Hawaii Quest Renewal Process Changed

The Department of Human Services Med-QUEST Division (MQD) is mailing eligibility renewal (ER) forms to approximately 102,000 QUEST households between April and September 2014.  During this period only, all QUEST households, including those with children, must return their completed ER form to the MQD, or they will lose QUEST coverage.

Quest CardThese households had QUEST coverage prior to October 2013, when changes under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) were implemented. To comply with requirements regarding conversion to the new income methodology under ACA, households with eligibility renewal originally scheduled to occur between October 2013 and March 2014 had their renewals delayed six-months, with federal approval.

Households with eligibility renewal originally scheduled to occur between April and September 2014 will not have any change to their renewal date.

Between April and September 2014 only, all QUEST households mailed an ER form, including households with children, must return their completed form, even if there are no changes.  These households will be mailed a letter informing them to look for, and to complete and return, the eligibility renewal form that will be mailed approximately two weeks later.  If households do not return a completed form, their eligibility will end.  These households will receive a notice that their coverage has ended.

Households with children haven’t been required to return an ER form to renew QUEST eligibility since 2004, a process called passive renewal.  DHS has tried to stop this practice, but the federal government did not approve the request.

The MQD will return to its passive renewal process beginning October 2014. However, through its new eligibility system and the federal data hub, the DHS will improve both customer experience and program integrity. For more information about the DHS Med-QUEST program, visit www.humanservices.hawaii.gov/mqd.

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