Governor Abercrombie Releases $618,000 for New Volcano School of Arts & Sciences Campus

Gov. Neil Abercrombie today announced the release of $618,000 in capital improvement grant funds for the Friends of the Volcano School of Arts & Sciences on Hawaii Island.

Volcano School Of Arts and Sciences

Volcano School Of Arts and Sciences

Identified by the state Legislature, these funds will finance the planning and design needed to construct a new campus for the Volcano School of Arts & Sciences (VSAS) in Volcano Village. The campus will be built on a 3.5-acre site at the historic Keakealani School, which VSAS is currently leasing from the state Department of Education for its grade 5-8 classes.

“When this project is complete, the Volcano community will finally have a permanent education facility at a consolidated public charter school,” Gov. Abercrombie said. “In the meantime, this grant will generate immediate employment opportunities on the Big Island.”

This project will allow VSAS to consolidate its grade K-4 classes (currently located on Old Volcano Road) with its grade 5-8 classes so the school’s students will be together on one campus. The nonprofit Friends of the Volcano School of Arts & Sciences is expected to fund the construction phase of the project privately through donations, foundation grants, loans and possible federal assistance.

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  1. A worthy cause, if ever there was one—a school that has qualified and devoted teachers … inspiring and educating na keiki of Hawaii.

    Who’dve thunk it?

    If it weren’t for charter schools, here in Hawaii, we’d be screwed. Well, at least our kids would be.

    OK. I’ve said enough.

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