including a performance for Prince Charles and Princess Diana.



He has appeared in global stand-up comedy markets, nightclubs, theaters and casino resorts as well as HBO, Showtime, MTV, “The Tonight Show” and Comedy Central.

Artist Brad "Tiki Shark" Parker delivering some art.

Artist Brad “Tiki Shark” Parker delivering some art.

His Tiki Gallery brings together art inspired by 1950’s Tiki Bars, including what artist Brad “Tiki Shark” Parker calls his “Lowbrow Pop Surrealism” paintings, Tiki inspired art from Trey Surtees, Jin An Wong and Jacob Medina, original pieces from world famous tattoo ink artist Rockwood and one of a kind Cigar Box Guitars hand crafted by Michael Zack. The Gallery is open daily, 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

Kozy’s Tiki Palace is located on the shopping center’s ground level, Suite 106, next to Reyn’s and Tommy Bahama Store. His “World Class Magic Comedy” is presented nightly at 8 p.m. for adults 18 and over. Appetizers and drinks by Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar are available for purchase. For tickets and information, visit www.konakozy.com, or call (808) 430-1957.

Hawaii Department of Transportation Plans Mileage Based User Fee Demonstration Using Federal Grant

Demonstration to focus on operational considerations for transition to a mileage based user fee for highway maintenance

The Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) Highways Division, in partnership with the four county governments, is planning to test a statewide mileage based user fee as a potential source of revenue for the State Highway Fund.

Click to read about the demonstration

Click to read about the demonstration

HDOT Highways Division is pursuing a mileage based user fee as a possible replacement to the fuel tax, which currently makes up 33 percent of State Highway Fund revenue. A statewide mileage based user fee demonstration would allow HDOT Highways Division to test operational considerations in the assessment and collection of a sustainable source of funding to maintain and build Hawaii roadways.

Details of the planned test, or demonstration, are available in a grant proposal sent by HDOT Highways Division to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The grant proposal may be downloaded at http://hidot.hawaii.gov/administration/library/publications/

HDOT Highways Division was awarded a $3.988 million grant from FHWA based on the grant proposal. A total of $14.2 million was awarded to eight states on a competitive basis. Hawaii received the largest Surface Transportation Funding Alternatives grant award for this grant cycle. HDOT is working with a consortium of states, such as Oregon, Washington, California, and Colorado, who have or are in the process of performing their demonstration project.

The mileage based user fee demonstration will include outreach and ample opportunities for public feedback. HDOT Highways Division will make updates on the demonstration to Hawaii drivers through mailings, news releases, and through the department website at http://hidot.hawaii.gov/

HDOA Serves Warrant to Gain Access to Maui Property Infested with Little Fire Ants

The Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDOA) obtained a court-ordered warrant and entered the property of a Maui resident who has continuously denied access to the property that was suspected of being infested with little fire ants (LFA).


LFA were detected in the Huelo neighborhood in early 2015 and surrounding properties have been under treatment to eradicate the stinging ants. With the warrant, HDOA Chairperson Scott Enright and department pest control personnel were able to survey the 1.75-acre property on Monday, Sept. 12 and found LFA infestations in potted plants and kalo patches.

“After months of unsuccessful discussions with the resident, the department was forced to take legal action in order to have any chance of eradicating this serious threat to the state,” said Scott Enright, chairperson of the Hawaii Board of Agriculture.

HDOA has not taken this type of legal action since 2000 during the eradication efforts for banana bunchy top virus on Hawaii Island. Usually, the department tries to work cooperatively with residents, farms and nurseries to eradicate invasive pests. Eradication efforts have been extremely successful on Oahu, in Mililani and Waimanalo, mainly due to the cooperation of residents and residential associations.

HDOA crews will return to the Huelo property to begin treatment of the infestation. Treatment of the Huelo property will include appropriate treatment for the kalo, because it is an edible crop.

LFA was first detected on Maui in 2009 on an organic farm in Waihee. The infestation was successfully eradicated in one year following the eradication protocol developed by Dr. Casper Vanderwoude of the Hawaii Ant Lab and the ongoing efforts of the Maui Invasive Species Committee (MISC). In late 2013, LFA was found on Maui and traced to infested hapu`u logs imported from Hawaii Island, where LFA is widely established.

Originally from South America, LFA is considered among the world’s worst invasive species.  LFA are tiny ants, measuring 1/16th of an inch long, are pale orange in color and move slowly, unlike the tropical fire ant which moves quickly and are much larger with a larger head in proportion to its body. Tropical fire ants have been well established in Hawaii since before the 1870’s. LFA can produce painful stings and large red welts and may cause blindness in pets. They can build up very large colonies on the ground, in trees and other vegetation, buildings and homes and may completely overrun a property to the point of abandonment.

