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  1. I find it interesting that “Tom” and “John” both have the same IP address.

  2. FYI, the poll doesn’t tell you how many people have voted. A simple way to find out, is to make a note of how much the percentage changes when you vote.

    For example;
    1) Take note of Eileen’s percentage of the vote
    2) Vote for Eleen Ohara
    3) Subtract the new percentage from the one noted above.
    4) Multiply the difference by 100 (because it’s a percent)
    5) Divide into 1

    votes = 1.0 / ((new percentage – prior percentage) / 100.0)
    454.54 = 1.0 / ((55.83 – 55.61) / 100.0)
    The .54th of a vote is due to rounding issues.

    Have fun voting!

    • 210 votes cast:

      OHARA, Eileen 117 55.71%
      GREENE, Madie 84 40%
      BERNARD, Michael R. 9 4.29%

      • I (or should I say my math skills) stand corrected!

        Thanks for your correction, and for enabling the counts for all polls. Now we can tell how statistically significant the poll is!

        Thx, tom

  3. I’lll second the vote for Eileen OHara comment! She’s got a PHD in economics, and practices it every day as a professor at UH. She’s worked various jobs at the county and knows how things work. Not only does she have lots of experience with contract writing, but she can remember every detail of the fine print, understands the ramifications, and call people out when they fudge on the contract.

    She’s got the people who matter on her speed-dial, and won’t hesitate to wake’m up and get their butts moving like she did during Iselle, and the lava flow.

    Her platform includes getting grants that we need, but we don’t pursue (She got $2,000,000 to upgrade the water system for Hawaiian Shores!).

    She’s a doer. She can get pushy, but we need someone who’ll do some pushing in our favor!

    She’s not a wimp. She will stand up to the big power brokers that run things behind the scenes.

    And, yup, she’s damn smart.

    Vote Eileen!

  4. Vote Eileen OHara. She is the most intelligent person I know. Shouldn’t our elected officials be smarter than us?! Vote smart.

  5. Vote for Maddie Greene

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