60 Bridges in Hawaii Structurally Deficient – 435 Functionally Obsolete

Hawaii has 60 bridges that are classified as structurally deficient accord to a just released analysis of U.S. Department of Transportation Data.

  • Of the 1,142 bridges in the state, 60, or 5%, are classified as structurally deficient. This means one or more of the key bridge elements, such as the deck, superstructure or substructure, is considered to be in “poor” or worse condition.1
  • 435 bridges, or 38%, are classified as functionally obsolete. This means the bridge does not meet design standards in line with current practice.
  • Federal investment in Hawaii has supported $1.7 billion for capital improvements on 550 bridges between 2005 and 2014.2
  • Since 2004, 20 new bridges have been constructed in the state; 10 have undergone major reconstruction.
Hawaii Deficient Bridges

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Personally, I’m surprised that the Big Island isn’t represented somewhere here and I wonder if Hawaii County even submitted data to the department of transportation as I can think of a few bridges that I don’t feel completely safe traveling over!

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