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  1. In District 4, people of Puna, you really have to research the candidates. One of them has never held a “real” 9-5 type job. How can a person like this represent us when they haven’t experienced the hardship of working for a living.

  2. I hate the redistricting with more passion than any politics to the greedy redistrictors . Decimated district 5 to a non compliant, no commonality and just removed Kurtistown and our vote . We got no say moved into the alums of district 4 without the commonality of anything . Our vote negated by Hilo now . They removed our agricultural lands , no open space ,no roads in common and really devastated our community for no money ever. No civil or legal rights to vote our real district . This sticks us with Pahoa for ten years of ruination . . For shame nobody stood up to legal redistricting .no civil or legal rights . the truth of this farce . First time I don’t give a …about voting . . Having voted every election since I was 18

  3. Can you do district 5

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