Don’t Shoot The Messenger

I’ve gotten word from a sponsor that someone contacted them in an attempt to make them stop sponsoring my site.

Thankfully they aren’t listening to this person.

I can only assume it’s because of recent controversial stuff I have posted whether it be the racist shop owner or issues dealing with Mauna Kea and TMT.

It seems many folks are on edge right now… many deservedly so with all the stuff many Puna Residents have had to deal with during the last year.

If any of my sponsors would like me to remove their ad from my site… I’m sure I will hear from them personally.

Until then… Mahalo to my sponsors for supporting me unconditionally and allowing me to say what I want w/out repercussions of things.

I try my best to speak the truth and say what I know and can verify.

2 Responses

  1. keep on doing what you doing!

  2. You suck!! Unreliable!!

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