Big Island Medical Marijuana Collective Open for Business

Alternative Pain Management Pu`uhonua’s Collective is celebrating being open for 6 months.

medical marijuana in jarsThe Big Island’s First Medical Cannabis Collective is dedicated to providing a medical cannabis community, access to an uninterrupted supply of medical cannabis in all forms, safe disposal of excess medical cannabis for compensation, expert consultations, legal resources, access to other members strains and techniques, professional advise on the safe consumption of medical cannabis in all forms, discount medical supplies and much more. As member’s health and safety is important, MyDx purity testing device is coming soon and starting in July all medicine will be analyzed prior to being transferred.

It is free to join! All members must have a valid medical marijuana certification, state ID, complete an intake and agreement form and sign a confidentiality statement.

The Collective is located in Mountain View and is your one stop shop for all of your medical cannabis needs. New members are processed on MondaysWednesdays and Fridays. Once you’ve joined, the Collective is open 7 days a week from 8 A.M. to 4 P.M.. Call 968-0633 and ask for Mike to make your appointment to join.

4 Responses

  1. Where in Mt. View?

  2. is the newest big island medical marijuana dispensary in the state. Medical grade with low costs make BID the best place to get your medial needs met.

    • What will happen to BID given that they are violating two terms of the dispensary laws?
      They have no license, since none have been issued.
      Each license allows for two dispensary locations, while DIN is advertising three locations.
      I suppose this is simply pre-emptive promotion.

      “Big Pot”, i.e., corporate monoculture factory farming, is exactly the wrong direction to go.
      Family farmers have decades of expertise, producing quality, medical grade cannabis.
      Akamai farmers are using sustainable, non chemical ag methods.
      They use locally sourced inputs
      Indoor factory monoculture requires poisons.
      Chemical contamination on a medical product?

      Full sun, organic. Know your grower.
      It is not a ‘black market’, it is about being community.

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