Civil Defense Update – Lava Advances 200-300 Yards from Yesterday

Daily helicopter over flights and assessments of the eruption are being maintained.  This morning’s assessment showed that surface activity is continuing however is very slow and does to pose an immediate threat to neighboring areas.  The surface flow has advanced approximately 200-300 yards since yesterday morning.

Thermal image of Pu'u O'o now.

Thermal image of Pu’u O’o now.

Although the burning of vegetation is limited, due to the light winds and a noted inversion this morning, smoke conditions in some areas have been moderate to heavy.  Those conditions are expected to improve as the winds pickup and the inversion is lifted. There is not brush fire or wildland fire threat at this time.

Presently, the current activities and flow does not present with an immediate or imminent threat to area communities.

The location of the surface flow is approximately 1.3 miles southwest or upslope of the Wao Kele Puna Forest Reserve boundary.  Eruption activity will be monitored and additional updates will be provided.

Area residents are encouraged to continue to review their emergency plans in the event conditions change and should an evacuation be necessary.  As stated, the current flow activity does not present with an immediate or imminent threat.  This update is to keep area residents informed of current observations.

The public is advised that the flow cannot be accessed and is not visible from any public areas.  Please do not attempt to access the area as there are many cracks and dense vegetation.  In addition please refrain from attempting to do so through the Kaohe Homesteads subdivision and respect the privacy of area residents.  Enforcement officers of the State Department of Land and Natural Resources will be conducting patrols and reminding persons in the area of the restricted access.

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