Officials to Brief Legislators on Progress of Medical Marijuana Dispensary System

Officials to Brief Joint Committees on Progress of Medical Marijuana Dispensary System

Medical MarijuanaThe purpose of this informational briefing is to discuss the process and progress on the implementation of Act 241, relating to medical marijuana, and to discuss best practices and identify areas of further policy development related to medical marijuana dispensaries.

Part I of this briefing will include an update from the State Department of Health on the medical marijuana registry program and the Department’s efforts to implement Act 241.  Invitees from the Department of Health are as follows:

  • Virginia Pressler, M.D., Director, Department of Health
  • Danette Wong Tomiyasu, Deputy Director, Health Resources Administration and/or a Designated representatives of the Hawaii Department of Health.

Part II of this briefing will feature presentations from the following individuals who have extensive experience with the development of legislation, rules and regulations, and public policy related to the cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensing of medical marijuana to qualified patients in other states:

  • Graham Boyd, Esq., Former Fellow, Third Way
  • Robert Morgan, Esq., Former Statewide Project Coordinator, Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program; & Special Counsel, Much Shelist, P.C.
  • Tyler Anthony, Esq., Former Legal Counsel, Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program; & Attorney, Harris Moure
  • Mitzi Vaughn, Esq., Founding Board Member, National Cannabis Bar Association; & Managing Attorney, Greenbridge Corporate Counsel

WHO:             House Committee on Health Senate Committee on Commerce, Consumer Protection, and Health

WHAT:          Informational Briefing

WHEN:          Thursday, October 22, 2015 – 9:30 a.m.

WHERE:       Conference Room 329, State Capitol

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