Who is Racist Hilo Shop Owner – I’m Calling for a Boycott

Who is this angry racist that apparently owns a shop in Hilo!
Angry HaoleHe insults everyone from Hawaiian folks to calling President Obama the N***** in the White House:


If you know what shop this is… please let me know.  I’d like to expose the owner for the bigot that he is!

For that matter, I will be calling for a boycott of this store when I do find out what store this is!

UPDATE: The man is a shoe repair man at Ace Shoe and Leather, 39 Kukuau Street, Hilo, Hawaii.

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  1. For the record, most of the racists (no, actually, it’s ALL of them) I’ve met on this island had dark skin. Brown. Whatever.

    And, they ALL (all of these darker complected people) seemed to *hate* me because my skin was lighter than theirs.

    And, they all called me “howly.”

    Ignorant fucks, they were, if they were trying to speak “Hawaiian.” I looked up some similar sounding Hawaiian words. All I could find was “haole.”

    That’s pronounced “Hah-OH-lay” for all you who don’t know any better. Turns out the word has nothing to do with “race,” ethnicity or skin color.

    Just saying. But, as far as racism goes and the turds who I’ve met that were—obviously—racist? These savages seem to not even understand some of the words they use.

    OK. I’m through now. Maybe, eventually, I’ll meet somebody who is ugly on the “inside” (with racism” that isn’t “brown” on the outside. Until then, I’m convinced the only assholes on this rock that are—in fact—racist, well, they aren’t “White.”

    Again, just saying.


  2. Please show some aloha to uncle. This is not the mainland and we shouldn’t act like them. In our communities we listen first and try to understand before we speak. Here, uncle said some hurtful things and people say he’s suffering from mental illness. Mental illness or a man of prejudice, the best way is to show him aloha. Create relationships with his family and him and see if you can conquer his hatred with aloha..or if he is suffering from mental illness, be kind as it must be hard on him and his family.

    Beating up uncle or boycotting his business is a wasted effort. People calling us racist for using the word haole or using Hawaiian history against locals is a bigger issue that deserves our energy.

  3. Well this is not surprising to me sense Hilo for some reason seems to attract these types. Hilo has a few types of people but the old predjudice hauole man is just one of’em and i bet hes from Oregon because i meet so many of these types that come straight outta Oregon but thats just a guess my second guess is California back backwoods somewhere.

  4. If you condone this behavior, or have any excuses for it, then to hell with you too. This man doesn’t deserve to live here and should move back to the mainland where he belongs. If you disagree, then you should go with him. Disrespecting anyone like that for any reason is unacceptable. He’s lucky he’s still alive, one day he might run into a Hawaiian as crazy as he is and those words will be the painful end of him. Unfortunately, the world will be a better place.

  5. That man said some pretty nasty things. What I would do in that situation is let it go. Simply because I will not stoop down to his level. Secondly, because why feed the negative energy. Just let it be & ignore him. I believe eventually people get what they deserve.
    We don’t need to be in charge of punishing people. Let the universe take care of that.

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