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I Will Not Be Voting For Tiffany Edwards Hunt

I will just state that I will not be voting for Tiffany Edwards Hunt for many reasons.

The main reason is that she personally ran to my father-in-law complaining about something I had no control over in an attempt to ruin the relationship I have with him.  She also threatened to attempt to end my relationship with my wife by spreading other BS.

She has always thought of me as a competitor… I don’t know why.  When you resort to these type of tactics… it really shows how desperate you are to control things… even if it’s in the “Blog” world!


16 Responses

  1. We viewed the video on the Puna Forum and witnessed R.J. Hampton’s outrageous behavior ONCE AGAIN.

    It appeared that Ms. Hampton was expressing anger for more than just a “roast!” Add jealousy that Ms. Tiffany Edwards Hunt, a yellow press self-publishing “journalist” had more campaign contributions than she, and therefore was far ahead in the race.

    But Ms Hunt is far innocent according to this article:

    And it occurs to me that Hampton, the outrageously unelectable candidate, may have worked a “good cop/bad cop” deal with Hunt from the get-go–not unreasonable given the two candidates worked together to spin their evil web, entrapping Dr. Horowitz, my partner, and libeling him and me in the process, as I will explain in more detail. . . .

    Ms. Hampton and her domestic partner Sativa were our former estate caretakers. After we had to let them go, and broke off our relationship with them because, among many outrageous acts they committed, there was $5000K worth of silver coins missing from our house, and Ms. Hampton and Sativa were the only ones that knew the whereabouts of those coins, supposedly!

    We now have very interesting new information on Ms. Hampton and Ms. Hunt, including a video of Hampton and Ms. “Sativa” teaming up with Ms. Hunt to gang up on me, and even worse, Dr. Horowitz.

    Ms Hampton was being confronted for videotaping me after she and her partner “Sativa” drugged me, then filmed me in the nude (later committing a Class C felony called “Revenge Porn” in State law). Hampton used the video to extort Dr. Horowitz, and ruin our reputations, claiming we owed her $5000.00 in “sweat equity” for being a caretaker on our property.

    MOST INCREDIBLY, she then gave the video to America’s leading white supremacists that have been attacking Dr. Horowitz and I for years, for being Jewish and exposing their connections to child sex trafficking networks. Why would a black woman feed that video to outrageously vile white supremacists and then work with them to mount a felonious defamation, extortion, and theft campaign against us?

    This seems outrageously absurd and nauseating. But we have all the material evidence proving this is true, and we are proceeding at the time of this writing to try these matters in three courts.

    Here is the link to that video where you can clearly see Ms. “front-runner” Hunt working with the “unelectable” Hampton, filming for Hampton as I speak out (very upset) on what Ms. Hampton did to me. In that video you can clearly watch “‘Sativa’ Jones,” real name Sheryle Sultan Stern attempts to conceal the truth and divert from R.J.’s Affidavit. Hampton, like a loony toon, proudly shows off her Affidavit she gave to America’s most vocal neo-Nazi cyber-terrorists, but Sativa comes to the rescue. She nervously diverts and lies, acting as though she is unaware of the document saying, “What Affidavit?”
    After you watch this video, just think about electing a candidate that diverts from her complicity in organized crime.
    Here is the link to that video:

    Ms Hunt also posted an edited version on her website smearing Dr. Horowitz with the most hideous lies imaginable to destroy his families and children’s affections. Now ask yourself how can Ms. Hunt really care about anyone when she posts libel about people she doesn’t even know, regardless of truth and who she is hurting. Ms. Hunt cares about Ms. Hunt PERIOD!

    I have the Affidavit that Ms Hampton is showing in that video, that Sativa attempts to cover up, that Hampton gave to the three white supremacist, encouraging them to do whatever they wanted with that illegal recording and publication, AFTER it was removed from being online hundreds of times. Dr. Horowitz and I obtained an Idaho Court Order to have the video removed, but the perpetrators are ignoring it.

    I have a blog page published by one of the racists, Alex McGowin Studer, that Ms Hampton gave the aforementioned permission to in her affidavit. He refers to me using extremely vulgar language, showing you the type of people with whom Ms. Hampton proudly associates. They are EXTREME PSYCHOPATHS!

    We also have Studer’s blog page where he credits Hunt for filming us (for libel purposes.)

    Ms Hunt, at the same event, worked with Hampton and Stern, and proceeded to harass Dr. Horowitz. They filmed and then published his civil responses, and Sativa’s outrageously defamatory inuendos. Ms. Hunt videotaped the defamation for Hampton and Jones, and then became complicit in the libel by playing an active role in publishing that trash. Dr. Horowitz noticed Ms. Hunt to cease and desist several times; even contacted her alleged lawyer, Steven Strouse. Mr. Strouse denied representing Ms. Hunt, and told Dr. Horowitz he will have nothing to do with this matter. What does that tell you about the fraudulent misrepresents of Ms. Hunt?

    Now ask yourself what exactly is newsworthy about the video she filmed of me and posted oh her news blog? Nothing!
    And to top it off she lied and claimed that I followed Hampton around with a camera when you can clearly see her filming me as well. Does this seem like an honest, good person to you, that has a heart for the people?

    Here is an ABC KITV Honolulu news segment that went national, in which I appeared with Hampton and Stern, which showed Hampton in the beginning behaving so irrationally that she suffered EXTREME condemnation and humiliation from viewers and Internet bloggers. Incredibly, she held me accountable for her “bad press,” which was the beginning of the end of our association.

    In our opinion neither Hampton nor Hunt should NEVER be elected to any public office, and if you love this area as much as we do, then you would do your best to keep these heartless liars from holding any office.

  2. I agree with Penny and Marcia. You’re both adults, so act like it.

  3. Any politician who resorts to profanity and name-calling simply has no class and no character. They may think it’s unfair that regular citizens don’t have to live to that standard but that’s just the rules for winning the game.

    Besides, a smart politician would use attacks as an opportunity to show how patient, classy and forgiving they really are.

    Tiffany sounds like trailer trash to me. And how can I vote for that?

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