California Family Searching for Daughter Last Seen in Volcano

UPDATE:  omg.. let me give you guys an update Paris Hamilton and Marissa Mea Roberts have been found they are safe they have no money and they were kicked out of their father’s house in Hawaii and left homeless and Stranded which is why they have not contacted anybody they had no way to but through the help of everybody who shared what I posted someone recognized them today at a free health clinic and let them use their phone to call me they are safe everything your father was saying was a lie he did not try to help them and he kicked them out on the streets with nothing but a dollar in their pocket thank God a very nice lady let them stay in a cottage that she has and she’s trying to assist them hopefully they will have a phone tomorrow thank you all for your love and support and for all of the shares that you did to help find my daughter

My name is Teddi Hamilton and I would like to report that my daughter Paris Hamilton and her girlfriend Marissa Mea Roberts have not been seen or heard from since May 12th, 2016.

Paris Hamilton your mother is looking for you.

Paris Hamilton your family is looking for you.

She was last seen in Volcano and our families are very concerned. This is not like my daughter or Marissa. If you have any information I would appreciate it.

Paris and Marissa

There is a missing person report filed here in my state of California #16-166073 it is being forwarded to the Hilo Police Department.

Teddi Hamilton (

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  1. I think I saw these two at the First Friday in Hilo. Running a food truck behind the Musuem. Usually at Uncle Roberts market on Wed. nights too.

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