Commentary – You All Need to Know, Dengue and West Nile Virus Tested Positive on Big Island


You all need to know that one of the women who came down with dengue fever in my late October retreat at Hale Kai ( Ho’okena) has just received word/paperwork from her doctor that she tested positive for both dengue fever and west nile virus.

She came down with symptoms within days of leaving the Big Island and was in the hospital in California for over a week. The hospital has reported the results of the test to the DOH and the CDC is investigating.

The other woman who came down with dengue fever at the retreat was not to my knowledge tested for west nile virus (she tested positive for dengue fever). The woman who tested positive for west nile virus wants to know if any one else on the Big Island has been tested for west nile virus.

Alexandra Kennedy (Facebook Post)

Alexandra Kennedy