Paradise Roller Girls Looking for New Recruits

The Paradise Roller Girls are looking to expand their forces and recruit more girls to join their roller derby league for the upcoming season.

PRG 2016 recruitment

Anyone immediately interested should attend the informational session Friday Sept. 9 at Wainaku Gym starting at 6 p.m.

This will be a “formal kind of presentation where we explain what the sport is and isn’t, the expected time commitment, anticipated upfront costs, practice schedule and more,” Michelle ‘Da Kraken’ Montgomery, PRG President and active skater said.

In the past, PRG has put on a Rookie Camp where new people can learn to skate through repetitive drills and activities. This year, Paradise Roller Girls will not be hosting a Rookie Camp.

Instead, the league encourages anyone interested in becoming a derby girl to come to “Free Skate Friday.”

Open to the community nearly every Friday night located at 30 Aikane Loop Rd in Wainaku, Free Skate Friday is a great place to practice the basics of skating. Several league skaters are typically present and available to help anyone who desires to improve their skating or talk story.

“I love talking blood and guts with people when it comes to skating and answering questions they may have,” Amy ‘AC SlayedHer’ Shipley, PRG coach and skater said. “I’ve made the best friends of my life playing roller derby.”

Those seriously considering joining the league will also be encouraged to attend open skate practices (closed to the general public) Sundays at Wainaku from 9-10 a.m.

A key aspect to be noted—although PRG is a competitive skate league, skaters have the option to be fully recreational. Some girls participate just for the physical training. It serves as great exercise and fun workout, helping women get into better shape.

“I can go up so many stairs at work now and I don’t get tired,” Shipley said.

The league also welcomes people who may not want to skate but would like to be a part of the derby culture. Non-skating officials, penalty timers, and jam timers are always needed. Those inquiring about such positions can find more information by attending the informational recruitment session Sept. 9. Other recruitment sessions will be held in the same venue Oct. 4 and Nov. 7.

Any questions should be directed to the Paradise Roller Girls Facebook page at

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