For more information on LFA in Hawaii, go to the HDOA website: http://hdoa.hawaii.gov/pi/main/lfainfo/

Hepatitis A Infection in Food Service Worker at Ohana Seafood in Sam’s Club Pearl City

The Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH) today confirmed an additional case of hepatitis A in an Oahu food service worker.


The infected case is an employee at Ohana Seafood, the seafood vendor located within the Sam’s Club warehouse store at 1000 Kamehameha Highway, Pearl City. Food handled by the employee may have been sold from August 29 to September 11, 2016.

“We expect to continue seeing new cases of hepatitis A infection through at least early October because of the long incubation period for this illness, even though the source of the outbreak has been identified as contaminated scallops,” said State Epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Park. “While this case involves a food handler working with raw seafood, the food handler is another victim, and none of the products sold by Ohana Seafood at Sam’s Club have been identified as a source of the ongoing outbreak.”

As with previous cases of food handlers who have tested positive for hepatitis A, DOH is providing this information to the public as a precaution in an attempt to prevent any new cases. The likelihood that patrons of this business will become infected is very low. To date, DOH has confirmed a total of 271 cases of hepatitis A as part of this outbreak investigation. Updated case counts and information are provided each Wednesday along with a complete list of food service establishments, which have had employees diagnosed with hepatitis infection within the past 50 days at the following link: http://health.hawaii.gov/docd/hepatitis-a-outbreak-2016.

Vaccination provides the best protection from hepatitis A, so any person who consumed food or beverage products prepared or served at this business during the identified periods may want to contact their healthcare providers about receiving a vaccine or immune globulin (IG). This may provide some protection against the disease if administered within two weeks after exposure. A statewide list of vaccinating pharmacies can be found at http://health.hawaii.gov/docd/files/2013/07/IMM_Adult_Resource_List.pdf or by calling the Aloha United Way information and referral line at 2-1-1.

Help prevent the spread of hepatitis A by washing your hands often and thoroughly, especially after using the bathroom and before preparing food. For more information on proper handwashing, please go to the following site: http://health.hawaii.gov/docd/dib/infectious-disease-surveillance/handwashing.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Lawmakers Urge President to Ensure Army Corps Consultation with Standing Rock Sioux on Dakota Access Pipeline

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and 18 House Democrats wrote to President Barack Obama calling on the United States Army Corps of Engineers to fulfill their responsibility of holding meaningful consultation and collaboration with the Standing Rock Sioux over the route of the Dakota Access Pipeline.


“The federal government has a moral and legal trust responsibility to ensure that federally permitted projects do not threaten historically or culturally significant tribal places, the trust lands of tribal nations, or the waters that run through them. We stand with tribal leaders in asking you to uphold our federal trust responsibility and protect tribal interests in this and future permitting decisions by the United States Army Corps of Engineers,” the lawmakers wrote. “In the instance of the Dakota Access Pipeline, despite its location within a mile of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, the United States Army Corps of Engineers failed in its responsibility to engage in meaningful consultation and collaboration with potentially impacted tribal nations. The lack of proper consultation on the Dakota Access Pipeline has been detrimental to the interests of all stakeholders in this issue, from the tribal governments whose heritage and lands are at risk to the workers hired to construct this pipeline who now face uncertain conditions.”

The full text of the letter is below:

Dear President Obama:

As Members of the Congressional Native American Caucus, we are writing to you to share our deep concerns with the lack of tribal consultation in the routing of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).  In recent weeks, we have heard from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe about the destructive impact that the current route of this pipeline could have upon the tribe’s sacred and cultural places, as well as the risks posed to their waters, due to the lack of proper engagement from the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).   We stand with tribal leaders in asking you to uphold our federal trust responsibility and protect tribal interests in this and future permitting decisions by the USACE.

The federal government has a moral and legal trust responsibility to ensure that federally permitted projects do not threaten historically or culturally significant tribal places, the trust lands of tribal nations, or the waters that run through them.  Pursuant to Executive Order 13175 of November 6, 2000, and reinforced by the Presidential Memorandum on Tribal Consultation of November 5, 2009, the executive departments and agencies of the federal government are to engage in “regular and meaningful consultation and collaboration with tribal officials”.  In the instance of the DAPL, despite its location within a mile of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, the USACE failed in its responsibility to engage in meaningful consultation and collaboration with potentially impacted tribal nations.

We are encouraged by the September 9th announcement from the Department of Justice, the Department of the Army, and the Department of the Interior that the Army would be halting construction of the DAPL on Army Corps land and undertaking a review of its previous decisions about the Lake Oahe site.  The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is currently petitioning the courts to determine whether the approval process for the DAPL was fully compliant with the National Historic Preservation Act, the Clean Water Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, and our federal trust responsibility.  We urge the Administration to maintain its hold on further permitting for the DAPL project until the concerns of the Tribe about the protection of their sacred sites, homelands, and water quality have been fully addressed.  In the meantime, we are pleased to see that the Administration will be holding formal government-to-government consultations this fall to improve tribal input on infrastructure decisions.  We look forward to working with you on legislative proposals to ensure the preservation of tribal sacred and historic sites, protection of trust lands, and access to clean water are prioritized for the DAPL and other USACE project decisions.

