HAAS Principal Busted for International Drug Running in the ’70s

According to an April 16, 1972 article in the Pacific Stars & Stripes, “Thai Police Nab 2 on Drug Rap (Bottom Left)” Steve Hirakami, the current principal at Hawaii Academy of Arts and Sciences (HAAS), was a former international drug runner who got busted in Bangkok back in 1972.

Click to view paper.  Warning you can only click a few times w/out buying a subscription to the paper.

Click to view paper. Warning you can only click a few times w/out buying a subscription to the paper.

“Two Japanese-American men have been arrested on charges of possessing 62 pounds of hashish worth 2 million baht ($100,000.00) police disclosed Friday.

Gary Masashi Ohashi 25, and Steven Anthony Hirakami, 26, both from Honolulu were arrested Thursday morning while they were in their hotel rooms in downtown Bangkok.  Police found two suitcases full of hashish in each room.

According to police, Ohashi and Hirakami came to Bangkok on April 8 for  a tour.  They went up to Ubon Ratchathani, a north eastern province about 300 miles from where a U.S. air base is located to see an American Air Force man named Sgt. Jack Williams.  Williams hired them to deliver the two suitcases to an address in Honolulu.  Williams then left for Manila.

Williams paid them $100 each, police said.  The two young men claimed that they did not know what was in the suitcases.”

According to the Hawaii State Judiciary site.. Hirakami found himself in trouble and remanded for something in 1991 as well:
Hirakami Case

I have to wonder if this principal told the hiring board of the school of his past troubles?  Would you want your child attending a school that is supervised by a former international drug runner?

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  1. Steve does more for his community in a day than you have done in a lifetime; and he doesn’t do it for blatant self promotion. Your campaign to destroy a fine school will backfire. Karma’s a bitch Damon, it will one day catch up to you.

    • Karma? For real, Greg? I doubt Damon loses any sleep at night. Why should he? People have said things about *me* in the past, when actually *trying* to be hurtful.

      When they were telling the *truth,* it didn’t make it any more pleasant. But, on the other hand, I have no beef with people who are telling it like it is. A lie is a lie. The truth is the truth. The truth can afford to be fair.

      For some people, the truth is something they are embarrassed by. Others? Ashamed. Nonetheless, telling the truth is never something that warrants concerns about karma—in spite of your misconceptions, Greg.

      Not that I’m an expert about karma, mind you, but, hey, regardless of Damon’s *true* motives, this information is out there … it’s reality. So what, now Tucker is the bad guy? Tucker is responsible for kids getting abused in the school that Hirakami is the Principal of?

      Amazing how fingers are getting pointed at just about everybody … *besides* the perpetrators.

      Good. Grief.

      Good night

      • I’m pretty sure that Damon sleeps soundly each night, oblivious to the results of his muckraking. As far as Steve being a “Drug runner”, give me a break. Who hasn’t done something in their past that they’re not proud of; and who has done more than Steve to atone for past indiscretions. At times the most disturbing thing about Damon at times are the many people that buy into his narcissistic fantasy world at times. ………An analogy; When that person stole money from the youth sports league, where were the multitudes of indignant people trying to fire the coaches and shut the league down?

  2. I bet there’s some things The Pope, Pres. Obama and Mr. Rodgers wish they didn’t do 42 YEARS AGO !!!

    “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone”.

  3. [quoting my favorite DJ from my pre-high school days] “… and the hits just keep on coming!”

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