Department of Agriculture Considering Rule Changes Regarding Quarantine Restrictions on Ohia and Soil

The Hawaii Department of Agriculture is currently considering proposed changes to the Administrative Rules regarding Chapter 4-72, Hawaii Administrative Rules, by adding a new section: §4-72-13 Quarantine restrictions on ohia and soil from rapid ohia death infested areas.

To view the proposed rule changes, click here.

ohia death

Public hearings regarding this rule change will be scheduled in the near future.

For information on this rule change, contact the Plant Quarantine Branch at (808) 832-0566.

One Response

  1. Item (i) in the revised DLNR rules is precisely the wrong thing to do and reflects DLNR’s and the County’s attitude toward the districts of this island. This entire island is not infested with ROD. If the entire island is considered already lost to ROD, there is no incentive to protect areas that do NOT had ROD now. Waimea does not have ROD, why are we considered already infested? We should be a protected area!

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