Hawaii Drought Monitor – El Nino Continues

The National Weather Service is projecting a 90% chance that the current El Nino will continue through the winter and an 80% chance of El Nino continuing through Spring 2016.

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El Nino events are often accompanied by significant lower than normal rainfall during the winter months.  Although reservoir levels are currently high, a prolonged dry spell can quickly bring the levels down.  Therefore, the Department of Agriculture strongly suggests that all irrigation system customers review your plans for plantings this winter and next spring, keeping in mind that irrigation water service may be affected by the projected effects of the El Nino should conservation measures be implemented.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Glenn Okamoto, Infrastructure Manager at (808) 973-9436 or Randy Teruya, Agricultural Asset Manager at (808) 973-9478.


CURRENT WATER LEVEL as of:  1/22/2016:  8.0 feet (1.0 MG)


CURRENT WATER LEVEL as of:  1/22/2016:  21.0 feet (10.0 MG)

County and state water purveyors issue drought notices and information statements to alert citizens on drought conditions affecting them. These notices may ask customers to conserve water or inform them of water restrictions.

County of Kauai

County of Kauai Department of Water

City & County of Honolulu

Hawaii Department of Agriculture

Waimanalo Irrigation System: no restrictions

County of Maui

Maui Department of Water Supply

Upper Kula Water Change Due to Drought Conditions, September 5, 2013

Upcountry Water Report

Hawaii Department of Agriculture

Molokai Irrigation System: 10% mandatory non-homestead water conservation

County of Hawaii

Hawaii Department of Water Supply

Drought Information Update

Water Conservation and Restriction Notices Page

Hawaii Department of Agriculture

Lower Hamakua Irrigation System: no resctrictions

Waimea Irrigation System: Mandatory 10% Conservation

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