Confirmed Dengue Cases on the Big Island Continues to Rise

The Dengue Fever outbreak on the Big Island continues and the total confirmed amount of cases has risen by 3 more cases since the last update bringing the total amount of confirmed cases to 139.

Mosquito Bite

As of December 7, 2015*:

Hawaii Island residents 122
Visitors 17
Confirmed cases, TOTAL 139

Of the confirmed cases, 122 are Hawaii Island residents and 17 are visitors.
108 cases have been adults; 31 have been children (<18 years of age). Onset of illness has ranged between 9/11/15 – 11/30/15.

As of today, a total of 424 reported potential cases have been excluded based on test results and/or not meeting case criteria.

For a map of potential areas of infection by mosquito for confirmed dengue fever cases, click HERE**. (Updated December 2, 2015)

For Hawaii Island Dengue Fever Unified Command Updates, click HERE.  (Updated December 2, 2015)

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  1. The D.O.H. is blowing it!
    I had symptoms last friday, but it took till today (mon), and several hours to get blood drawn because clinical labs in Pahoa was closed fri pm, sat, and sun. I couldn’t afford the Hilo ER $ or transport.
    Urgent care PCMC and Bay Clinic won’t draw blood.
    My guess is that there are hundreds of infected people who don’t/can’t know.
    The DOH should mobilize vans to take blood samples in rural areas. This is serious, cuz!

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