National Organization Praises Hawaii House for Passing Bills on Background Checks for Firearms

The Americans for Responsible Solutions (ARS), a national political action organization that supports sensible gun control legislation, this week applauded the Hawaii House of Representatives for passing two bills that close loopholes that allow dangerous individuals from legally purchasing firearms.

  1. HOUSE BILL 1813 HD1, authored by Rep. Karl Rhoads, closes the loophole in the current federal law that allows known or suspected terrorists in Hawaii to pass a background check and legally buy a firearm.
  2. House Bill 625 HD1, introduced by Rep. Chris Lee, closes another loophole in federal law that permits individuals with misdemeanor stalking or sexual assault convictions to legally purchase a gun.

“Leaders in Hawaii’s House of Representatives did the responsible thing and came together to keep guns out of the wrong hands and make Hawaii a safer place to live,” said ARS co-founder Gabrielle Giffords.  “It makes absolutely no sense that right now in Hawaii, a known or suspected terrorist or convicted stalker can pass a background check and buy a gun.  So we applaud Rep. Rhoads and Rep. Lee for their leadership in authoring and helping to move these common sense, responsible proposals forward.”


ARS was co-founded by Giffords, a former Arizona congresswoman and her husband NASA astronaut Capt. Mark Kelly.  In 2011, Giffords was a victim of an assassination attempt near Tucson.  She was critically injured by a gunshot wound to the head.  Others were injured and 6 were killed in the shooting, including a federal judge and a nine-year-old girl.

“We were, of course, pleased with the fact that others have also recognized the value of these bills in closing loopholes in the federal law covering background checks,” said Rhoads.  “More importantly, they also recognize that it is possible to take responsible and sensible steps in protecting all of us, while ensuring the rights of law abiding citizens to own and keep guns.”

“An overwhelming majority of female homicide victims were stalked before they were killed.  Keeping guns out of the hands of convicted stalkers and violent offenders will help save lives,” added Lee.

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