As Members of Congress and as fellow trustees for tribal lands with the Administration, we are deeply disappointed in this lapse in our nation-to-nation relationship.  Ultimately, the lack of proper consultation on the DAPL has been detrimental to the interests of all stakeholders in this issue, from the tribal governments whose heritage and lands are at risk to the workers hired to construct this pipeline who now face uncertain conditions.   When tribal consultation is neglected, both tribal nations and our nation as a whole suffer.

Genki Sushi Having Grand Reopening on Kauai

Genki Sushi’s only restaurant on Kauai will hold a grand reopening on Friday, Sept. 16, 2016 at 11 a.m., after completing a $300,000 renovation that included the installation of an interactive, automated Bullet Express ordering and delivery system.


“We are excited to welcome back our customers to enjoy all their favorite sushi dishes and Genki specialties, while experiencing our new, fun, interactive Bullet Express system,” said Mary Hansen, chief administrative officer, Genki Sushi USA, Inc. “Genki Sushi is continually looking for ways to improve customer service and enhance the overall dining experience at our restaurants, and that includes offering the latest technology, while adding an element of playfulness and excitement.”

The upgraded restaurant at Kukui Grove Shopping Center in Lihue features easy-to-use touch screens that allow customers to order food from their seats and have it delivered by a double rail express system via carriers in the form of a bullet train, F1® race cars, surfboards and a space shuttle. The Kukui Grove location is the first Genki Sushi restaurant on a neighbor island to feature the Bullet Express system. Five locations on Oahu currently offer the automated system, and Genki plans to outfit other restaurants with the Bullet Express system in the future.

The new system at the Kauai location follows a $1.3 million renovation the company undertook last year that included expanding the seating capacity to 80 diners, adding new equipment and modernizing the overall look and feel of the restaurant.

Department of Health Approves Reopening

The grand reopening comes one week after the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) approved the reopening of Genki Sushi’s restaurants on Kauai and Oahu as health officials investigated whether customers may have become ill from a food product provided to Genki Sushi by a distributor. On Sept. 9, DOH announced it had cleared Genki’s restaurants on Kauai and Oahu to reopen after full compliance with the department’s strict conditions, including confirmation that none of its employees scheduled to work for the reopening tested positive for hepatitis A. Genki’s 10 restaurants on Oahu reopened on Sept. 10, but the Kauai location remained closed to complete the renovations.

“We appreciate our customers’ patience, understanding and support while we worked with the Department of Health and simultaneously focused on completing renovations in order to reopen the Kukui Grove restaurant,” said Hansen. “Now with DOH’s approval and our new Bullet Express system ready to go, we are happy to resume operations on Kauai.

“We also want to acknowledge our 40 dedicated employees on Kauai for their efforts during the temporary closure. It is very reassuring that none of our employees tested positive for the virus and we are happy that our Kauai team can get back to work. At the same time, our hearts go out to those who have the illness and hope for their speedy recovery,” Hansen added.

Man Who Posted to Facebook Live Fleeing Police Charged with 6 Traffic Offenses

A 30-year-old man who was arrested Tuesday (September 13) on suspicion of sexual assault and traffic offenses has been charged with six traffic offenses for an incident in Kona on September 8.

Joshua Corbin

Joshua Corbin

At 9:35 a.m. Thursday, Joshua Michael Corbin, who has no permanent address but frequents the Ocean View area, was charged with reckless driving, failure to obey a police officer, fraudulent use of a license plate, resisting an order to stop, driving without no-fault insurance and driving without a license. He was released from police custody after posting $4,500 bail. His initial court appearance has been scheduled for October 20 in Kona District Court.

Detectives from the Juvenile Aid Section, which is responsible for investigating sexual assaults, are continuing the sexual assault investigation.

Shipman Park Tennis Courts to Temporarily Close

The Hawai‘i County Department of Parks and Recreation will close the Herbert Shipman Park tennis courts starting Monday, September 19, and keep them closed through Friday, September 23, so it can clean the courts.

shipman-park-signThe tennis courts will reopen for play on Saturday, September 24.

Other areas of Herbert Shipman Park, located in Kea‘au, will remain open while the maintenance work is being performed.

The Department of Parks and Recreation thanks park patrons for their patience and understanding while it works to maintain Herbert Shipman Park.

For more information, please contact Jason Armstrong, Public Information Officer, at 961-8311 or Jason.Armstrong@hawaiicounty.gov.