Chef Sam Choy Partners with KHON2 on New Television Series

Chef Sam is back! Celebrity Chef Sam Choy and GIFilms Producer, Richard Gonzalez have confirmed partnering with KHON Channel 2 for their 2016 show line up.

“The debut episode of “Sam Choy’s IN THE KITCHEN” will air Sunday March 6 – 2016 at 6:30 PM” commented Kristina Lockwood – General Manager of KHON Channel 2.  “I am so excited to have Sam on board” she added.

Sam Choy KHON

The show features Sam Choy visiting families and going into their refrigerators sight unseen, creating new dishes and educating them on effectively managing and reusing their leftovers.

The Idea came to Sam after attending a party at a friends home. The host was getting ready to go out to the store to buy food when Sam checked the refrigerator and found ample amounts of leftovers. Sam took the leftovers and created enough food for all of the guests and when the host came into the kitchen they were surprised to see all of the food! Sam told them, this all came right out of your fridge!

“We want to help educate families on the importance of not wasting money on food that gets left in the fridge and eventually thrown away. This show gives the opportunity to help a lot of people and to promote family fun in the kitchen.  If we can teach our children the importance of a good healthy meal and show them how to prepare it, then we just made a difference in their future. The show is an example on how we can be good consumers by using what we have to make delicious heart healthy meals” commented Chef Sam.

In the new show, Sam Choy will be giving away products from his recently launched signature Kitchen Apparel / Towel line featured in every episode, which will be available at most major retail stores and resort shops and on-line this spring.

Producer Richard Gonzalez says, “Sam’s years of experience and expertise, along with his Aloha Spirit makes this the best formula for a family cooking show.”

Chef Sam Choy and Producer Richard Gonzales

Chef Sam Choy and Producer Richard Gonzalez

Tune in this spring as we showcase families from Hawaii, having fun and making a difference in their Kitchens with Hawaii’s best loved Chef, Sam Choy!

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