Commentary – DOT Decision Will Have Negative Impact on Traffic and Construction Industry

I’m deeply concerned about the Hawaii Department of Transportation’s decision to focus entirely on system preservation, and deferring new highway projects for the next 20 years. This decision will have a negative impact on traffic congestion, and the health of
Hawaii’s construction industry.

Saddle Road Extension

Saddle Road Extension

There is several highway improvement projects on both sides of the Big Island (Waimea mini-bypass, Saddle Road Extension, Highway 130 widening, etc) that are slated for deferral as a result of this decision. These proposed projects will help improve traffic flow, and employ a significant amount construction workers over the life these projects.

The decision to focus solely on system preservation projects will likely employ less construction workers, and won’t help mitigate traffic congestion. This is an extremely shortsighted decision, as a balance between system preservation and adding capacity needs to be found.

HDOT asserts they need more funding to do their mission. They need to sell this to the public at large. For example, they have to come up with a 20% of  the cost of  new highway to qualify for the 80%  FHWA match, which has put system preservation on the back burner.

I also propose HDOT do away with the weight tax, and replace it with a vehicle registration tax, which would be based upon how old the vehicle is. In addition, they need to increase the gasoline tax, and find a way to assess a fee on hybrid/electric vehicles that use less gasoline. These vehicles are not paying their fair share to use our highways.

HDOT’s decision to arbitrarily reallocate more money to the system preservation over more capacity is extremely unwise. The population of our state will continue to increase over the next 20 years, so new highways will have to be constructed to improve our transportation infrastructure.

Aaron Stene

3 Responses

  1. Just to clarify, there is no apparent connection between state DOT’s decision to defer what it calls “Capacity” highway projects” (including Highway 130) and the city’s major problems with the Honolulu rail project. Different projects, different levels of government, different leaders (Ige vs. Caldwell) different sources of funding.

  2. Hawaii County already pays much more in road usage taxes (under whatever name) than the littler islands. Gasoline, tires, repairs are all much higher here. It makes little sense to extend the Saddle Road if there are no improvements at either end – cancel the extension. Enough cancellations and Hawaii County can stop developing as madly and badly as they have been doing. We do not have to look like `Ewa.

  3. This should not be unexpected. Honolulu needs all the money it can get to do THEIR “highway” project, the Train to Nowhere. Shutting down the rest of the State’s highways to accomplish that is not a problem. The unions need respite from all this Outer Island work to do the work that really matters – Oahu’s.

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