Justin Bieber Continues to Enjoy the Big Island… By Sea & Air

So Justin Bieber continues to have fun here on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Yesterday there were reports that he was on the Kona side of the island on a boat.  He posted the following picture on Instagram that confirmed that rumor!

Bieber Boat
Today he spent some of the time with his entourage touring the island by helicopter.

Bieber Heli 1He my as well use a helicopter since the place he is staying at, Waterfalling Estates, has a helipad!
Bieber Heli 2These pictures are from his Instagram account and not my pictures.  I’m still trying to get a hold of his folks but I doubt they will give me an interview!

Bieber heli 3Justin… if your folks read this… hook a brother up with an interview!


2 Responses

  1. thank you Penny.
    …but maybe he has a solution for climate disruption
    or… okay, probably not

  2. OMG! I so DO NOT CARE!!!

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