Man Collapses in Police Custody – Wife Responds

A man who was wanted for questioning in a robbery case is in critical condition after collapsing while in police custody.

At 1:15 p.m. Tuesday (June 14), 38-year-old Clarence Hatori of Pāhoa turned himself in at the Hilo police station, where he was charged with two counts of contempt of court and arrested on suspicion of robbery. He was held at the Hilo police cellblock pending his initial court appearance on the contempt charges and while detectives from the Area I Criminal Investigations Section continued the robbery investigation.

At 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, (June 15), Hatori collapsed while alone in his cell. Fire Department rescue personnel responded and took him to Hilo Medical Center, where he remains in critical condition.

Due to his medical condition, he was released from police custody in connection with the robbery case. That investigation is continuing.

Because the critical medical event occurred while Hatori was in police custody, the Criminal Investigations Division and the Office of Professional Standards are investigating.

EDITORS NOTE: The following was posted on his Facebook page:

Clarence Hatori Facebook picture posted by his wife.

Clarence Hatori Facebook picture posted by his wife.

To all you social media this is his wife speaking!! You tell me after all that we post why we never go turn himself in sooner because we investing cops that brutally killed his brother and by proof he was innocent to that alleged robbery! Now suddenly found in the cell block unresponsive on life support! You idiots who all talking mad shit about how you feel about him thinking it was a drug deal my man was trying to change his life around, what if I told you he saved 2 lives in this process if you can figure that out! He turned himself in and look what suddenly happens!! He asked for prayers he is a good man with a bad past! People n the system needs to change maybe open your eyes! And for those of you know an addict that does drugs from a age of 12 can’t suddenly quit there body depends on it at a certain point!! Regardless now maybe you can explain why n wtf, n how this has suddenly happened!!! Yet i was here since 12 no answers!! To my honey I love you so much your a strong man with a good heart I’ll be by your side always!

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