Commentary – UH Hilo’s Secret Student Government

University of Hawaii Hilo Student Association (UHHSA) seems to be getting more and more secretive these days.

Last night, for the first time, they posted these signs in front of the meeting:

UHHSA2Only students and faculty with a UH ID were permitted to enter. A student was denied access because he didn’t have his ID. What is going on over there?


From the UHHSA Constitution:

The UH Hilo Student Association Senate has a responsibility and obligation to provide open government. All meetings shall be open and publicized. Communication shall be accomplished by the publication of the UHHSA Constitution and By-Laws, budget, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, and schedule of UHHSA and committee meetings in a timely manner for the purpose of informing and encouraging student participation in student government.

UHHSA Constitution lead
Why are they not following their own constitution? What’s the big secret?


University of Hawaii Student Union

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  1. UHSU is made up of a buncha crazy people. They were all butthurt that they didnt get into UHHSA and have been holding a grudge for over 16 years. These people commenting are the same people who wrote this article. Hey Justin and Ryu, get over yourselves.

    -Signed, a Past Senator

    • Preach! They do not speak for the majority of students and have used disgusting tactics to harrass, attack and falsely accuse administrators who probably can’t even defend themselves. Do you think UH lawyers allow them to say anything while you blast their names on fliers, Facebook and your psychotic websites?

      Focus your efforts on actually accomplishing something. Not everything is a conspiracy. This is just sad.

      • UH Lawyers won’t do anything about it because its not worth their time. Campus Center really doesn’t give a s*** about Justin. He’s not even a student anymore and lives a sad life trying to slander UH Hilo because he’s upset he got voted out of UHHSA ten years ago. Everyone has better things to do then listen to all the bullsh*** that Justin and his “UHSU” make up.

  2. What gives? A friend was also denied from not having his ID. In the past they were excited for anyone to show up… But this new group I do not understand.

    • I don’t think the UHH student government is responsible for this. This sounds like something Ellen Kusano, Director of Campus Center, would do. I thought she retired or died…. She was sneaky and would manipulate students to do her bidding. Back in my day (mid-1990’s), she thought she could manipulate us in student government. But a most of us were non-traditional students, and she couldn’t fool us.

      We had her investigated for misappropriating student government and student activity council funds to benefit her agenda. The administration swept every inappropriate thing she did, under the rug.

      • I was senator with UHHSA and then president. I witnessed Ellen Kusano and Lai sha Bugado create a cronyistic and hostile environment at Campus Center, the heart of student affairs at UH Hilo. Kusano encourages people to call her, “Gramma” and if you don’t she will work her magic to see that you do not succeed in your efforts. Sounds like the story above is typical. The Senator opposed what was happening on campus and so she was targeted. Kusano believes the Campus Center is her turf and if you oppose her governance or even ask questions you will be eliminated in one way or another. She manipulates students to do her bidding, which is often at odds with the interests of students. I believe her higherups are privy to what she is doing, and cover it up. Students learn cronyism, retaliation and secrecy and then go out into our society with this understanding. When will something be done?

        • Justin(please stop with the anonymity-especially since you don’t mind naming others),
          Get over it. Do you really have nothing better to do with your time? Your situation was isolated, brought on by your actions and happened nearly ten years ago! Your entire senate did not agree with your opinions nor did you have any cronies to support you. You’ve used these same words over and over again to attack Ellen and your accusations are completely without merit. Stop placing blame in the wrong places. Regardless of how you THINK Ellen is running UHHSA, they make their own decisions.

          Also, nearly all organizations on campus verify that a student is registered by checking ID. If non students were allowed an opinion or were benefiting from anything funded by student fees, UHSU wouldn’t hesitate to jump on filing a complaint or asking about policies on that either.

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