Man Drowns in Wailuku River Spot Known as “Narnia”

Hawaii Fire Department Incident Report 14527:
Wainaku DrowningType of Incident: Drowning

Situation Found at Scene: Upon arrival in the Upper Wailuku River area, locally known as “Narnia”, we found three (3) people on the river bank. They stated that a family member jumped into the water and had difficulty swimming. They jumped in to save him, but were unsuccessful with holding onto him.

Remarks: A Hawaii Fire Department (HFD) team member cleared fallen trees using a chainsaw, allowing easier access to the river for HFD and Hawaii Police Department personnel.

With Chopper 1 providing aerial support, two (2) Fire Rescue Specialists conducted a free dive search and found the victim in approximately thirty (30) feet of water on the river bottom.

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