Hawaii Police Kill 5 Unarmed Hawaii Residents in 8 Months – Group Calls for Justice for Sheldon Haleck

Today we say NO MORE!   World Can’t Wait-Hawai`i calls on the people of Hawai`i to demand the truth about the circumstances surrounding the death of Sheldon Haleck.

JusticeWe challenge the media to vigorously investigate the actions of the HPD and to refuse to parrot police reports and attempts to vilify victims of police brutality and murder.

We challenge the people of Hawaii to stand with the victims of police brutality and create an atmosphere where families can talk openly about their loved ones, and where witnesses of police brutality can step forward to tell the truth.

justice2In the wake of the police murders of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, people across the U.S. righteously stood up against police murder and brutality, the targeting of Black and Brown people, and the lack of prosecution of the police for their crimes.

People of different races and nationalities, and from all walks of life, joined together to say, “We  Can’t Breathe,” in solidarity with those being victimized. Through many different forms of protest and resistance, the entire society was finally forced to confront this burning injustice.  Meanwhile, murder by police continues unchecked.

justice3In the last 8 months HPD has killed at least 5 unarmed Hawai`i residents.  Hawai`i has one of the highest rates of police murder and brutality in the U.S.

The epidemic of police murder and brutality must end!   NOW!

On April 14 World Can’t Wait-Hawai`i will be joining with people across the U.S. calling for a Shut Down to Stop Murder (#ShutDownA14).  Go to www.stopmassincarceration.net to connect with the growing movement against police murder, brutality and mass incarceration!”


15 people responded to our Call to a Vigil/Signholding in front of Iolani Palace to
Demand Justice for Sheldon Haleck.  A small memorial was set up and our signs lined King Street during rush hour.

Many commuters honked their horns; a few stopped their cars to ask what had happened; several pedestrians stopped to talk, thank us, or tell about their own experiences with police brutality.

We also heard some potentially important new information.  According to someone who was within several hundred yards of the killing but did not personally see Sheldon get tased,, Sheldon was “dragged from the street” rather than “escorted,” as the HPD report claimed, and  several people he had spoken with overheard conversations between the police immediately after Sheldon was tased saying they were “worried that the woman cop who tased Sheldon had tased him too long.”   At this point facts are still sketchy, but while we held signs we couldn’t help but note that there were a number of surveillance cameras in the vicinity that might hold important information.

A Press Release was sent to members of Hawai`i’s media; only Channel 9 came out.  The photographer took a lot of pictures, but we haven’t seen any coverage.

World Can’t Wait Hawaii


2 Responses

  1. “dragged from the street…”

    Maybe they should have just left him there?

    HINT: Do you have any clue how many pedestrians get hit by cars every year? And this out-of-control nut job was wearing *dark* clothes … at night? Hello!

    “At this point in time facts are still sketchy, but …”

    You think he was murdered? Victim? Of “brutality?”

    “Police murders of Michael Brown?”

    Uh, you do realize just how incredibly ignorant [Grand Jury and US Justice Department investigations be damned] that statement makes you look, don’t you?

    People tune in to Talk Radio late at night to listen to alarmists and fanatics like you—but usually to hear about their alien abductions and conspiracies about faked moon landings and such.

    Just saying.

    I bet you’d have been like one of those “eye witnesses” in Ferguson who was found to have flat out LIED about Michael Brown walking away—allegedly with his “hands up.”

    But, what the heck, when you want to call police “murderers,” it makes for a good story, no?

  2. We are ohana to Sheldon haleck we miss him a lot and know that at the time all he was sayin was I’m sorry over an over again Thera a lot more than people think that’s know accident they know (police)an are willin to push the issue like when I was slammed to the ground it happens ill come here let me talk to u sure officer what’s goin on stop stop stop resisting name not my face

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