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  1. Please attend one of the candidate forums! They’re great at getting an idea how well the candidate knows their stuff.

    Having attended more than one myself, Russell really is more, “senatorial”, and clearly understands how government works. He can answer most questions straight forward, and without hesitation.

    Ilagan comes across as really, really, clueless. He just can’t answer some simple questions, like, “who are your largest donors?”! He starts out answering a question, with a time wasting – feel good comment like, “What a great question, this something that is really important to me”, then quickly goes into the weeds coming up with an actual answer.

    When Russell is asked what his accomplishments are as senator, he can rattle off a long list, when Ilagan is asked the same question, “I created a park in HPP” (that still isn’t a sure thing).


  2. Ilagan. Someone who knows Puna and cares Puna

    • Gregor is supported by the GMO papaya industry, which is responsible for the incessant spraying of herbicides, fungicides, and application of rodenticides, which are destructive of the Hawaiian I’o and pueo.
      Organic papaya growers are unfairly impacted by GMO contamination.
      Clean air, clean water, and clean food are not Ilagans priorities.
      Proponents of “round-up” can no longer claim that glyphosate is safe

  3. One of the finest individuals that I personally know. Russell is a person that helps without regard for personal inconvenience. A real friend.

  4. Nice site.

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